Nissan Rogue & Cargo Capacity (12 Years Data)

The Nissan Rogue is an attractive, safe, and reliable compact SUV or crossover that is owned by many people.

If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle with ample cargo space because you travel frequently and need adequate room for luggage, then the Nissan Rogue may be for you.

Here is an overview of what the Nissan Rogue has to offer when it comes to cargo space and more.

How much cargo space do Nissan Rogues have?

The specific amount of cargo space that a Nissan Rogue has will depend on the year and model that you ultimately end up purchasing.

If you’re interested in a 2021 Rogue, then you can expect the following dimensions:

  • Cargo volume from the rear of the SUV to the first row: 74.1 ft3
  • Cargo volume from the rear of vehicle to the second row: 36.5 ft3
  • Cargo volume from the rear of the SUV to the third row: 36.5 ft3
  • Cargo box height: 34.2″

First Generation of Nissan Rogues – 2008-2015

If you’re possibly interested in one of the earlier Nissan Rogue SUVs, then there are many reliable models to choose from.

Debuting in 2008, the Nissan Rogue instantly became a success in the world of SUVs, and people always preferred Rogues for many different reasons, including their low cost and ample cargo space.


2008 was when the very first Rogue was released, and despite some mechanical issues, it received favorable ratings.

Many owners especially liked the large area to store cargo. In the particular model, the cargo area measures 28.9 cubic feet, but if you fold the second row of seats, then this area expands to 57.9 cubic feet.

So, whether you’re delivering large packages or you require ample luggage space, the 2008 Rogue should be able to meet your needs.


if you need even more cargo space and you’re looking for the perfect Rogue, the 2015 model offers even more cargo space.

Since 2008, the cargo space has increased from 28.9 to 39.3 cubic feet.

This allows you significantly more cargo space, and if you fold the seats down, then the 39.3 cubic feet of space quickly becomes a generous 70.5.

There should be enough room to accommodate a 50 inch TV in the box, or a 55 inch TV outside the box.

Second Generation of Nissan Rogues – 2016 – 2019

All of the second-generation Nissan Rogue models have 3rd-row seating as an option.


The 2016 Rogue has the exact same cargo space as the 2015.

So if you can’t find a 2015 model to purchase that is in good condition, then the 2016 model is just as reliable as the 2015.


By 2017, Nissan had made some changes. There was actually more than one model that you could opt to purchase.

Depending on the 2017 model of Nissan Rogue that you opted for, the cargo space could be anywhere from 27.3 cubic feet to 39 cubic feet.

This area could increase to 70 cubic feet if you chose to let the seat down.


By 2018, there were no huge changes, and the cubic feet of the area could be expanded to 70 cubic feet.

Again, 70 cubic feet is quite large and it can accommodate a large-screen TV that is about 50 inches wide, including the box.

However, if there is not box, then you could accommodate a larger TV that is five or so inches larger.


The last Nissan Rogue of the second generation has the same exact dimensions as the last two models.

This means that if you want to drive a late model Rogue and carry lots of cargo, then you should likely choose to purchase a 2019 model, if you can find financing from a financial institution.

The Third Generation of the Nissan Rogue – 2020 to Present

This generation consists of Rogues that are very new and more reliable than they ever were.

Nissan felt like it had to make up for failed models in the past, but so far, the third generation is the best.


The 2020 model did not add any additional cargo space, but this model continues to add nearly 40 cubic feet of space and 70 cubic space when completely expanded, what the seats down.


The 2021 Nissan Rogue did not increase the cargo space, and they instead, decreased it by three inches. While there doesn’t appear to be much less space than the previous models that had nearly 40 cubic feet of cargo space, this 2021 Rogue can help you to complete various trips, regardless of where you go and how much luggage you have.


If you want the latest Nissan Rogue that just arrived at the showroom, then the 2023 model has increased cargo space. With the seats let down, you will have access to ample cargo space up to 74.1 cubic feet.

This means that you will have adequate space if you’re going to be traveling, or if you need to haul various large items. The weight of the luggage or other items that you need to haul in your brand new Rogue is going to be around 650 lbs.

So, if you need this area for luggage, then you should have the ability to comfortably place all your luggage in the cargo area, with no problems.

Choosing the best Nissan Rogue

If you’re not sure which Nissan Rogue you should choose, then you need to do some more research so you can find one at the absolute lowest cost but with the most amenities.

Regardless of the Nissan Rogue that you choose, there isn’t that much difference between the different models when it comes to cargo space. So, obviously, it’s not best to choose a Rogue based on cargo size. If you purchase one of the Rogues that has the absolute biggest cargo area, then it isn’t going to make that much difference which one you choose.

In other words, don’t choose a Rogue merely based on the need for ample car space. Take other aspects into consideration, as well, such as how many miles the vehicle has, which amenities it can offer, its safety features, and so much more. As long as you take your time, you should be able to choose the Nissan Rogue that has all the features that you need, and more.

How much cargo space do similar compact SUVs have?

If you’re not quite sure you’re going to purchase a Nissan Rogue, you might be interested in learning about the cargo space of competing SUVs in the same class.

  • Mazda CX-5 – you can expect 30.9 cubic feet of cargo space, and with the seats down, you will have 59.6 with the seats let down.
  • Chevy Equinox – this SUV offers 29.9 cubic feet of space, but if you lay the seats down, then you will be rewarded with 63.9 cubic feet of space.
  • Subaru Forester – you will enjoy 28.9 cubic feet of cargo space, but with the seats let down, this will increase to 74.2 cubic feet.
  • Toyota RAV4 – 37.5 cubic feet is the amount of cargo space you can expect on the RAV4, and with the seats down, this will increase to 68.3 cubic feet.

Can you mount a rooftop box on a Rogue?

Not all compact SUVs come with the ability to mount a rooftop box, but the Nissan Rogue does. This rooftop box is so handy, as it can add significantly more space for times when you’re traveling and need to haul extra luggage or other items.

How big a trailer can it tow?

While you can’t tow a full-size trailer with your Nissan Rogue, you can tow a trailer that weighs 1,102 pounds or less. This is equivalent to your average pop-up trailer or something similar, which for most people is sufficient.

Which Rogue model has the most cargo space?

The Nissan Rogue SV has 36.5 cubic feet of cargo space in the “trunk” area. If you told the seats down, then you will increase the cargo space to a whopping 74.1 cubic feet.

Which compact SUV has the most space?

Out of all the compact SUVs, the one with the most space is the Nissan Rogue. So, if you’re leaning towards purchasing a Rogue and you need the most cargo space possible, then you’ve already made your decision: the Nissan Rogue should be your next vehicle.

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