Tesla Acceleration Boost Explained (In Easy Terms)

Tesla models are known to be some of the fastest cars in the industry and now they have “Acceleration Boost”. This is an update for some Tesla models which increases acceleration, but most people don’t know how it actually works.

This update gets the computer to provide the electric motors with a boost of power whenever the gas pedal is depressed.

Acceleration Boost on Tesla cars works by improving performance and greatly reducing acceleration times.

In this article, we’ll be delving deeper into Acceleration Boost and how it works.

Is “Acceleration Boost” Available With All Tesla Models?

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y are the only models to get the Acceleration Boost software update. These models are crossovers and sedans which get a noticeable speed boost when the Acceleration Boost is on.

Acceleration Boost significantly boosts the car’s speed on a 0 to 60-mile run. The Tesla Model Y can get from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds, but it gets 4.3 seconds when the Acceleration Boost is turned on.

Acceleration Boost does not come with the car when you first buy it. The feature is a software update that will appear whenever you search for new software updates on a Tesla car.

Owners of the Model Y are very pleased with the update because the Model Y is one of the automaker’s slower cars. This is especially because the cars are also considered to be long-range cars.

Other Tesla models feature modes that increase acceleration when needed. This is a new update with a new name that is suitable for the feature.

The update can also be installed at an approved Tesla installer. This update is a must if you’re looking to get more power out of your Tesla model.

How Does Acceleration Boost Compare to “Insane” and “Ludicrous” Modes?

Even though all these are software upgrades, the Insane and Ludicrous modes increase peak torque by a certain percentage. The Acceleration Boost only deals with acceleration on certain models.

The Insane mode increases the peak torque of the car by about 30%. The software update is only available on all-wheel-drive Teslas that do not have the Ludicrous update.

Ludicrous mode on the hand increases peak torque by around 60% on all-wheel-drive Teslas. Models with Ludicrous mode must be equipped with the Ludicrous upgrade.

There are also modes such as Insane Plus and Ludicrous Plus on all-wheel-drive models. These extra modes heat up the battery so that 100% of the power is available.

It is important to note that peak torque combined with acceleration means the car has more power. This will mean the car has more power to rapidly accelerate from a standstill.

Another good point to mention is that Ludicrous and Insane modes are not suitable for daily driving. These modes are designed to provide maximum performance for a short acceleration period.

With that in mind, these extra modes are designed for track days when the car is likely to be racing. In a racing situation, these modes will give the best performance out of the Tesla car.

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How Does Acceleration Boost Affect Your Driving Range?

Acceleration Boost will not greatly affect the range of the car if the driver is driving normally.

However, if you were to depress the gas and drive frantically, the driving range will be affected. Acceleration Boost only gives the ability of the car to accelerate faster and does not necessarily affect the driving range.

Many owners who went on to purchase Acceleration Boost were impressed by the increase in power. They noticed that the driving range was also not badly affected by the purchase.

Fortunately, the Model Y is a long-range electric vehicle, and this gives it an improved driving range.

Factors such as using climate control, driving at high speeds, and uphill driving affect range the most. These factors affect the driving range considerably and the effect is visible.

To increase driving range, tips like pre-heating the car, using scheduled travel, and speed assist really work wonders. These can work really well, especially if you’re driving for long-distance trips.

How Do I Know If My Tesla Has Acceleration Boost?

After purchasing and updating the software, you can look at the driving page on the infotainment system. The drive mode will be changed from “standard” to “Sport”.

To set up the update, head over to the Tesla app’s “Upgrade” tab on your phone and then onto “Software Upgrades”. The AB update will be listed as an available-to-install update app and then you just click “Add”.

Sometimes users find that there is no notice or message after the software update. A notification would be a good way to know that Acceleration Boost mode has been updated successfully.

In the driving settings, without the AB update installed, you’ll usually see either chill or normal driving modes. After the update, you’ll see either chill or boost mode.

A good way to also find out the status of the update is to take it for a quick accelerated drive. With Acceleration Boost on, you should probably feel the power of the update.

The download of the update itself can take a few hours depending on the connection speed. The app will then be listed under the purchased or updates tabs on your screen.

After the download and installation are finished, some owners do not see sport mode in the system. This can be solved by simply restarting the car and making sure it has enough capacity for sport mode.

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Does Tesla’s Acceleration Boost Increase the Top Speed?

Unfortunately, the Acceleration Boost update does not increase your Tesla’s top speed. The update deals with acceleration, which will get you to top speed faster.

For example, the Model Y Tesla AWD already has a respectable top speed of 135 MPH. This factory-rated top speed will not increase when you install the Acceleration Boost update.

What the AB mode will do is get you to your desired speed much quicker than the standard mode. This will be useful for joining the freeway and some power when needing to overtake quickly.

Combining AB mode and other torque modes such as Insane and Ludicrous will show a significant increase in power. However, the top speed will not increase when all those extra modes are on.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Acceleration Boost?

Acceleration Boost costs owners of supported models $2,500 to $3,000 to update. The cost depends on where you live and different countries have their own price tag.

Owners of Teslas who got the upgrade say that it was definitely worth the price. This is mostly because performance upgrades on other cars are way more expensive.

The Model Y is perhaps the best model for the update because of its size. Bigger SUV cars tend to be slower in acceleration, and this update makes the Model Y significantly faster.

It is worth mentioning that the Acceleration Boost will have an impact on your tires. Quick acceleration means the tires will wear out much faster.

Tesla Model Y tire replacements can cost between $195 and $500, depending on the type of tire. This adds to the cost of owning the car and maintaining it with Acceleration Boost also purchased.

The Tesla Model Y is also an expensive car to purchase in the first place. This alone might prompt potential AB buyers not to purchase the update because of its price.

Can You Get a Refund on the “Acceleration Boost” Feature?

After purchasing the software update, you will be notified that you can still refund the purchase. There is a 48-hour window where the software update can be refunded.

If you choose to get a refund on the software update, it will be removed from the car. The installed app and update will no longer be available on the car’s system and all performance upgrades will be pulled.

Once you’ve updated the software to include AB mode, you’ll have only two days to try it out. This is enough time for a driver to decide whether the performance benefits are worth it.

It would be a good idea to make sure you’ll have sufficient driving time to properly test out the benefits. Most owners just choose to use the car for a whole day of driving to experience the difference in acceleration.

Another good point is to really give it the time to fully decide on your purchase. Once the refund is requested, the update will no longer be available for that particular car.

After the refund, there will be no other way to install the update from the system. This is why sufficient time is needed for testing.

For Tesla owners who could not get AB mode after requesting a refund, tips to make the car more efficient will work. Even though it won’t feel the same as AB mode, the car will be a lot faster.

Tips such as taking good care of your tires and reducing the weight of the car are good for increased acceleration. This will curb a few milliseconds, but will not be as visible a difference as with AB mode installed.

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