Tesla & Sound System: 5 Common Questions ( Answered)

Some CEOs just have a flare for good and quality music and Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, is one of them.

This makes Tesla a vehicle brand with a class-leading audio system.

How do we know this? Tesla hired engineers working for Bang and Olufsen company to set up the audio system in some of the Tesla models.

Widely known, the Bang and Olufsen company produces almost the best high-fidelity audio system in the world.

Find out in this article the individual sound systems of each Tesla model and how they work.

What Kind of Sound System Does a Tesla Have? 

The sound system in each Tesla model differs from the other.

This is because the company improves each new batch of its vehicles. For a deeper understanding, we would independently explain the sound system found in Model X, Y, S, and 3.

Model 3

Currently, reviews claim the Model 3 has the best audio system among all Tesla models. One car reviewer from a publication gave his thoughts and opinion concerning the sound system in the Model 3.

 He claimed the reason the Model 3 has the best sound system is because Tesla hired the engineers from Bang & Olufsen to develop it.

Bang & Olufsen is a pioneer in the designing and production of some of the best speakers and amplifiers in the market.

The Model 3 has 15 speakers: 3 front tweeters, 3 front mids, 2 front woofers, 2 front immersive speakers, 4 full-range rear speakers, and 1 subwoofer.

Elon Musk also stated that a part of the version 10 firmware will have the capacity to stream YouTube and Netflix when the car stops.

Model Y

The Model Y sound system is very impressive as it is also engineered by Bang & Olufsen. The Tesla Model Y has a 13-speaker system that includes a 160-watt subwoofer and an amplifier.

Totally, the sound system produces 600 watts. Three speakers are strategically placed in the front and center between the dashboard and the windscreen.

A tweeter is by each of the front door triangles, a speaker in both A-pillars and a subwoofer in each of the front doors. There are also speakers at the rear seats, located at each of the back doors and towards the trunk lid.

This sound system only supports Bluetooth connectivity as it does not have Android Auto or Apple Car Play. You can also use and plug in your USB drive to listen to any high-quality music.

Tesla Model S& X

Model S and Model Y have similar sound systems and they were originally designed by s1nn. Later on, Harman International Group bought s1nn in 2015.

Currently, the Harman company owns major brands like Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, and Mark Levinson. Other major car brands such as Audi, Bentley and Tesla have patronized this brand.

The audio system is integrated into the Media Control Unit (MCU) of the Tesla. This compartment delivers 200 watts of power and amplification as the standard audio unit of the vehicle.

If you want to up your game, the upgraded version called the Ultra High Fidelity Pro delivers an additional 360 watts, and it is placed behind the instrument cluster.

The standard system features include the four 6” door mid-woofers and the 3” center mid-range has a separate 40-watt. The tweeters work passively and are most likely powered by the two front-door speaker amplifiers.

While for the upgrade, the additional 360 watt amplifier is located below and behind the instrument display. The general system is configured like this:

  • 80 watts to the larger 8″ front doors speakers
  • 40 watts to the 3″ rear hatch speakers 
  • 80 watts to the rear 8” subwoofer.

Besides the Model X, there are other mid-size SUVs with great sound systems.

Do Teslas Have a Subwoofer?

Not all Tesla models come with a subwoofer as a standard feature, but the upgrades do.

The Model S, Model X and Model 3 do not have a subwoofer as part of this sound system, but it is included in their premium version.

Model Y has just one subwoofer located in the trunk. However, before you make an upgrade to the sound system on the Model Y, you have to first remove the one installed in the trunk to fit in the new one.

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Does Tesla Offer Upgrades to the Sound System On a Tesla?

Tesla offers upgrades to their sound system even after the standard features have been added. Some folks just have a flair for listening to rich and quality music and, therefore, look for the best sound system.

However, for most electric vehicles, you are stuck with the factory amplifier but you can make adjustments to the speakers and subwoofers. This is simply because electric vehicles have a more complex design and sensitive electronic parts.

For instance, if you start to disconnect the speakers in the Model Y, important parts could get damaged. Another difficulty is that sound systems run on electricity. Getting the wrong upgrades could drain power from your battery.

Let’s use the Model Y as a point of reference for an upgrade. You would have to swap out the speakers and drop extra cash because not only are the parts complex, but you would also need a professional to help you with the process.

 Below are some aftermarket upgrades you can get for the Tesla Model Y. They include:

  • Light Harmonic front door speakers and subwoofer which cost around $619.00
  • Evannex audio system upgrade which cost around $750.99

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Can You After-Install Bigger Speakers Yourself?

You can always install a speaker by yourself, provided you have the knowledge and tools needed. For instance, the Model 3 speakers can be removed easily as there’s no wiring harness available in this position.

You’ll just have to use Posi-Products speaker connectors to connect the new speakers to the vehicle’s speaker wires. Then, for the installation, you might just need to use hot glue to hold them in place.

However, for the premium version, it is quite complex because the center dash houses the tweeters and the mid-range speakers. But then, there’s no sufficient space between the speakers and the windshield space to put a tool to remove them.

The front headliners are secured with glue and removing it could cause damage. Thus, it is generally recommended to get a professional to sort out these adjustments.

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Is the Sound System in Teslas Better Than Similar Car Brands?

Tesla’s audio quality is one of the best out there. As emphasized earlier, they hired the best engineers to work on their sound system.

In comparison with other vehicles, a user stated that the sound system in the Tesla was better than the $12,000 audio unit in the Audi. We may not outrightly claim the Tesla sound system as the best, but it is among the best.


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