Honda Accord With 4WD? 7 Models Checked (By Year)

If you are a fan of Honda Accords, then you aren’t alone, as a number of people love these vehicles because of their immense practicality and dependability.

Purchasing a Honda Accord that has certain features can be difficult, because all models of the Accord may not have that particular feature.

If you’d like an Accord that has 4WD, then here is an overview of ten models that have this very useful feature.

Do Honda Accords Have 4WD?

Unfortunately, there are no current Honda Accord models with 4WD. We only find 4WD on the 2010-2011 Crosstour Accord models. 4WD is a feature that is more likely to come equipped on a crossover or SUV, and a Honda Accord is neither.

There are some sedans that are an exception to this rule, but the Honda Accord has been in production since the mid-70s, and none of the Accords have come equipped.

This did change many years after the Honda Accord came into production.

It has always had front-wheel drive with traction control, which can be useful in ice and snow, but obviously not as useful as 4WD, or even AWD.

However, the Honda Accord is not a good choice for icy and snowy roads.

The First Generation of the Honda Accord – 1976 – 1980

The first generation Honda Accord was actually classified as a compact car and it had three doors (two doors and a hatchback).

This early model became popular fast, and even though all of them came with front-wheel drive, the Honda Accord began to become one of the most popular vehicles in the world.

The Second Generation of the Honda Accord – 1981 – 1984

Honda manufacturers began working on the Accord in order to make it larger, as its intention was to compete with mid-sized vehicles.

Like the first generation, none of the years the Accord was released during this generation did any of them come equipped with 4WD.

The Third Generation of the Honda Accord – 1985 – 1989

During this generation, the Honda Accord became even larger than it had been in the previous one. Again, the manufacturer worked on making the Honda Accord a larger-sized vehicle.

The Honda Accords that came from that generation came with standard front-wheel drive.

The Fourth Generation of the Honda Accord – 1990 – 1993

The fourth generation of the Honda Accord was the debut of a mid-size sedan, instead of the miniature former version of itself.

This generation’s Honda Accord still didn’t come equipped with 4WD.

Fifth to the Tenth Generation of the Honda Accord

The sixth generation of the Honda Accord had several problems. We did a whole article on this and you can dive into exactly what was the issue.

In fact, there are 10 generations total, and none of the generation’s Honda Accords come equipped with 4WD.

The First Generation of the Honda Accord CrossTour – 2010 – 2011

The day the Honda Accord Crosstour premiered was a very memorable and special day. No more did Honda Accord lovers have to contend with a vehicle that they felt was inferior.

The Crosstour took the Honda Accord to the next level, allowing it to compete side-by-side with other sedans or wagons that were equipped with the convenience of 4WD.

What started out as a compact car, then progressed to a mid-size car by 1990, had now become a mid-size SUV with AWD. This was a dream come true for many people who loved driving Honda Accords in the past.

The Honda Accord Crosstour lost the “Accord” in its name and simply became the “Honda Crosstour” after its initial release.

However, the Honda Crosstour was discontinued after the release of the 2015 model due to declining sales.

So, if you want a Honda Accord with 4WD, you will have to purchase one of the Crosstours sold between 2010 and 2015.

What Similar Mid-Size Cars Offer 4WD?

If you wouldn’t mind purchasing an alternate sedan that has 4WD or a similar capability, then there are some specific vehicles that you should check out.

Although 4WD and AWD are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing, although they work in a very similar manner.

Both AWD and 4WD enable you to drive safely on snow and ice-covered roads, but they work in their own way.

The Nissan Altima comes equipped with 4WD for your convenience. Some other mid-size cars that are equipped with 4WD or AWD are:

The Toyota Camry

The Camry comes with AWD, which performs similarly to 4WD on snowy and icy roads.

AWD is automatically triggered, which is why many vehicle owners prefer it over 4WD.

The Kia Stinger

Some trims of the Kia Stinger offer AWD for drivers who need reassurance while driving in inclement winter weather.

While FWD is sufficient, AWD and 4WD work so much more effectively.

Kia K5

Another mid-size sedan that comes with the AWD functionality that many drivers adore.

Nissan Altima

The sleek Nissan Altima comes with the convenience of all-wheel drive, enabling drivers to own a mid-size sedan without paying the price of an SUV just to have AWD.

Dodge Charger

There aren’t many people who don’t appreciate everything a Dodge Charger has to offer, and AWD makes the entire package that much more attractive.

How Do I Check to See if My Accord Has 4WD?

There is more than one way of determining if your car has 4WD or not. First of all, you can check the manual that came with your Honda Accord Crosstour.

Another way to check to see if your Accord has 4WD is to check the vehicle’s Car Fax, which will give you a detailed history of everything regarding the vehicle.

The vehicle itself is likely to have 4WD posted somewhere on the outside. Look at the rear of the vehicle, which is where the 4WD stamp is likely to be.

Additionally, whenever you purchase the vehicle, you will likely know immediately that the car is 4WD, because it’s a great selling point.

Whoever sold you the car likely boasted about the fact that the Accord came with 4WD, as this isn’t a normal Honda Accord feature.

Is 4WD Always On if My Accord Has It?

Any owner who has a vehicle equipped with 4WD may wonder if this feature is always on.

While AWD is always on, 4WD isn’t, as it must be toggled back and forth whenever needed.

Again, there were no Honda Accords that came equipped with 4WD until 2010, when the Honda Accord Crosstour was released, and this made many people who were loyal to Honda Accord love this vehicle even more.

How Effective is the 4WD on a Honda Accord?

The 4WD on a Honda Accord is relatively reliable, although it has had its fair share of problems and has malfunctioned at times.

All in all, most owners have been satisfied with the functionality of their 4WD Accords, because no Accord’s before 2010 came equipped with this very useful capability.

One problem that the Crosstour has frequently experienced that wasn’t part of the 4WD system, was extreme shakiness and vibration caused by

Which Mid-size Cars Have the Best Rated 4WD?

People who live in areas where cold and snowy winters are prevalent often like to ensure that they have a vehicle with an AWD or 4WD system, since they’re better able to maneuver along snowy and icy roads.

This is one reason why sedans equipped with 4WD are popular.

Some mid-size cars and SUVs with 4WD that have the highest ratings are:

  • the Lexus GX,
  • the Suburu Outback,
  • the Audi Q5,
  • and the BMW X1.
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