Do Subaru SUVs Hold Their Value Well? (10 Models Checked)

All Subaru SUV owners can agree that these units are reliable and hold their value well.

The brand ranks first in retained value after owning it for three, five, and seven years.

Here is how the Subaru SUVs hold their value on average:

  • After one year- a 5% depreciation
  • After two years- an 8% depreciation
  • After three years- a 12% depreciation

Depreciation Per Year For Subaru SUVs

  • 2022- 0.00% depreciation
  • 2021- 5.59% depreciation
  • 2020- 8.42% depreciation
  • 2019- 12.61% depreciation
  • 2018- 15.59% depreciation
  • 2017- 21.35% depreciation
  • 2016- 27.34% depreciation
  • 2015- 34.52% depreciation
  • 2014- 41.48% depreciation
  • 2013- 47.46% depreciation
  • 2012- 57.03% depreciation

Over the years, Subaru has proved to be the best in value retention in the industry. Car specialists advise anyone looking for a long-term value car to consider Subaru.

These units also have impressive safety and reliability records, making them a worthy purchase.

The best model year regarding value retention is the 2020 model.

On average, you’ll pay 92% of its price when new while getting up to 83% of the unit’s useful life. You can also consider the 2018 and 2019 models for relatively good value.

Understanding Subaru Valuation & Depreciation

What Is Car Valuation?

Car valuation refers to the price determination of a used car before selling it.

The process involves finding the fair market value of the used car. It would help to note that the vehicle’s unique history and use predetermine the car’s actual value.

Calculating the car valuation of your Subaru requires an expert to consider all price-affecting factors.

The vehicle’s value is determined by its:

  • make,
  • age,
  • model,
  • and mileage

Other elements include current market demand, damage, and special upgrades to the vehicle.

Do Subaru’s Depreciate Faster Than Other Models?

Subaru is one of the best brands offering the best resale value for their units.

The 2022 models, including SUVs, trucks, and cars, top the list. Critics suggest that most Subaru units depreciate slowly because of their advanced technology and frequent updates.

We also have statistics on how fast Ford SUVs depreciate.

Research by CarEdge revealed that Subaru held its value the best after three, five, and seven years.

A 2018 model will keep 84% of its value, while a 2020 model will keep 92%. Things get interesting when we compare this to how fast Mazda SUVs depreciate.

It would help understand that value retention in specific models may differ, but as a brand, Subaru tops.

Which Subaru Models Depreciate The Least

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the 2021 Subaru models guarantee the best resale value.

The top three SUVs from Subaru for exceptional value retention include:

  • the Crosstrek,
  • Outback,
  • and Forester.

This makes sense as the Subaru Forester has very few problems.

The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek depreciates by around 42% after five years, reselling at about $16,147.

The 2021 Subaru Forester predicted its resale value at 45% after five years of ownership.

For mid-size SUVs, the unit with the best resale value was the 2021 Outback, with a 41.3% depreciation after five years.

You can also check the best and worst years for the Subaru Outback models here.

5 Ways To Increase Your Subaru’s Resale Value

#1 Have Proper Documentation

Car documentation is crucial when selling a car and can affect its resale value significantly.

Ensure you have all the necessary car documents before beginning the selling process. It would also help to keep service records and receipts for maintenance and upgrades as proof of service.

Presenting all the paperwork from buying the vehicle will help verify crucial aspects like purchase price and car history.

Also, prepare all insurance-related documents to increase resale value and facilitate a smooth transaction.

#2 Keep Up With Maintenance

Oil changes and routine service checks are not the strictest requirements for your vehicle. It is easy to overlook these maintenance procedures when your car runs smoothly.

However, you’ll need to consider maintenance if you want to increase your Subaru’s resale value.

Keeping up with regular maintenance makes a big difference to your unit’s resale value. You can sell your car for more money provided it is in a better condition.

Worthy upgrades to your vehicle can include changing brake pads, replacing the tires, and servicing the transmission.

#3 Make Repairs

Car buyers do not want to incur massive repair costs after spending a fortune buying a car.

You can increase the resale value of your car by taking care of outstanding repairs.

Note that even the most minor issues can drop the resale value. The best approach is to visit your local mechanic for a thorough restoration.

#4 Consider Upgrades

Installing specific upgrades will raise the resale value of your car. Before investing, it would be wise to research upgrades with the most impact on resale value.

One option to drive up value includes a Bluetooth-enabled infotainment system that supports smartphone connection.

Safety features like a backup camera and lane departure assist increase your vehicle’s value.

It would be wise to keep the receipts of these upgrades to have bargaining power when negotiating the price. Upgrades adversely affecting resale value include flashy rims, GPS devices, and tinted windows.

#5 Car Appraisal

Car specialists recommend that all vehicle sellers consider car appraisal before entering the market. It is common for private buyers or dealerships to start their offers low, leaving some room for negotiation.

By doing this, they lower your chances of getting a deal worth the car’s actual value.

You can have your car appraised by a mechanic or car expert and determine its actual value.

The appraiser will consider aspects like age, condition, maintenance, and upgrades to the car before providing you with an estimate.

Why Do Subaru SUVs Hold their Value So Well?

#1 Quality & High Demand

Most Subaru enthusiasts love its off-road capabilities, potent drivetrain engine, and affordable SUV and sports market units.

These units also prove reliable and long-lasting, with most models running past 300,000 mileages. 

Research by Experian shows 90% of Subaru’s sold in this decade are still on the road.

The impressive value benefits of Subaru come from:

  • its reliability,
  • safety features,
  • fuel efficiency,
  • affordability,
  • and all-wheel drive configuration.

Subaru also boasts low maintenance costs, contributing to its higher resale value.

Few brands can deliver like Subaru, making their demand high in the current automobile market.

#2 EyeSight Safety System

Subaru boasts of being among the safest brands in the market, with dozens of safe driving features. The EyeSight Safety System is one of the groundbreaking Subaru safety features.

The system uses a computerized system guided by two-color cameras to scan the road for anything unexpected.

According to Subaru, the safety feature reduces rear-end crashes by up to 85%.

It also includes lane-keep assistance with sway warning, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision throttle management, and braking.

There is facial recognition software and an onboard camera to detect eye position and deliver visual and audio alerts to achieve maximum road concentration.

#3 Impressive Accolades

Subaru won top prizes in 2021 and 2021 in the Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards.

Vehicles featured in these awards rank highly regarding how well they retain their value after five years.

It would help to note that the average car will retain 37% of its purchase price while those in KBB’s top list retain around 51%.

The 2020 awards saw the Forester, Crosstrek, and Outback win in their respective categories.

You can check here how few problems drivers have had with the Subaru Crosstrek models.

Subaru models also ranked highly in the 2021 awards, with the SUVs retaining their top positions.

In the ALG awards, Subaru models for 2016-2019 and 2021 won the Top Mainstream Brand for Residual Value.

All these impressive accolades conclude that Subaru holds its value better than most brands in the market.

What Factors Determine A Car’s Resale Value

#1 Brand

Certain brands offer better resale values than others. Toyota models provide the best resale value since they have a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

Subaru models follow closely, with some of their units winning awards in recent years.

It would be best to understand that the less you pay for a not-so-reputable brand, the more you’ll lose when reselling.

#2 Color

Although the color is personal, industry makes it a crucial consideration when selling a car. Specialists recommend conservative colors to achieve the best resale value.

They include

  1. white,
  2. red,
  3. silver,
  4. and black.

#3 Condition

Buying a car in good condition is easy; what’s hard is keeping it that way. It would help if you tried holding your vehicle in good shape to ensure you do not depreciate its value excessively.

Keeping it in excellent condition requires you to enforce a servicing schedule, replace shocks and tires, and deal with any noise before it worsens.

#4 Mileage

It is common for car buyers to focus more on a vehicle’s mileage enough to overlook its age. Mileage is a crucial consideration, especially when comparing two similar units.

It would be best to consider analyzing the service and maintenance plan to identify the car’s health.

#5 Drivetrain

It would help to research the different engine and gearbox options before making a purchase. Some drivetrains offer better fuel economy, making them more desirable.

You can also opt for the less efficient units as they guarantee the best deal.

All-wheel-drive and 4×4 models are also in demand, making them good options for superior value retention.

What Is Car Depreciation?

All cars depreciate, and what differs is the rate. Depreciation is crucial for car buyers as it determines how well the vehicle holds its value.

The depreciation rate for most cars ranges between 15% and 30% per year.

The main reason cars depreciate is that they are resources that lose value from wear and tear. Your Subaru loses value with the more mileage it covers, since it becomes more likely to require servicing and repair.

An extensive examination of your vehicle is necessary to achieve an accurate and fair car valuation. It would be wise to get opinions from different valuation officers to help you make a more informed decision. Dealerships do valuations based on the vehicle’s supply and demand, meaning you might get varying quotes.

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