How Much Does Supercharging A Tesla Cost? (We Checked)

Charging is an essential factor if you’re thinking about buying a Tesla.

You’ll need to know how much it truly costs to charge a Tesla, the time it takes, and how much power you consume when doing it.

The following is some helpful information about Tesla charging you will need for your vehicle.

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla at a supercharger?

The cost to charge a Tesla at a supercharger station is approximately $25 USD to $59 USD for a full charge from an almost empty battery. The cost estimate will decrease drastically if you arrive at the supercharging station with a much higher percentage of battery life left.

Prices will also vary according to your location and Tesla model, but you should pay no more than the above-mentioned range, which is an unlikely charging-from-empty scenario.

However, if you’re lucky you can supercharge your Tesla for free.

Supercharging stations typically charge by the minute or kilowatt hour. The price could be as low as $.84 a minute or as much as $1.34 a minute. The price you pay to charge a Tesla per unit of electricity will be between $.25 to $.28 per kWh in most states.

However, California’s prices are currently the highest they’ve ever been, with the average charging price being $.40 to $.50 per kWh at most supercharging stations.

Some consumers can save money at¬†supercharging¬†stations by using a few methods. One method is to select a different “tier” of charger with a lower price.

For example, a 60KW charging speed is the cheapest for the vehicle owner. However, it’s also the slowest.

The most expensive and fastest charging option is the 180KW choice.

Another way to save money on supercharging is to sign up for special membership. You might then receive a discount on supercharging fees. One less likely way to get free or reduced supercharging is to get hold of an older Tesla model.

You would have to contact Tesla directly to find out if that vehicle qualifies for such a thing, however.

Do Teslas superchargers cost more than regular charging?

Tesla supercharges most likely cost more than regular charging. Regular charging can be done with a Level 1 charger, which is a regular 120-V charger. New Tesla owners receive adapters to hook their vehicles up to regular outlets at home if they so desire.

There is no extra charge for the adapter and no upfront charge for the electricity. So this method is great if you’re seeking to escape upfront costs.

However, the downside of using the “regular” method is that you might have to wait several days for your car to receive a full charge.

A Level 2 charger could get you charged up within six to 30 hours.

However, the Level-3 charging experience is the fastest method.

Thus, paying for a full charge using the Level-3 method might be worth the extra money. You can use an online calculator to determine how much money you will need to pay to get your Tesla charged all the way.

Remember also to educate yourself on how often you should charge your Tesla.

Is it cheaper to use a supercharger at home?

Yes, it is cheaper to charge your car at home than to charge it at a supercharging station.

However, not all Teslas are delivered with the same charging equipment.

However, the speed of charging is a lot slower.

It would be in your best interest to invest in the fastest home charging stations if you intend to charge your car from home a lot.

How much power do Teslas supercharger use?

The typical Tesla supercharger can produce up to 150KW of power and operate at up to 480V.

However, the chargers don’t always do that. For instance, you will have the option to choose the KW output at the supercharger station, which can go as low as 60KW. Of course, you can also choose the higher and faster output and pay a little extra money for the charge.

The supercharger produces more than 180 amps when used at its full capacity. 

The V3 charger can do a little bit more than others can. For example, it can output 250KW and produce more than 301 amps.

What is the cheapest way to charge your Tesla?

The cheapest way to change a Tesla is to do it at home and plug it into a wall socket overnight.

However, the speed of a Level 1 charger will be ridiculously slow.

However, you can order a special Telsa wall connector for your home and have a certified Tesla technician install it for you.

This special wall charger is said to provide Tesla owners with 44 miles of range each hour, and it has a 24-foot cord.

What is the fastest way to charge your Tesla?

When you are away from home, the fastest way to charge your Tesla is to visit a supercharger station and use the highest setting.

We have some excellent tips here on how to charge your Tesla faster.

You will then be able to charge your battery entirely in less than one hour. The exact time will vary from model to model, but the time will be much less if you use the highest KW setting if you have a choice.

The fastest way to charge your Tesla if you are at home is to have the Tesla Wall Connector set up in your home and do the charging there.

As mentioned before, it can restore 44 miles of range within 1 hour. Thus, your car will typically be finished charging in eight to 10 hours.

Do Teslas cost more to charge than other electric cars?

It costs more to charge some Tesla models than some other electric vehicles. However, some EV models cost more than Tesla models cost to get a full charge.

For example, the Nissan Leaf costs about $4 less than a Tesla to get a full charge.

You can see here how long each Tesla model can go on a full charge.

But they also have a shorter range, so it makes sense.

However, the Audi E-Tron and Ford Mustang Mach-E cost more to charge than the Tesla does. Therefore, it looks like the Tesla has a decent charging cost as compared to other vehicles on the market.

What are the different charging accessories for Tesla models?

Tesla offers myriad accessories you can purchase for your vehicle if you want to enhance your charging efforts. One item you can pick up is the mobile connector. The mobile connector is a charger that lets you connect to a standard outlet when you’re on the go.

Thus, it can come in handy whenever you stay at a hotel, or you need to spend the night at a family member or friend’s house.¬†

The mobile charger costs $200 to buy, and the charging process will give you about 3 miles of distance for every hour you charge the vehicle.

The wall connector is $400 and can give your car enough charge to add 44 miles every hour. Another feature this charge has is that it can share its charge.

Therefore, you can theoretically charge two vehicles at once with it.

However, you must have a certified Tesla technician install this charger for you, as you are dealing with a complex system and very high voltage. The news is that you might be able to benefit from some local tax incentives just for having the Tesla and getting the charger installed.

A CCS Combo adapter is another accessory that you might be interested in having for your Tesla. It allows your charger to get speeds of up to 250KW, and you can use it with a third-party network.

You should first check your Tesla account to ensure that you can use it and reap all of its benefits.

The product costs $250, so you need to be sure it’s right for you.

You should now be aware of the costs involved with charging a Tesla at a supercharging station. You can use that information to figure out if you would like to own a Tesla vehicle and whether it will save you a significant amount of money.


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