Peter jones is the geek here at the office. With an engineering background he has a good technical base knowledge. 

He’s in charge of all content around classic cars and motorcycles.

My Background

My fascination with speed started when I was 13 and my brother got his first motorcycle. A wonderful Kawasaki ZZR-600 with the classic and iconic 90s look. I was hooked immediately.

I joined the Motor and Wheels staff just before graduating from the University with a degree in technical engineering. I quickly found my passion when I started writing and researching different car and truck models.

My spare time is divided between fixing my ’78 Chevrolet Camaro and researching for this website. The Camaro has been a work-in-progress for more than 2 years and I’m excited to soon take it out on the road! I also enjoy riding my chopper to the office.

I’ve also occasionally written for other automotive websites but today my writing-time is devoted to this site.

I currently drive a rather old Dodge Ram 1500.

Accomplishments & Awards

Automotive Research

Peter Jones has spent the last two years doing extensive research and reviews in the automotive industry.

Technical Background

I built his first website when I was 10 and I’ve also partly been in charge of the design and maintenance of Motor & Wheels.

Ram Enthusiast

I have completely restored two first-gen Rams from the 90s. I’m currently working on a wrecked Ram 1500 from 1998.

Latest Articles

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