Do Tesla Employees Get To Drive Teslas? (Explained)

Tesla employment comes with a medley of benefits.

If you’re thinking about applying for a job with the company, you might wonder, “Do Tesla employees get to drive Teslas?”

The answer may surprise you.

Do Tesla employees get to drive Teslas?

Telsa employees can drive Teslas by renting, test-driving, borrowing, leasing, and buying a Tesla. Many employees obtain Tesla vehicles to get to know the products they sell but Tesla employees do not get free Teslas as part of their contract.

Let’s look into the numbers.

Do all Tesla employees get a Tesla?

No, all Tesla employees do not get a Tesla, free or otherwise.

While the average annual salary for a Tesla employee is between $35,000 and $134,000, many of those workers are at the bottom end of their earnings. Tesla models are typically out of the price range for individuals on the lower end, which means many workers have new and used vehicles manufactured by other companies.

That said, Tesla occasionally offers incentives for its workers to try to help them obtain vehicles.

For example, they sometimes have contests between sales associates that include the winner receiving a car. The company also offers incentives to encourage its workers to lease vehicles.

There are other Tesla employee facts you would be interested in.

How many Tesla employees have a Tesla?

Telsa employs more than 99,000 employees at this point, but not all own Tesla vehicles. Our best guess is that around 5-8% of Tesla employees own a Tesla.

In fact, the number of employees who own Telsas is likely to be relatively small. However, no significant statistical research has been performed on the exact number of employees who own them.

Many forum contributors and ex-employees stated that they did not see an enormous number of Tesla vehicles on the lots at the plants and buildings.

Judging from the commentary, it would appear that the percentage of Tesla employees who own such cars is somewhere in the single digits.

Do Tesla employees get discounts on Teslas?

Tesla typically does not offer its workers discounts on Tesla cars.

This standard rings true for employees on all levels to promote an atmosphere of fairness, according to the company. However, Tesla does offer its workers other incentives and other ways to assist with their purchase of Tesla vehicles or products.

These are a few of those incentives:

#1 A 35% Employee Discount

Tesla employees receive a 35 percent discount on a vast assortment of Tesla products and services. The discount covers:

  • vehicle accessories,
  • apparel,
  • solar panels,
  • travel services,
  • etc.

Thus, ultimately, the Tesla employee discount can help workers to maintain the vehicles they already own.

#2 Contests

Tesla periodically has contests with sales associates that include awarding the leading person with a Tesla vehicle.

These contests may not occur often, but workers can take advantage of such opportunities to gain ownership of one of their glorious models.

#3 Bonuses

Tesla employees can earn large bonuses each year they work for the company. Sources such as Payscale say that workers can earn more than $8,000 in bonuses annually in specific sectors.

They can then put their bonus funds toward the purchase of a new or used Telsa model.

#4 “Business Vehicles”

The company may offer workers in certain positions the opportunity to drive Tesla demo vehicles.

The employees will not own these vehicles but will have access to them while working for the company, provided that they agree with the guidelines and limitations.

#5 Referral Discounts

A Tesla employee can get a discount on a new car using an indirect method called the referral bonus program.

To obtain a discount on a Tesla, the worker will need to convince a family member, friend, or acquaintance that purchasing a Tesla is a wise idea.

They can do this by sharing their referral code with those people. If any of the recipients purchase a Telsa automobile, the employee will receive a discount on his or her Tesla purchase for the referral.

#6 Paid Time Off

Tesla workers receive paid time they can put toward purchasing a Tesla vehicle. There was a time when the company encouraged its workers to trade off their accrued time off for discounts on Tesla car products.

The process mainly occurred during years when Tesla made aggressive efforts to sell and deliver vehicles.

Workers may still have the same opportunities today.

Typically, CEO Elon Musk does not believe in giving discounts on brand-new Tesla models. He refers to his line of thinking as the only way to ensure that everyone gets treated equally.

As you can see, there are a few ways to get a discount on Telsa cars as an employee, but they aren’t easy by any stretch of the word.

How many Tesla employees get a free Tesla?

No employees receive a free Tesla, with the exception of workers who win contests. Such contests are not frequent, and they may not occur at all at this time.

Some Tesla workers have access to Tesla vehicles to perform work-related tasks.

These vehicles may be used, flawed, or reserved for demo purposes or test drives. Workers can use these set-apart vehicles to perform tasks within their realm of work.

However, they must return those cars to the workplace regularly, and they cannot keep them after their employment with Tesla ends.

Do Tesla employees get free supercharging?

Tesla employees can gain access to free supercharging if they own Tesla vehicles.

They can receive it as part of a referral bonus program. Another way a Tesla employee can get free supercharging is by owning a Tesla that comes with the service.

The unlimited free supercharging for life deal was a promotion run in former years.

Customers who purchased the X and S models received free unlimited supercharging for life. The company has since then stopped offering such services.

Now you have a little more insight into Tesla employees and whether they get a free Tesla.

You can see that the company offers a vast number of benefits, though none of them are geared toward slashing new-Tesla prices for their workers. The vehicles still remain desirable high-end cars that not even all Tesla workers own.

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