John Miller is our pickup truck specialist. He’s in charge of all content around pickups and electric vehicles.

My Background

I got my first car when I was 16 and I immediately fell in love with that sweet engine smell and horsepowers.

I have a technical university background and I love researching deep into a sucject to be able to communicate it clearly and as simple as possible. That’s also why I love writing about technical stuff in order to make it more accessible to the reader.

I’ve also occasionally written for other automotive websites but today my writing-time is devoted to this site.

I currently drive a Ford F-150.

Accomplishments & Awards

Professional Writer

John Miller has written hundreds of articles that have been published across the web on major publications.

RV Enthusiast

John Miller and his family have been RVing through 7 countries in Europe over the last 4 years.

Latest Articles

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