8 Best & Worst Honda Accord Years (Stats & Examples)

The Honda Accord was first introduced to the car industry in 1976. Over the years, it has earned a reputation as a solid vehicle choice for new and used car buyers.

Check out the information below to learn more about the Honda Accord’s best and worst years.

There are mostly good years – which is also why the Honda Accord cost more than similar cars.

Best years for Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a great choice for those that want a reliable sedan or coupe. While any model Accord is a good option, there are 8 models that stand out.

You should also check our article about the most common issues with the Honda Accord models.

8th Generation Honda Accord – 2006

The 2006 Honda Accord was part of the car’s 8th generation. The vehicle’s unique features have earned it a reputation for being extremely reliable.

The sedan is created with a V6 engine that delivers fast and smooth acceleration.

The 2006 Accord is also easy to maneuver and drive.

Drivers could choose between hybrid and standard models, the V6 engine or a 4-cylinder engine, and optional navigation systems. Drivers could also opt for a coupe or sedan body style.

The combination of performance, value, and fuel economy earned this vehicle a trustworthy history.

10th Generation Honda Accord 2019

2019, the 10th generation Honda Accord is also noted as one of the best Honda Accords on the market. The sedan is equipped with nice base trim. Honda also offers engine choices, a 2L Turbo engine, an innovative media system, and outstanding performance and fuel efficiency from the hybrid option.

Honda doesn’t scrimp on comfort to provide performance features. As a result, the 2019 Accord has an outstanding balance of comfort and performance.

8th Generation 2011 Honda Accord

Another great standout from the 8th generation of the Honda Accord is the 2011 model. This model features outstanding quality, comfort, and excellent fuel efficiency.

The car has a history of great handling and braking. In addition, the car received excellent crash test ratings to prove it is a very safe model.

In 2010 we also saw the only model of the Honda Accord with four-wheel-drive.

10th Generation 2021 Honda Accord

The 10th generation 2021 Honda Accord is also one of the best Honda Accords to buy. Honda added a powerful and efficient engine to the Accord. In addition, the interior of the Accord is made up of upscale materials and has sporty handling.

The vehicle also has advanced driver safety aids. In addition, 2021 received a few changes that made it stand out, including a new grille, bumper, and fog lights.

9th Generation 2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord is part of the vehicle’s 9th generation. This model underwent a significant overhaul, including a high-quality interior and a roomy cabin.

Honda added refined and efficient powertrains that delivered responsive handling and quick acceleration for performance. The 2013 Accord was also offered in a sedan and coupe model.

9th Generation 2015 Honda Accord

Also rounding out the top 8 Honda Accord models is the 2015 model.

The 2015 model includes everything the 2013 model included, which helped it earn its place on the list, and also added a variety of standard features that were once optional.

7th Generation 2005 Honda Accord

The 2005 Honda Accord is the last in the 7th generation. It is a popular Accord model because it is the only sedan encompassing everything a family car should have.

The 2005 Accord is also a hybrid model and features first-in-class horsepower and fuel economy.

The 2005 model also features great crash test ratings and excellent gas mileage.

8th Generation 2007 Honda Accord

The 3rd, 8th generation Honda Accord to make the top 8 list is the 2007 Honda Accord. In 2006, Honda overhauled the Accord and had to jump at the chance to capture even more fans of the sedan with its 2007 model.

To do this, Honda kept the model almost the same and added more options to give a family everything they needed, including a hybrid option, navigation options, a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, and a choice of sedan or coupe bodies.

Honda Accord Years to Avoid

Not all Accords are made the same. Check out the information below to see which Accord model years you might want to avoid.

6th Generation 1998 Honda Accord

Many car experts will warn drivers to stay clear of 6th-generation Honda Accords. The 1998 Honda Accord is a great example of model car buyers, and shoppers may want to avoid.

The main concern of those that bought or drove the 1998 Honda Accord was the transmission. With this version, there were reports of the transmission slipping and getting stuck in gear.

6th Generation 2000 Honda Accord

Another Accord model that has a history of problems is the 2000.

Transmission issues were still a problem, but that wasn’t the extent of this model’s flaws.

Drivers also reported dreadful fuel consumption. Other common issues with this sedan include problems with the electrical system and faulty brakes.

8th Generation Honda Accord 2008

While the 8th generation created some of the best Accords to ever hit the market, it also includes the 2008 Accord, considered the worst model in the manufacturer’s history.

The 2008 Honda Accord has the worst reliability issues. The problems with the sedan are due to engine trouble, transmission problems, oil leaks, faults in the vehicle’s interior and exterior, and paint issues.

But, none of these issues compare to the severe brake issue related to the 2008 model. Reportedly, the vehicle had problems with its braking mechanism, which allowed the brakes to wear out prematurely.

9th Generation 2014 Honda Accord

Another problematic model is the 2014 Accord. Most problems in previous issues were resolved by this time.

However, the 2014 model brought up its problems, including poor overall design and failures with the electrical system. Most electrical problems seemed to initiate around the vehicle’s starter, which left drivers unable to start their cars.

Which Honda Accord generation should you buy?

After learning more about the best and worst Honda Accord models, it’s time to decide which Accord generation you should consider.

Considering driver reports, car expert opinions, and resale values, the best generation of the Honda Accord appears to be the 10th generation.

The 10th generation started in 2018 and was produced until the 2021 model year. 10th generation sedans have great style, advanced safety features, and more technology than any other Accord released to the market.

What year is the most reliable Honda Accord?

One of the things those shopping for Honda Accords appreciate about the make and model is its reliability.

Based on crash tests, driver reports, and expert opinions, the most reliable Honda Accord model is the 2013 sedan.

What are the most common problems with Honda Accords?

Like all car manufacturers, certain makes and models can have common problems.

Unfortunately, the Honda Accord is not immune to this problem.

The most common problems with the Honda Accord are:

  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Premature brake wearing
  • Cracked fuel pumps
  • Deviations in steering
  • Starter failure

The uncomfortable seats in some models make the Honda Accord less ideal for long road trips.

How many miles will an Accord last?

According to Consumer Reports, the Honda Accord has one of the highest mileage averages.

As a result, owners can expect their vehicles to last anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

We have an article here with more on how many years and miles a Honda Accord lasts.

What are the closest competitors to the Honda Accord?

Do you have your eyes on a family sedan? If so, a Honda Accord is probably at the top of your list.

Other great options include the Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Kia K5, and Hyundai Sonata. Keep reading to learn more.

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima has a sportier exterior than the Honda Accord. The Accord does everything great, but nothing perfect. The Nissan stands out in a few categories but lags in others.

Usually, the Altima is more popular with younger buyers who want a sporty look. On the other hand, the Accord has a more mature look and trades sportiness for a bigger back seat.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are often compared side-by-side because they are so similar. Both sedans seat five passengers and have a great reputation for reliability.

In terms of popularity, the Accord had a 7-year head start on the Camry, but the popularity remains the same. Both are great, reliable choices.

Kia K5

The Kia K5 and the Honda Accord offer similar engine options and performance reviews.

However, the K5 isn’t available in a hybrid version, but the Accord is.

The K5 has a sportier look than the Accord, but the Accord has spent decades earning the reputation of reliability that the K5 hasn’t had the opportunity to do yet.

Hyundai Sonata

In terms of reliability, the Accord outshines the Sonata.

But the Sonata offers better engine options and a sportier look than the Accord. However, the Accord holds its value better than the Sonata regarding resale.

How long do the transmissions normally last on these models?

How long a Honda Accord transmission will last depends greatly on how well cared for the vehicle is.

Honda recommends Accords have their transmission serviced every 50,000 to 60,000 miles.

A well-cared-for transmission of a Honda Accord can be expected to last for about 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Final Thoughts

If you want more facts and information on the Honda Accord models, check out our article with Honda Accord facts and statistics.

If you’re in the market for a new or used sedan, you’ll want to exhaust all your options before you sign the deal. The sedan market has various options full of hybrid and traditional models.

For example, the Honda Accord has existed for almost half a century and has earned its reputation as a reliable vehicle with great resale value.


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