Tesla “Chill Mode”: 6 Typical Questions (Explained)

Whether you are a new or a long-time owner of Tesla, you might have noticed the Chill Mode in your car and be wondering what it works for.

If you would like to know about Tesla Chill Mode, we discussed 6 questions just to give you accurate answers.

In this article, we checked what the Chill Mode is, if it saves battery, if all Tesla models have them, how to use them, and more. Read along with us as we answer these questions. 

What Exactly Does Chill Mode Do on a Tesla?

While the 0-60 varies between Tesla models, all the models are still fast at every performance level. Teslas speed up really quickly that average drivers may not be comfortable starting them. This is where the Chill Mode comes in.

The Chill Mode allows drivers to accelerate slowly from a stop, unlike the fast acceleration that is identical to that of super cars in your Tesla standard mode.

It is basically to reduce the amount of acceleration your Tesla produces when driving, whether at a full stop or a moving stop.

The chill mode means normal drivers can enjoy their drive better without having to prepare themselves for the fast acceleration the standard mode delivers. It gives drivers the feel of driving a faster gas car, instead of a fast super car.

Also, others can drive with you without being jolted by the acceleration speed.

Note that chill mode is not only for a gentler ride, it also affects your battery life. It conserves some energy, depending on the model.

Another thing chill mode offers is a better ride on slippery roads. With the reduced acceleration, drivers have reported better grip when driving on slippery surfaces. Chill mode offers a better riding experience when it rains or during winter.

Also, with the chill mode, you have a positive impact on your car insurance. However, this is if your insurance company uses trackers to monitor your driving habits.

Using the chill mode can lead to a better driving habit that can earn you a discount on your membership dues.

A similar feature to the chill mode is the Tesla Creep Mode, which allows the vehicle to creep like a car with an automatic transmission.

Do All Teslas Have Chill Mode?

All Tesla models have the chill mode option. Whether it is your model S, model Y, model 3 and model X, you will find the chill option in your console.

Also, according to Tesla, your model will come with chill mode so far it includes autopilot. Note that all Tesla models have autopilot, thus they all include the chill option.

Don’t worry about being a normal driver and having to pick a certain model to enjoy your drive. You can order any Tesla of your choice. The chill mode is available on all models to cater to your driving needs.

How Do You Turn Chill Mode On and Off?

Teslas owners can access the chill mode option using the console. To turn it on and off, follow these steps:

To activate the chill mode, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on Control, then Pedal and Steering
  • Press the acceleration option
  • Then select Chill

After selecting, your instrument panel displays chill above the driving speed. You can start driving your car in chill mode afterwards. Note that your Tesla chill mode stays active until you put off.

To deactivate the chill mode, follow the step above and change to another mode on your panel. You can choose between the Standard, Sport, Insane, Ludicrous, Insane+, and Ludicrous+.

Note that some of these modes are particular to certain Teslas and their dates of production.

So check which is available on your model through your owner’s manual. However, switching from the chill mode automatically deactivates it and activates the mode you selected.

In case you are not sure which mode to switch to, sport mode is the default mode your Tesla will come in.

Do You Have More Range When Using Chill Mode?

According to Tesla, chill mode does not directly improve the driving range. This is because Tesla has not designed the option to increase range but to slow acceleration. However, from reports, chill mode can improve range.

One of such is a Practical Environmentalist report, which claimed chill mode can increase range when drivers combine it with standard “hypermiling”.

While these are reports from external sources, Tesla itself, while listing the tips to maximize range, encourages the use of the Chill Mode with Speed Assistance to control acceleration and speed. Note that this is not the only tip Tesla listed.

Also included in the list are:

  • Limiting the use of some resources
  • Lightening the weight of your car
  • Disabling certain features that impact range
  • Minimizing the use of DC chargers
  • Preconditioning the cabin using the mobile app while charging your vehicle

A Tesla user performed research to know how much energy his car saved per mile over 20 drives. He carried out 10 in chill mode and 10 in standard mode. Note that this research did not mention if he activated the speed assistance or hypermiling.

Using watt-hour per mile to carry out his research, he recorded saving 4% energy while in chill mode. Though not much, he could get more miles while driving in chill mode.

In conclusion, while Tesla did not design Chill Mode to increase range, it is possible car owners can get more range from their Tesla if they use it correctly.

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Does Chill Mode Affect Autopilot?

Chill mode can affect autopilot. There are reports that when the autopilot is on while on chill mode, your vehicle is likely to accelerate even slower.

It gives you a gentler ride than the one you get when either of the feature is active.

Aside from this, owners also reported they get a smoother ride that is helpful in traffic when chill mode and autopilot are active. However, drivers may not enjoy this as there are claims it is too slow.

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How Fast Is Tesla Chill Mode?

Note that driving on chill mode does not make your car drive slower. It only delays acceleration a little longer.

With the chill mode, your Tesla is still fast and can compete with fast gas cars. Most of the models take double the time to reach 0-60 on the regular setting to reach 0-60 on chill mode.

From research, the Tesla Model 3 takes only 3.1 seconds to reach 0-60 in standard mode, but around 7 seconds in chill mode. The Model S 100D reaches 0-60 in 7.2 seconds in chill mode, but about 4 seconds with the regular mode.

Fast drivers may believe this is too slow, but for average drivers, it is enough. Some drivers will not even drive in any other mode but the chill mode. That is how much it suits their driving needs.

If you are a gas car owner that is thinking of owning a Tesla, then the chill mode should be fast enough for you. While delivering a slower starting acceleration, drivers also can enjoy the benefit of gentleness and calmness that accompanies their ride.

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