Do Nissan Rogues Have 3rd-Row Seating? 15 Models (By Year)

The Nissan Rogue is a compact SUV designed to provide adventure on the roads. While you may want to have as many passengers inside as possible, it’s important to know about the seating capacity.

A third row can be added to some of the Nissan Rogue models, and this article will help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

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Do Nissan Rogues Have 3rd Row Seating?

The Nissan Rogue’s latest model year does not offer a third row of seating. However, in the past, there were several models of the Rogue that did offer third-row seating for 7 passengers. We find Nissan Rogue models with 3rd-row seating among the second generation.

Let’s dive deeper into the options for 7 seats.

You can see how much cargo space each Nissan Rogue offers here.

1st Generation Nissan Rogue

The first generation Nissan Rogue came out in 2008 and went all the way until 2013. During this time, there were a lot of modifications.

However, there were only two rows of seating, providing a total of 5 seats for passengers.

The years included:

  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012

At the 2011 mark, there was also the decision to give the Rogue a facelift without changing too much of the overall mechanical design. Additionally, a navigation system was added, requiring the need to change the center console.

2nd Generation Nissan Rogue

The second generation of the Nissan Rogue is the only one to have a third row of seating.

This brings the total passenger count up to seven. It was an option, so it did not come standard.

The 2nd generation models include:

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

At the 2017 mark, Nissan also decided to provide a facelift to change a few of the aesthetics for a sharper and more competitive look.

If you want to find one of the third-row SUVs, you will want to look at the S and SV trims as that is when the third row was applicable. The third row was also featured as a 50/50 in the event that you wanted to fold one or both seats down to create more cargo space.

The second generation featured a long list of upgrades and featured some of the best years for Nissan Rogue.

3rd Generation Nissan Rogue

The third generation is the current generation available for the Nissan Rogue. As of 2021, Nissan decided to do away with the option for a third row. So, no newer Nissan Rogues offer 3rd-row seating.

This dropped the maximum passenger capacity back down to five.

There were a number of reasons for bringing the passenger count back down to five.

However, Nissan did introduce a slightly bigger engine size. Check the engine size per Nissan Rogue here.

It was enough to fit the whole family in a compact SUV while still leaving a significant amount of space for both comfort and cargo.

Since most compact SUVs only have two rows, the Rogue could be comfortably categorized as one. For those who want to have a third row to accommodate seven, Nissan has suggested that they upgrade to the Nissan Pathfinder.

What Similar Compact SUVs Offer 3rd Row Seating?

There aren’t many compact SUVs that offer a third row. Instead, full-sized/large SUVs are better known to have a third row to accommodate two more passengers.

The Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Chevy Equinox, and Subaru Forester are all categorized as compact SUVs. None of them offer a third-row SUV.

Even the Toyota RAV4 no longer offers third-row seats. It was eliminated in the fourth generation. However, the third generation did offer one.

Some of the smaller SUVs to include the third row include:

  • the Acura MDX
  • and the Infiniti XQ60

though most will argue that these are midsize and full-size SUVs rather than being “compact.”

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to 3rd Row Seating?

There is no option for you to upgrade to the third row of seating in the newer model Nissan Rogues. As such, you only have a few options if you do want a third row.

The first option is to upgrade to a Nissan Pathfinder where you will find the third row.

The MSRP of a 2022 Rogue is $27,150 for a base model while the MSRP of a 2022 Pathfinder for a base model is $34,640. This means that the upgrade would cost you approximately $7,000.

Another option would be to choose a used Rogue between the years of 2013 and 2017.

You could also choose to take the DIY approach and install a third row on your own. Based on current prices on eBay, the cost of the seats alone would be approximately $300.

Then, you would have to supply the parts and labor.

Can You Install the Extra Seats Yourself?

There is always the option for you to install the extra seats in a Nissan Rogue on your own. 

The length of the vehicle didn’t change from the second generation to the third generation, so it is possible for the third row to fit.

There are some things you need to know if you decide to install the seats, however.

First, you’ll void any warranties that are in place on your Rogue. Second, you’ll eliminate a significant amount of space in terms of legroom for the second and third-row seating as well as cargo space in the back of the compact SUV.

If you want to move forward with installing the seats, you’ll want to find some that are designed for the Nissan Rogue.

Various aftermarket vendors will have them available.

You will need to remove accessory components and use a drill to remove the carpet lining. From there, you will need to remove the back floor panel so that you expose the metal flooring. Brackets will need to be installed and secured into place with bolts. The flooring will need to be resecured.

Once that is all done, you can attach the third-row seats to the brackets and secure them with the necessary bolts.

The extra seats can be the solution you need, especially if there will be car seats in play.

Which Compact SUV Has the Most Seating?

There are quite a few SUVs and crossovers that offer a significant amount of seating with the addition of a third row. The problem is that there are so many categories of SUVs that it becomes confusing.

Subcompact SUVs offer seating for four or five with minimum cargo space.

Compact SUVs offer seating for five with more cargo space.

Midsize SUVs typically offer seating for five, though a third row can be added.

Finally, full-size/large SUVs may come standard with third rows to offer seating for seven with a significant amount of cargo space.

The smallest SUVs that feature a third row for more seating include:

  • Kia Sorento
  • Genesis GV80
  • Volvo VX90
  • Jeep Grand Wagoneer
  • Toyota Highlander

Final Thoughts

The Nissan Rogue has evolved considerably since it was first released in 2008.

The compact SUV is known to be surprisingly spacious for five passengers, offering plenty of legroom and headroom for the driver and the passengers.

While a third row is no longer available, you do have options if you decide that a seven-passenger SUV is the best move for you and your family.

You’ll want to decide if you love the Rogue specifically or just the Nissan brand. You may want to buy a second-generation Rogue or make the upgrade to the Nissan Pathfinder. Then again, if you are searching for any third-row SUV, you’ll find that many manufacturers provide them.

Test drives may be the best way to explore the cargo space and the features that are offered in the different SUVs. It will make it easier for you to make a confident decision about what SUV will meet all of your unique needs.


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