Why Do People Buy Big SUVs? (8 Typical Reasons)

SUVs are consumer-oriented vehicles because they have a lot of functionality.

Big SUVs take it a step further with even more functionality. While they aren’t cheap to own and maintain, they make up for their high cost of ownership with performance.

These are the common and practical reasons people buy big SUVs.

1. Larger Cars Give Drivers a Sense of Safety

There is a perception that larger cars are safer and some folks need a specific blend of pulling power and passenger seating.

Having more space between the front bumper and the driver improves the vehicle’s protection against physical harm in a collision.

Add that with the crumple zones that some large unibody SUVs have and you get an ultra-versatile vehicle. With that in mind, also explore the reasons SUVs are safer than other cars.

So, because of the SUV advantage, consumers often opt for large SUVs and not just any large car.

During collisions, heavier cars travel shorter distances. They also have more impact-absorbing material put onto them which results in less force applied to occupants.

2. The Weight Factor Supports Bigger SUVs

Small cars are efficient and practical, however, bigger cars have immense advantages.

One benefit of a big car is the safer position it provides. As we mentioned briefly, in the event of a frontal accident, the weight of a larger car helps to lessen the effects.

This is because larger vehicles typically have longer hoods and larger crush zones, which offer them an advantage in crashes.

Second, the weight of a vehicle has an edge over other passenger cars when driving in adverse weather like a storm. It helps prevent it from flying off the road and harming its occupants.

This is especially useful on slippery roads with black ice. However, it’s important to know that more weight negatively affects fuel economy.

3. Their Huge Build Provides a Better Seating Position

Due to the size of the big SUV, you have a higher seating position which improves your ability to see the road. With smaller cars, you can’t get such commanding visibility.

This is helpful when you have to navigate with other road users in congested traffic.

With an SUV, you can see farther, more clearly, and can evade obstacles just in the nick of time. In contrast, driving a standard low-slung hatchback or sedan through traffic might be utterly challenging.

However, it’s noteworthy that large cars present the problem of navigating through tight spaces like in traffic.

Added to the functionality of an SUV, they have greater ground clearance, allowing them to confront bad roads properly.

You should explore other benefits of SUVs people forget to consider.

4. They Provide the Luxury of Space and Comfort

The larger the vehicle, the more interior room there is. Many large SUVs have third-row seating and can accommodate six or more passengers depending on whether they have captain or bench seats.

However, such seating capacity is only necessary for people who carpool or for individuals with big families. Others just consider it a luxury to travel in a vehicle with lots of space and legroom and fewer rows provide that.

Large SUVs often mean increased shoulder room and more headroom for all passengers, as well as additional legroom. Even third-row seats offer decent room for adults in most large SUVs.

For many people, a huge car is ideal because they enjoy traveling and taking road trips and nobody wants to sit cramped in a vehicle. Now, that’s another reason people buy large SUVs, they’re ideal for road trips.

So, big SUVs provide the most excellent comfort among passenger vehicles. It will be a wise investment to go for one if your needs require it.

5. Drivers Also Get Higher Towing Capacity

It’s no coincidence that the best vehicles for towing are large SUVs and trucks.

Many factors including weight and vehicle strength affect towing capacity. They designed SUVs with stronger bodies and engine parts necessary for the functionality they provide. 

Small cars won’t be able to manage the potholes and cracks in the road as effectively as an SUV. This is especially true if you frequently haul heavy cargo and accommodate many people.

It is however important to note that not all large vehicles have the same towing capacities, so it’s important to research important numbers which include:

  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GMV): This is the maximum total vehicle weight including occupants and cargo
  • Gross Combined Mass (GCM): This is the maximum total weight of the vehicle and what it needs to haul
  • Tow ball download rating

Before choosing your SUV, determine the weight range of the items you intend to tow consistently. That would help you choose the finest towing vehicle.

With that out of the way, check out some EVs with high towing capacity.

6. Their Road Presence Is More Evident

Nothing screams road presence like a big car. Thus, most folks will naturally opt for cars that are distinct and noticeable. Big SUVs raise the standard because they’re not just big but also ride higher.

Even small SUVs share this trait so explore some compact SUVs with the highest height.

Yet, large SUVs still win because their larger bodies offer more road presence than other utility or passenger vehicles. 

For instance, consider the Kia Sorento or Dodge Durango. The automakers designed their bodies to command respect on roads. However, the black color gives them a more fascinating impression.

People mostly use SUVs as a status symbol. While this may not sound like a good enough reason for you to buy a big SUV, it’s a motivating element for many Americans.

If you want to showcase your ride, few choices are better than a big & bold SUV to exhibit in your driveway and brandish in parking lots.

7. SUVs Have More Versatility on Different Terrains

Large cars can handle off-road situations better since they designed them to withstand bumpy journeys and off-road driving.

They are equally safer to drive in adverse weather or on dusty off-road routes. If you like off-road trips and adventure, big SUVs will give you a better experience.

Just ensure you have easy access to fuel stations because big SUVs don’t impress with their fuel economy. If that’s not the case, you may be better off with a large electric SUV that has a superb range.

While they have refined many SUVs to look more like regular cars today, there are still SUVs that haven’t lost their muscular builds. This not only makes SUVs safer than other types of cars, but it also makes it easier to drive conveniently on rough terrain.

Car experts often recommend the four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive drivetrains because they lessen the probability of getting bogged in a muddy field. On terrain versatility, SUV ground clearance also plays a good role.

Exterior features like plastic wheel arches help to minimize the damage that thrown-up stones can cause while driving on off-road tracks.

SUVs aren’t usually as smooth as sedans on highways. However, they’re more bearable on highways than sedans on off-road paths. Practically, an SUV can take you wherever you need to go.

8. Thorough Styling Is Easier With Them

Large cars are a designer’s dream since they offer greater room for intricate detailing and fashionable touches. This typically results in huge cars having better-looking interiors.

Exterior beauty isn’t left out.

Bigger SUVs are simpler to style because they are constructed from several metal sheets. You’d have more success with a large car than a smaller one if you’re seeking a truly gorgeous vehicle.

Big cars have spacious interiors, so there is room to change appearances and add stylistic elements. This gives it a more luxurious look and feel.

Overall, it’s easier for anyone (automaker or consumer) to add more finishes to a large SUV.

Final Thoughts

Of course, everyone has their own reason for buying one.

So, whether it’s because of the new refined looks of modern SUVs or the sturdy build that functional SUVs have, there are many reasons to want a big SUV.

Sturdiness causes SUVs to remain one of the safest vehicle types for off-road paths. This causes many of us to wonder if SUVs are safer than trucks.


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