Tesla Camp Mode (10 Typical Question Answered)

Have you ever tried camping in your vehicle?

Many people would at some point have had to sleep uncomfortably in their vehicles through the night because of unforeseen circumstances.

However, owning and camping in your Tesla can be as comfy as sleeping in your bed at home, thanks to the EV’s Camp Mode.

Read this article as we discuss Tesla’s Camp Mode.

What Does “Camp Mode” Mean On a Tesla?

This mode is simply a feature that transforms your car into a comfortable cabin. It maintains the temperature, airflow, lights and even music.

This feature comes in handy when you are super tired or you have driven far into the night and there’s no nearby hotel to lodge.

So if you decide to stay and camp in your car overnight, the next best thing to do if you own a Tesla is to activate camp mode.

Also, the camp mode powers your USB ports and other low-voltage outlets. This means you can charge your phones while sleeping and the touch screen also remains on as you can play games, watch movies or shows.

How Exactly Does Camp Mode Work?

When the camp mode is activated, the sentry mode goes off because they are not programmed to work simultaneously. The vehicle’s alarm system and auto lock will also be disabled.

Thus, please remember to lock your doors manually before sleeping. However, you can always turn on your Sentry mode after you’ve activated the camp mode.

Do All Tesla Models Have Camp Mode?

Luckily, this feature comes standard on all Tesla models. You do not have to fret about your car not having this feature because every past and present models come with it.

Also, you do not need to have Tesla’s Premium Connectivity before you get updates and information about the camp mode on your smartphone.

How Do You Turn Camp Mode On and Off?

To enable camp mode, the car has to be in park. Then go to your touchscreen and tap on the “temperature icon” and then finally tap on “camp mode”.

Another way of doing this is through your Tesla app. Simply press the “climate section”, then slide up to the bottom drawer. There, you will see the “camp mode” option.

For your comfort, it is logical to set up a Camp Drive Profile. This profile saves up your preferred settings and automatically customizes it when you go to sleep.

You can choose your seat position and preferred temperature, and this works not only with the Camp Mode, but you can also program most car features to your taste.

It is just a way to make everything easier and quicker for Tesla owners.

How Do You Turn the Camp Mode off?

To disable this feature, simply move the car out of park or deactivate the mode either via the touchscreen or your smartphone.

For the touchscreen, tap on the temperature button at the lower part of the screen and select another mode.

Is “Camp Mode” Really Safe For Sleeping?

The camp mode is a secure way of sleeping in your vehicle through the night. It lets you sleep at a comfortable temperature and position.

You won’t be worried about getting too cold or choking because of extreme heat.

As for the auto locks being disabled, it was designed that way to make your activities easier. You wouldn’t have to constantly lock and unlock your car as you come and go.

Just remember to lock it manually when you finally go to sleep.

Last, it is wise to charge your batteries before turning on this mode. Although it draws low power, but remember this mode will be turned on overnight.

To be on the safer side, get your battery charged so it can power the camp mode for as long as you need it.

How Comfortable Is It to Sleep in a Tesla?

Teslas are really great cars to sleep in. Some users call them Campers’ Delights, most especially the Model S, Y and X.

A user of the Model S claimed that you would sleep like a baby who just struck the technology jackpot with this camp mode.

The Model S is one highly versatile car that provides a good night’s rest with its back seats folded completely down.

The cabin space when the back seats are folded down can accommodate 6ft passengers comfortably. Its panoramic rooftop as an added design just makes your camp night really great and dreamy. 

The Model X also makes a great place to sleep. Another user claimed that even when the weather is cold, the interior of the X was still a comfy space.

In a video, the driver showed that the temperature outside was around -17 degrees. Going to sleep, he activated the climate control and set the temperature to the conventional 21 degrees.

However, he added more insulation by covering the windows to help with the heat. At night he found out that the temperature outside was at -16 degrees and he increased the heat a little.

By morning, the interiors were still very warm and his covering really helped to keep the vehicle insulated.

This owner discovered that his Tesla lost approximately only 4 miles of range per hour. So after 8 hours, just 32 miles were lost with an average consumption of 1.5kWH.

The Model Y also has a spacious cabin to sleep in and enough space to store supplies, bags, and even food.

To add to your comfort, you can always adjust the temperature of the cabin through the Tesla app without needing to crawl to the screen.

You can purchase a rooftop storage container in case you have a need for bigger loads.

How Long Does Camp Mode Last?

The camp mode can last over 8 hours and it may just take 10% of your battery charge. This shows how low it drains power, but this rate can be lower or higher subject to some conditions.

In extreme cold or heat, the battery drains more quickly just to keep up and maintain the cabin temperature. In the worst-case scenario, the cold weather can take up to 15% of your battery.

Luckily, some Tesla models, like the Model Y and the 2021 Model 3, have heat pumps that aid efficiency while in camp mode.

It is important to be conscious of your current battery charge before using this feature. I bet the last thing you wish for is being stuck with a low battery on the roadside.

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How Much Battery Does Camp Mode Consume?

As said earlier, the camp mode can last well above 8 hours and may just use 7-8kWh, roughly 10% of your battery. However, this is just rough speculation because it might differ depending on the health of your battery and the environmental condition.

Note that you can not use the camp mode once the battery gets to 15%. The mode deactivates just to keep your battery from going completely flat. The remaining 15% gives you the chance to get to the nearest charging station.

The CEO of Tesla recently stated through his tweet that a new upgrade is coming that will allow users to use camp mode even when the battery is at 5%.

Can You Charge a Tesla While In Camping Mode?

It is safe to charge your Tesla while in camp mode. You can basically run the two together.

However, if you use the Level 1 charger that uses 120 volts, camp mode might draw more power than you’re receiving. It is just the same as draining your battery, just at a much slower rate.

Thus, it is best to use the Level 2 charger that provides the 240-voltage charging power. Thankfully, they are the most common chargers found at public stations.

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Tips For Camping In Your Tesla 

Below are tips for camping in your Tesla:

Call the Campsite and Confirm Their EV Policy 

The first step to avoid heartbreaks is to check the policy of the campsite. You have the privilege of picking a powered or unpowered spot.

With a powered spot, you can share the outdoors with RVs, while non-powered spots are basically filled with tents.

Also, confirm the power specs that they have as it prepares you for what kind of cable and equipment to bring along.

Come Along With the Necessary Adapters

Once you have confirmed the type of power specs they use, do well to arrive with the proper cables as well.

The most used cable type at campsites is the NEMA TT30, which is a 30 amp, 120V socket.

The campsite also comes with the standard NEM 5-15 receptacles, so you can still charge even if you didn’t bring the proper cable.

Use the Camp Mode or HVCA

This is a general tip for all car users.

If you don’t have a Tesla, you can still keep the climate control on while sleeping because there have been several cases where people have died in their sleep because the exhaust fumes entered the vehicle.

But in an electric vehicle, there are no fumes because it runs on electricity. Just set the air conditioner or heater to a convenient temperature and enjoy the night.

Invest In Your Mattress 

Getting a comfortable and fit mattress adds up to your quality sleep. It guarantees waking up with no aches, pains, or sore body parts. It simply leaves you refreshed for the next day.

Consider a Roof Rack

If it’s a family trip, it is logical to have enough space to cater for supplies and extra loads. A roof rack leaves more space in the cabin because the loads are packed somewhere else.

You can easily order a roof rack on Amazon and you’ll be shocked to see how much stuff those racks can carry.

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