Are Teslas As Comfortable As Similar Cars? (Checked)

We expect modern cars to at least be comfortable enough for the average-sized adult. So there’s little doubt that Teslas perform satisfactorily in that segment.

However, in the automobile industry, different brands prioritize some features more than others.

Let’s see what Tesla prioritizes in terms of comfort.

Here’s the answer to whether Teslas are as comfortable as similar cars:

Teslas are relatively comfortable compared to similar cars in the industry. Their features include lumbar support, adjustable seats, automatic climate control, a quiet cabin, and more. Since these are the sought-after features in modern vehicles, we can say Tesla is doing well.

Now, let’s look at the comfortability of different Tesla models.

Tesla Model X

The Model X, easily recognized by its falcon-winged doors, is the most expensive Tesla (for now anyway). It’s also easy to mistake it for a sedan.

The Plaid trim of the Model X costs about $128,000. Since it takes such a high amount out of the buyer’s pocket, drivers need to feel at home inside.

Let’s see whether its high-digit price is worth it.

How Comfortable Is the Driver’s Seat?

The driver’s seat is quite relaxing with enough space, which translates to plenty of head and legroom. There’s also good visibility as you’d expect from an SUV. The front seats are heated, and it comes with a heated steering wheel.

That’s not all. Front seats are ventilated, too. Hence, whoever calls shotgun on a hot day gets a first-class passenger experience.

However, while the front seats are quite comfy, the overall interior quality doesn’t seem befitting for the price. This is clear in the U. S. News’ rating of the 2022 Model X. It scored only 6.6 out of 10 in interior quality.

How Comfortable Are the Back Seats?

The Model X has 2 rows of seats as standard and comes with a third row as an added option. This means the Model X can accommodate up to 5 to 7 people, supposedly.

The second-row seats, like the first-row ones, are very comfortable and heated. However, the third-row seats are too tight for adult passengers. So unless you’ve got a large family with little kids, you’re better off without the optional third row.

How Much Legroom Do You Have?

Legroom in the Model X varies with the model year. However, for front seats, it can be as long as 41.1 inches.

The second-row seats are also commendable, with up to 38.7 inches of legroom. Again, this depends on the trim and model year.

Its third-row seats have the lowest legroom, which can be as little as 28.7 inches. With a different version, you can get as much as 32.2 inches of legroom.

How Much Headroom Do You Have?

Headroom may also differ with the model year and the front-row headroom in the 2022 model is 41.7 inches.

The second-row headroom is slightly smaller with 41 inches of space, while that of the Plaid trim is 40.9 inches. Last, the third-row headroom stands at 37.1 inches for the Plaid trim.

How Much Noise Is There Inside the Car?

Electric cars are quieter than gasoline-powered or diesel-powered ones. They’re so quiet that automakers have to compensate with artificial sounds to warn pedestrians of their presence on the roads.

However, the older models of the Tesla Model X weren’t as quiet as the more modern ones. They also didn’t fare too well against similar cars. In recent years, Tesla redesigned the sound insulation system in the Model X with improved materials.

Now, they’re a lot quieter on the roads.

Also, thanks to its air suspension system, there is less noise from the car’s suspension. Not only does this type of suspension help reduce noise, but it also reduces the ride’s harshness. Of course, these features mean more comfort for the occupants.

Can You Sleep Comfortably in a Tesla Model X?

Spending a night or just having a quick nap in the Model X is a pleasurable experience, according to user accounts.

All you have to do is fold down the rear seats and you’ve got yourself a comfy place to crash. Your experience can get even cozier with a mattress.

This comfort merged with its awesome infotainment features makes the Model X a luxurious mobile “hotel”.

It is soothing news that the Model X has many driver assistance features. Together with futuristic infotainment technology, such features are considered ‘overkill’ by some people.

However, car owners who can afford it would probably be happy they got good value for their money. We’re pretty sure very few people would dislike a 17-inch touchscreen.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y trims are among the most affordable vehicles under the Tesla nameplate. For this reason, we don’t expect ultra-impressive comfort features since their prices are like cars from other automakers.

The pressure for such a car to perform is less. That’s because no one would get mad if they bought a relatively affordable car and didn’t find ultra-luxurious features.

How Comfortable Is the Driver’s Seat?

The Model Y also has heated front seats, so the driver has no worries. As it’s also an SUV, you can expect sufficient head and legroom too. The front seats are power-adjustable as well.

A heated steering wheel combined with these features helps the Model Y to keep up with the Model X’s standards.

Also, although the Model Y is a cheaper alternative to the Model X, its interior rating is higher. U.S. News gave the 2022 Model Y a rating of 7.0 out of 10 in interior quality.

How Comfortable Are the Back Seats?

The back seats are just as comfortable as the front ones with enough headroom and legroom for adults. They are also heated like the front seats. These similarities further convince us of the idea that the Model Y is just a cheaper Model X.

As expected, the third-row seats are cramped as well.

How Much Legroom Do You Have?

For the 2022 model, the front-row legroom is 41.8 inches, and the second-row legroom is 40.5 inches. It appears to have more front-row and second-row legroom than the superior Model X.

It is quite a small difference, but a difference nonetheless.

How Much Headroom Do You Have?

The front-row headroom stands at 41 inches and the second-row headroom lingers at just 39.4 inches. These dimensions are slightly less than those of the Model X.

We keep comparing the Model Y with the Model X because they’re the SUVs in Tesla’s line-up. There’s also a large difference in their prices, so this gives us more understanding of the disparity between them.

How Much Noise Is There Inside the Car?

According to Consumer Reports, road and wind noise are the only factors that ruin its quiet interior. Recall that the Model X got a redesign to help deafen the intruding external noise.

It makes sense that the Model Y (which is cheaper), wouldn’t be designed with the exact quality of materials.

Still, for its price tag, we expect it to be made of high-end luxury materials. This is because although it costs way less than the Model X, $60,000 is a lot of money.

Hence, we know that the Model Y, like most electric cars, is quite quiet.

Can You Sleep Comfortably in a Tesla Model Y?

It has 76 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded. With such dimensions, the Model Y would be a great place to spend the night.

It’s not as large as the Model X or famous for being a “hotel” like the Model S. Still, you can sleep in it. You only need the right fit.

This means getting the right mattress dimensions and not being overly tall.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 may not be the most impressive Tesla on the roads. However, it is the most popular, and with good reason. Its budget-friendly price means more people can afford to drive a Tesla without spending too much.

Like the Model Y, we’d rate it highly with similar cars from other brands because of its lower price. It’s also noteworthy that the Model 3 shares many similarities in design with the Model Y.

People often describe the Model Y as the SUV version of the Model 3. The Tesla Model X shares a similar relationship with the Model S.

It’s time to look more closely at the Model 3.

How Comfortable Is the Driver’s Seat?

The compact Model 3 has comfortable, heated, power-adjustable front seats. Of course, a heated steering wheel is present too. You’d feel great even on road trips.

How Comfortable Are the Back Seats?

Unlike its front seats, the back seats are a tad bit cramped. This doesn’t mean it can’t seat adults, it just means tall or large adults wouldn’t have a great time there.

For this reason, the supposed 5-seat capacity may be regarded as 4.

How Much Legroom Do You Have?

The legroom in its front seats is about 42.7 inches long while the rear-seat legroom stands at 35.2 inches. We must point out that the Model 3 (a sedan) has more front legroom than the Model Y (an SUV).

However, this may not apply to all of their versions.

How Much Headroom Do You Have?

For headroom, however, it’s less than the Model Y as it should be since SUVs have better and higher views. Front headroom lies at 40.3 inches while rear headroom is just 37.7 inches.

How Much Noise Is There Inside the Car?

The Model 3 is a relatively quiet vehicle and as ironic as it may sound, this can be a problem. Regular cars produce noise that can distract drivers from little creaks and road noise.

The Model 3, however, is so quiet that little sounds and road noise from outside the car become amplified.

Can You Sleep Comfortably in a Tesla Model 3?

You can sleep, but you probably wouldn’t be comfortable. The Model 3 has about 15 cubic feet of cargo space, which can expand to 23 cubic feet with the rear seats down.

Relative to other Teslas, it’s not impressive. However, for a compact car, that’s fair space.

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Tesla Model S

The Model S is widely regarded as the best Tesla EV, partly because of its impressive handling and speed. Though the Model X is averagely more expensive, the Model S Plaid trim costs a bit more. Its Plaid trim goes as high as $131,000.

Let’s dive in.

How Comfortable Is the Driver’s Seat?

By now, it’s safe to say that all Tesla’s front seats are comfortable. The Model S has well-heated and well-ventilated front seats, too.

Drivers have nothing to worry about since heated steering wheels are also a part of the package.

How Comfortable Are the Back Seats?

Although the rear seats aren’t as comfy as the front-row seats, they’re a close second. The major differences are that they aren’t ventilated and they may be a little cramped for bigger passengers.

These configurations seem quite fair for a sedan.

How Much Legroom Do You Have?

The legroom for the Model S is like that of the Model 3. Premium or not, sedans have to stick together.

For the front seats, it is 42.4 inches while the second-row legroom sits comfortably at 35.5 inches.

How Much Headroom Do You Have?

We also don’t expect a lot of headroom from the Model S. Although it’s spacious for a sedan and is a premium luxury vehicle, it’s still a sedan, regardless.

Front-row headroom is just about 39.7 inches while the second-row headroom is a mere 38.1 inches.

How Much Noise Is There Inside the Car?

Although the Model S is one of Tesla’s flagship models and should be silent, there have been complaints about noise from drivers. No, we’re not referring to the audio output which drivers can select based on preference.

Instead, actual unintended squeaking noises may emanate while braking or turning. However, these sounds aren’t usually expected and can be fixed.

Can You Sleep Comfortably in a Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S is perhaps the most suitable Tesla for sleeping. Its seats fold flat and this creates enough room even for tall adults to lie comfortably.

It provides ample space from the rear seats to the trunk to fit a comfy mattress. A great thing about sleeping in a Tesla is that you can’t get affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, you can use heat shields to cover your windows and windshield if you choose to sleep during the day. Sunshades would perform a similar function for the sunroof to get you your desired privacy.

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What Tesla Model Is the Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable Tesla is usually up for debate among enthusiasts.

No doubt, the Model X and S are the frontrunners for comfort. They are the most expensive models and they both have similar designs.

They also make use of air suspension systems. So, while it’s hard to pick one over the other, we’d say the Model X takes the cake. It’s an SUV with a higher sitting position and a better view.

Although some people prefer sedans for comfort, based on current market demands, the Model X is unanimously the better option.

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How Comfortable Is Autopilot in a Tesla?

First, the autopilot doesn’t refer to a fully autonomous self-driving car. So far, no fully self-driving car is sold commercially anywhere in the world.

Also, Tesla is still working on perfecting its Full Self Driving technology. For now, however, its basic autopilot is doing a great job.

Features like auto-steer and traffic-aware cruise control help drivers maintain a driving distance from other vehicles. These features increase driver comfort by taking some of the driving burdens away.


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