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Our audience exhibits a clear profile, which can be summarized as follows:

Geographic Location

  • United States: 53%
  • United Kingdom: 12%
  • Canada: 6%
  • Australia: 6%

Age Breakdown

81% of our readers and viewers are over 30 years old.
46% of our readers are over 52, which is the average age of car buyers in the U.S.

Device Breakdown

  • Mobile: 70%
  • Desktop: 27%
  • Tablets: 3%

Gender (from Pinterest)

  • Male: 65%
  • Female: 35%

This data showcases a mature and predominantly male audience, primarily based in English-speaking countries, with a strong preference for accessing content via mobile devices.


Our mission is to deliver honest and straightforward automotive content for new car owners and enthusiasts. Upholding our core values of accuracy and simplicity, we are committed to demystifying the complex world of automobiles. We aspire to be a trusted resource for car buyers and news media, by adhering to a high standard of expertise and accuracy.


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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the automotive world, Motor & Wheels is a trusted source for both car enthusiasts, car buyers, and news media. Our steadfast passion for the automotive sector, coupled with a commitment to accuracy and facts, helps us navigate complex topics with clarity and depth. We are here to demystify the car industry, providing you with a balance of detailed insights and straightforward information.