Where Are Chevrolet Suburbans Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the oldest full-size SUVs from General Motors.

The name “Suburban” was first used in 1934 for the 1935 model year, and it is still being used to this day.

For an auto brand that has existed for well over 80 years, the Chevy Suburban apparently has no intention of slowing down.

In this article, we discuss where the Suburban is made.

Where Are Chevrolet Suburbans Being Made?

The Chevy Suburban’s first-generation models (1935-1940) were built and manufactured at multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada.

These include Oakland Assembly in California; North Tarrytown Assembly, New York; Flint Assembly, Michigan; Norwood Assembly, Ohio; and St. Louis, Assembly, Missouri. First-generation Suburbans were also built and assembled at the Oshawa Assembly in Canada.

GM maintained the same assembly locations for the second-generation model Suburbans. It then moved production of the third-generation models to the Van Nuys Assembly in California.

For the seventh-generation models, Suburbans were built in Flint, Michigan, and GM built the 1989-1996 models in Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil.

The eight-generation and 10th-generation models had production plants in Janesville, Wisconsin, Arlington, Texas, and Silao, Mexico.

GM restricted the production of the latest 11th-generation and 12th-generation models to the Arlington Assembly Plant in Texas.

Are Suburbans for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

Chevy Suburbans for the United States market are produced at the Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas.

The last Suburbans produced outside the U.S were the 10th-generation models. They were jointly built at the Arlington Assembly in Texas and Silao Assembly in Mexico.

Since then, the Arlington Assembly, Texas, has been solely responsible for producing and assembling Suburbans for the U.S and international markets.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

Chevy Suburbans are currently being assembled in the U.S. at the Arlington Assembly Plant in Texas. Although, models preceding the 11th-generation also had production plants in countries outside the U.S.

How Can You Check Where A Specific Suburban Was Produced?

If you want to check where exactly your Suburban was manufactured, all you need is the VIN.

Every Chevy Suburban comes with a unique vehicle identification number (VIN).

This is a 17-character encrypted code that contains details about the country of origin, past recall, production date, and comprehensive vehicle history.

You can find the VIN on multiple spots in your Chevy Suburban, including below the driver’s side of the windscreen and on the driver’s door.

You could also check your insurance card or your Suburban’s title records.

You don’t have to go anywhere far to decrypt the code once you’ve found it.

There are several free VIN decoders on the internet, including the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website and many others.

If you find your Suburban was not produced in the U.S., it could mean it is a pre-11th-generation model.

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Are Japanese or European Built Suburbans Better?

The Chevy Suburbans have been produced in several production plants since its debut in 1935. However, suburbans have never been built in Japanese or European assembly plants.

As of now, Chevy Suburbans are built at the Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas.

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Where Is the Suburban Designed?

Chevy Suburbans are designed at Chevrolet design studios in the United States and other locations worldwide.

Where Are Suburbans Made for the Australian Market?

The Arlington Assembly plant in Arlington, Texas, supplies the Chevy Suburbans to U.S and international markets.

In 1997, Chevrolet made the decision to introduce the Chevy Suburban to the Australian market under its partner “Holden” brand.

The vehicle fell under the eight-generation model and was well-accepted in Australia.

At the time, the Silao assembly in Mexico handled the production and supply of the “Holden Suburban,” as it was called.

It sold in Australia from 1998 to 2001, and supply has been halted since then.

However, a recent report reveals General Motors’ decision to retire the Holden Brand in Australia.

GM plans to launch Chevrolet models in Australia through an all-new brand called “General Motors Specialty Vehicles” (GMSV).

The Chevrolet Corvette and Silverado pickups are the first cars expected to be launched by the GMSV.

We are left to wonder if GM will decide to bring Suburbans back to Australia in the future. While there are rumors to that effect, nothing can be confirmed yet.

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Where Are Suburbans Made for the Canada Market?

GM produces the Chevy Suburban for the Canadian market at the Arlington assembly plant in Texas. The plant supplies the North American markets and all the other markets worldwide.

Where Are Chevy Suburbans Made for the U.K. Market?

While the Arlington assembly plant supplies international markets, no Chevrolet models are being supplied to the U.K. currently.

This resulted from GM’s decision to sell the Vauxhall-Opel models to Groupe PSA in 2017.

However, an automobile company in the U.K. called Ian Allan Motors sells old Chevy models to Chevrolet fans in the U.K.

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Is Chevrolet Planning to Move Its Production?

Several Chevrolet vehicles over the years have had different production plants in and outside the country.

However, a recent trend has shown assembly plants for new Chevy models being restricted to U.S. locations.

A move out of America is very unlikely going forward, as there are popular campaigns demanding that American jobs stay in America.

Is Chevrolet Hiring or Firing In The U.S.?

There have no recent reports of mass retrenchments and firings by General Motors Company or its subsidiaries.

Research on Indeed, Glassdoor, and other job posting sites shows that Chevrolet has various openings and job vacancies. If you are looking to get hired and work for Chevrolet, you can send in your application remotely.

Is Chevrolet An American Company?

Chevrolet fits every basic definition of an “American Company.”

Founded in 1911, Chevrolet is a choice vehicle brand for many Americans across various social strata. This includes top government agencies like the Secret Service.

A recent publication by Cars.com has named nine Chevrolet model vehicles in the top 25 of its yearly American-made index list.

A similar publication by the American University also placed Chevrolet atop a list of cars with mostly American-made components.

In addition, the Chevy Suburban model got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for appearing in over 1750 movies and shows.

This shows the model’s impact on pop culture and is a testament to the Chevrolet brand’s overall popularity in America.

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