Best & Worst Hyundai Car Years (12 Models)

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If you’re in the market for a Hyundai, knowing which years are good and which to avoid can make a big difference. We’ve dug deep into a variety of data sources to offer you a guide that can help you decide. Here’s how we got our info.

First up, we looked at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. They keep tabs on recalls, which is crucial information.

If a specific year has a lot of recalls, you might want to steer clear. They also log consumer complaints, so you can get a sense of the real-world problems people have experienced with different Hyundai models.

Read more about how we sourced this information below the articles.

J.D. Power reliability ratings are another big part of our research. They rate cars on several factors, like build quality and owner satisfaction, to offer a reliability score. This gives you a decent idea of how a car will hold up in the long run.

We also took into account reviews from automotive websites like Edmunds.

These folks drive a lot of cars and provide comprehensive reviews that include things like handling, comfort, and technology. It’s valuable information that can help you get a rounded view of what a car offers.

Finally, we browsed through specialist forums where Hyundai owners discuss their experiences. These conversations can offer insights into the nitty-gritty, everyday issues that you might not hear about in more formal reviews. If a bunch of owners are talking about the same minor problems, that’s worth noting.

By merging all this data, we get a pretty good idea of what each Hyundai model and year offers. If both J.D. Power and Edmunds speak highly of a specific year, that’s a good sign.

But if the NHTSA has a long list of complaints for that same year, that’s something to weigh in your decision.

In short, we’ve done the legwork to give you a balanced look at the best and worst years for different Hyundai models. We believe that being informed is key to making a good decision. Spending a little time on research now can help you avoid problems down the road. So, take advantage of the data we’ve gathered and go get yourself a Hyundai you’ll be happy with.

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