What Do Teslas Come With? (29 Things Checked)

If you’re considering investing in a Tesla, you most likely want to know what comes with it. Maybe you want to know about the features or the extras you get to help care for your Tesla vehicle.

Here are some answers to let you know what kind of deal you get.

We also looked at what extra gear you can get for a Tesla.

Do Teslas come with chargers and a charging station?

All Tesla models used to come with chargers so you’re ready to get started. For the U.S. you would get a charging cable compatible with a regular power outlet.

Today, you have to pay around $200 separately to get a charger for your Tesla. We have more here about whether you get a charger with your Tesla.

The idea was also to get Telsa owners to invest in rapid chargers because they can charge the vehicles much faster than Level 1 chargers.

Do Teslas come with floor mats?

Tesla models come with floor mats standard on their vehicles. The floor mats they offer to new Tesla owners have stain and soil resistance features.

Do Teslas come with run-flat tires?

Tesla vehicles do not come with run-flat tires; the standard tires are specially designed for performance and endurance on the sophisticated EV vehicle.

Car owners who desire run-flat tires can purchase them and replace their existing tires with them or wait until their standard tires need replacing.

Do Teslas come with adapters?

Fortunately, Tesla still provides J1772 adapters with any model 3, S, Y, or X. This lets you charge with level two charge stations.

Do Teslas come with a jack tool?

Tesla vehicles do not come with spare tires or jack tools. Their reasoning is that Tesla provides roadside assistance, and their tire replacement should be performed by a Tesla professional.

Do Teslas come with CD players?

Teslas do not come with CD players, as many manufacturers consider CDs obsolete. Drivers can use USB sticks or connect to their online libraries using the car’s internet connections.

If you want a vehicle with a CD player we have a list here of new SUVs with CD players.

Do Teslas come with keys or fobs?

Tesla vehicles come with cards and access to a mobile app. Drivers can request unique key fobs for certain models as well.

Do Teslas come with cameras?

Teslas have a total of eight cameras around the vehicle. These cameras are capable of getting a 360-degree view. We have more here on Tesla’s cameras and when they record.

What about dash cam?

Absolutely. A Tesla dash cam can record driving from four different cameras and dash cams come standard with all models.

Do Teslas come with Autopilot?

The Autopilot feature comes standard with all Tesla models crafted after 2014. Car owners can subscribe for Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features.

Do Teslas come with Adaptive Cruise Control?

All Teslas have the Adaptive Cruise Control feature as a part of their safety feature suite.

Do Teslas come with heated seats?

Yes, Tesla models have heated seats in the front and back of the vehicle.

Do Teslas come with paint protection?

These models do not come with paint protection, but vehicle owners can purchase it. They need it because their VOC-compliant paint is much more sensitive than other paints.

Do Teslas come with USB ports?

Tesla models come with several USB ports. For example, the model X has five of them.

Do Teslas come with ventilated seats?

Ventilated seats are a standard feature on newer Tesla models, and they exist on many older models.

Do Teslas come with locking wheel nuts?

The models do not come with locking wheel nuts. However, vehicle owners can purchase a set of four, each with its own key, for a reasonable price.

Read more here about what cars have wheel nuts.

What exactly do you get with a Tesla?

These are some of the unique features you buyers get when they purchase Tesla models:

Premium Connectivity: 

We’ll start with¬†Premium Connectivity¬†and expand into the other features accessible through the service.

New Tesla owners will have at least 30 days of a free trial of Premium Connectivity.

Teslas are crafted with Wi-Fi and cellular modems, and Premium Connectivity provides access to certain features and programs when using the vehicle’s cellular connections.

Tesla offers two tiers of services so that drivers can gain access to a variety of features. The standard connectivity feature is free, and it includes connections for:

  • OTA updates,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Wi-Fi video streaming,
  • Wi-Fi Caraoke,
  • Wi-Fi internet browser,
  • music streaming,
  • and navigation.

Most standard services function well as long as a Wi-Fi connection is in range. Having Premium Connectivity allows the driver to utilize the cellular connection for the items mentioned in the standard connectivity plus more.

With Premium Connectivity, drivers can also access Satellite View Maps and Live Traffic Visualization.


AutoPilot is a new technology that allows drivers to decrease their driving workload for a time.

When using Autopilot, the Tesla model uses its eight external cameras and sophisticated visual processing to virtually drive itself.

This feature is not the same as a fully self-driving vehicle.

It still requires an alert driver to hold the wheel and be prepared to take over at any moment. The technology is being developed more every day, but right now, drivers should use it in the same way they would cruise control.

AutoPilot is capable of steering within lanes that are marked properly and adjusting the driving speed to that of the surrounding traffic.

Enhanced Autopilot is an upgraded form of AutoPilot that offers more capabilities. With EAP, the car can navigate while driving, change lanes, park, and maneuver itself in and out of very tight spaces.

Full Self-Driving capability is the highest tier of Autopilot features.

This technology is still in the beta stages but can detect stop signs and stoplight identification and initiate braking. Tesla is currently working on perfecting Autosteer on city streets.

You can read more here about how Teslas read traffic signs and traffic light signals.

Enhanced Auto Pilot and Full-Self Driving features cost extra for a subscription.

7 Active Safety Features:

All Tesla models manufactured after 2014 come with a bundle of helpful safety features.

Those features include enhancements such as:

#1 Lane Departure Avoidance

Some drivers get tired after hours of operating a vehicle and unintentionally creep out of their lanes. The Lane Departure Avoidance Feature carefully steers the car back into the correct lane if it drifts.

#2 Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance kicks in when an accident looks close and moves the car into the correct lane to avoid such an accident.

#3 Obstacle Aware Acceleration

OAA detects objects in front of the car during slow driving. The system will reduce the acceleration so the driver can maneuver out of the object’s way.

#4 Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning lets the driver know when a collision risk is ahead.

#5 Side Collision Warning

Side Collision Warning notifies the driver of a risk it sees on the sides of the vehicle rather than the front.

#6 Automatic Emergency Braking

This system detects an impending accident and activates the brakes to stop the vehicle before impact.

#7 Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind Spot Monitoring watches the area where most drivers have difficulty seeing. It also warns the driver if an item or object, such as another vehicle, is in the blind spot area. The driver will then know that it’s not safe to change lanes.

All those features are included in the post-2014 models. Software upgrades may be available for older vehicles the company manufactured without them.

Caraoke (Karaoke for cars):

Caraoke is a fantastic feature for people who love traditional karaoke.

It gives drivers access to a massive library of music with lyrics. Chinese Tesla owners can also get a Tesla Mic to use with the program. It’s a unique feature that works on standard connectivity.

However, the program doesn’t work unless the car is in Park due to Tesla’s safety priority.

HEPA Filtration: 

X and Y owners will be happy to know that they virtually own anti-allergy cars.

These models come with a HEPA filtration system that keeps allergens and toxic chemicals from penetrating the cabin.

Allergy sufferers can now breathe easily during the pollen season, as long as they stay inside their vehicles.

Web Browser: 

Tesla models have access to full browsers they can use to visit various sites. No one will ever have to suffer from internet withdrawal while driving in their vehicle.

Sentry Mode:

Sentry Mode is a unique camera feature that keeps a close watch on a parked Tesla. The camera system will take pictures of strange happenings, such as fender benders and vandalism.

It will then record the occurrence and report it to Tesla so that the driver has everything he or she needs when it’s time to contact the insurance company.

Automatically-Opening Doors: 

Some Telsa models, like the X, come with doors that open automatically as the driver approaches. It’s a pretty cool feature for drivers who simply want to get in and go.

The feature can be turned off using the in-car display and deactivated at will.

Ludicrous Plus mode:

When a Tesla owner goes to the race track, some things can get pretty ludicrous.

The car’s speed is one of those things. Ludicrous Plus Mode allows the battery to reach an optimum temperature to maximize the car’s speed capacity.

It gives the Tesla owner every advantage possible to “smoke” the competition. However, you don’t find Ludicrous mode in most Teslas. Also, Tesla employees do not get a Tesla, contrary to popular rumors.

Dog Mode:

Tesla had pet care and safety in mind when it crafted some of its vehicles. Drivers with furry friends can now leave their dogs in the car without worrying about them getting sick or dying from heat exhaustion.

In Dog Mode, the Tesla vehicle keeps the temperature regulated, so the driver’s pet will be just fine.

Just in case some nosy passersby worry, the car will also show a colossal temperature reading on the display screen, so they’ll know the pet isn’t suffering.


Some Tesla models come with front trunks, referred to as frunks. These frunks allow car owners to store their luggage, groceries, and other items that they would typically place in the trunk.

It’s a novelty feature many other manufacturers copied when crafting their EVs. They had to do¬†something¬†with all that empty space.

Why not create a frunk?

Fart Mode: 

Here’s a feature not everyone knows about. Tesla owners can make their cars make fart sounds, though we’re not entirely sure why they’d want to do so.


No one will ever get lost when driving a Tesla because the sophisticated navigation system will keep them on the straight and narrow path.

All units have navigation abilities to pave the way to the driving destinations.

Those are some items you get when investing in a Tesla. There are many more benefits to being a Tesla owner. You can contact a dealership or visit the official Tesla website to find out more. 




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