Tesla “Track Mode”? 7 Typical Questions (Explained)

It is one thing to drive, and it is another thing to drive with convenience.

Tesla is one car out of many others that delivers luxury and convenience to its users.

The Tesla Track Mode is yet again another feature found in Tesla models that adds to the thrill of driving.

Find out in this article what this luxury is all about and how it adds to a driver’s convenience and experience.

How Exactly Does the Track Mode Work On a Tesla? 

The Track Mode on Tesla essentially adjusts and modifies its traction and stability control. It shuttles torque from the front of the car to the rear just to offer more or less rotation when driving in closed circuits.

The track mode also improves the regenerative braking of the vehicle to conserve energy. This modification allows the car to drive more conveniently on tracks and leaves the cooling system in a good condition despite the aggressive driving.

When enabled, the cooling system works better to absorb and take the surplus heat coming from the vehicle’s system. Below is a more detailed description of the track mode on a Tesla.

Torque for Rotation 

The Model 3 is the only Tesla that operates with the track mode.

It uses its Vehicle Dynamics Controller to monitor the driving habits to find out the driver’s intention and check the rotation of the car, and the track mode relies on the front and back motors to maintain the car’s rotation.

If perchance, when driving in a sharp corner, the rotation is not enough to meet the driver’s request, the track mode commands a rear-biased torque.

Also, if the rotation goes beyond normal, the track mode commands a front-biased torque just to recover the stance and stability of the car.

Increased Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is not normally used in city and casual driving as it may not be convenient, but when on track it gives the driver an edge by using just the single brake pedal.

The regenerative braking endures and holds down the car far more than the normal brakes. Also, with regenerative braking, the car conserves more energy by sending it back to the battery.

This keeps the battery in optimal condition with the ability to deliver more power. The Vehicle Dynamic Controllers work better with the regenerative braking as it catches rotation more effectively anytime you remove your foot from the accelerator.

Vehicle’s Cooling

Aggressive driving generates a lot of heat, thus the cooling system must work at an increased level to match and absorb this heat.

With the track mode, the cooling system proactively drops the temperature of the battery and continually cools the vehicle down when it is on track.

This cooling system basically works by over-clicking the AC compressor into the higher speed ranges.

Enhanced Cornering Power and Stance

All Model 3s come equipped with an open differential that delivers an equal amount of torque to all the wheels.

In corners, the wheels are particularly lighter as they have lesser load on them, which directly means that they provide a less force on traction.

Thus, to reduce this force and prevent slip on the tires, the torque has to be reduced for both wheels. With the track mode, the car simultaneously applies the brake and motor to increase road traction when cornering.

Do All Tesla Models Have Track Mode?

Not all Tesla models have the track mode package. It is only available on the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Model S Plaid.

This package was introduced because of the Model 3. Tesla perceived that in some situations the model could slip or rotate more because it uses the Vehicle Dynamics Controller.

The track mode could also only work on the Model 3 Performance because it is the only vehicle out of other models that could handle the modifications of the track mode because it came with performance tires and brakes.

The package works effectively on the Model 3 as it significantly increases its regenerative braking. This limits the strain on the normal car braking system and it captures and traps more energy within. It is basically a win-win situation.

However, recently the Model S Plaid has become one of the Tesla models that supports the track mode. It works efficiently alongside the Plaid’s powerful tri-motor setup and upgraded hardware.

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How Do You Turn Track Mode On and Off?

Activating the track mode is simple to navigate by following these steps below.

On your Tesla display, tap on the controls. This will bring out the pedals and steering options, then activate the Track mode.

You will get a notification that the track mode has been activated when you see a TRACK sign appear on the touchscreen just above your driving speed. The activation also comes along with a track mode pop-up window on your map.

Owners of the Model 3 Performance also have the luxury of customizing the track mode to their preference. If you’ve been actively reading through our articles, you’ll find out that most Tesla packages and modes can be tailored to the driver’s taste.

All you need to do is to click on the track mode pop-up windows on your map and then tap on the track mode settings. With this, you’ll be able to make adjustments and modifications to the following categories. They include:

  • Handling Balance
  • Stability Assist
  • Post Drive Cooling
  • Regenerative braking

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Is It Different From Track Mode on Mustangs, Camaro, etc? 

The track mode on the Mustang and Camero is quite similar to that of the Tesla. The track mode in the Camaro actively delivers increased speed to the vehicle while maintaining its traction and stability control.

However, they use this mode whenever the owners desire maximum handling of their vehicle. The Magnetic Ride Control gives the car a high response and if the car comes with an Active Exhaust package, the exhaust valves also open.

 When the track mode is enabled, the Camaro’s automatic transmission and steering works just like it’s in Sport mode. The Sport mode is used in road conditions that demand a more controlled response.

In the Sport mode, the Camaro’s automatic transmission shifts automatically but maintains a loose gear far longer than the normal driving mode because its braking system, throttle input and vehicle lateral acceleration have been adjusted.

Thus, when you compare the Track mode in the Tesla and that of the Camaro, the major difference is that the Tesla track mode works towards its regenerative braking while the Camaro works towards its acceleration.

However, they both provide enhanced stability and control. 

Does Track Mode Make Your Tesla Faster?

The track mode doesn’t necessarily increase the speed of your car, but it makes you have your speed. It adjusts the throttle to offer more or less traction when driving in corners or when driving aggressively.

 Therefore, the track mode will not make your car the fastest car, but it will improve the handling of the vehicle.

If you want to increase your Tesla’s acceleration, the company now offers a new feature called Tesla Acceleration Boost that allows an EV to deliver more power to the motors.

Does Track Mode Use More Battery?

The track mode does not drain the vehicle’s battery. In fact, the creation of regenerative braking maximizes energy while in track mode.

How does this happen? Regenerative braking works by reversing electric motors that propel a car.

It is an energy recovery mechanism that holds down the vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be reused or stored. Regenerative braking ultimately improves the efficiency of the car and the range of the battery.

Therefore, the track mode does not drain the power instead, it adds to its optimization.

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How Does Enabling Track Mode Affect Driving Range?

Enabling track mode doesn’t affect driving range negatively thanks to regenerative braking and powertrain cooling.

This mode in the Tesla proactively decreases the temperature of the battery, just so it can work effectively.


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