Best & Worst Nissan Car Years (21 Models)

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We’ve sifted through piles of data on good and bad years for each Nissan model to help you make the best decision possible.

We looked at NHTSA recall reports, consumer complaints, J.D. Power reliability ratings, and trusted reviews from sites like Edmunds. We also dipped into specialist forums to get the real talk from Nissan owners. These sources helped us create a snapshot of the best and worst years for various Nissan models, including popular ones like the Altima, Leaf, and Rogue, among many others.

Recall reports and consumer complaints are a big deal. If a particular year has a long list of recalls or complaints, it’s probably wise to avoid it.

On the flip side, if the data looks good, that’s a positive sign.

You can read more about our selection process below the articles.

J.D. Power ratings are also key. They look at a bunch of things, from how well a car is made to how happy owners are after years of use. If a model scores well here, it’s generally a safe bet.

Expert reviews from websites like Edmunds offer a complete picture of a car, from engine performance to how comfy the seats are. This is crucial info that can help you choose between years that are otherwise similar.

The same model can be hit or miss depending on the year, Because car companies often fix issues in new model years. For instance, if the Frontier had transmission issues in 2015, Nissan probably got the memo and fixed it for 2016 or in the next generation. Cars get updated all the time based on customer feedback and new tech. So, just because a model had problems one year doesn’t mean the next year will have the same issues.

In a nutshell, our job is to give you an easy-to-understand rundown of the best and worst years for Nissan models. We’ve crunched the numbers so you can make a smart choice, whether you’re eyeing an Altima, a Leaf, or any other Nissan on your list.

Use this guide to find the right Nissan for you, one that you’ll be happy with for the long haul.

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