Problems With Maserati (Most Common Issues)

Maserati was created by four brothers in Italy in the year 1914. However, the brand was bought by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in 1993.

Stellantis now owns both companies.

Its logo has a shape like the trident of a Neptune, with signs connoting speed, elegance, and luxury. The Maserati brand is renowned for fast and lush vehicles.

Since 2013, the Maserati brand has witnessed an exponential increase in car sales.

For a car known for its Italian style, high performance and incredible interior design, you would expect it to be flawless without worries.

Drivers who owned Maserati models have confirmed that they are not immune from mechanical and electrical faults.

Transmission issues, brake problems, clutch problems, as well as chip and crack issues, are some of the most common problems experienced by Maserati owners.

If you plan to own a Maserati or have one at home, this article will provide tips to watch out for regarding the everyday problems of Maserati.

1. Paint Cracks and Stone Chips

The Maserati Ghibli is a sports sedan known to be a lowered vehicle. One of the main problems of this vehicle is that its wheels catch rocks and chips.

Once these stone chips strike the exterior part of the vehicle, it forms cracks. This problem makes a mess of the car paint, and the wheel arches are the most affected.

Stone chips and paint cracks occur when you drive your Maserati so fast, which is normal. When it is time to check your wheel arches for scratches and wear and tear, you will likely find stone chips.

However, experts have suggested the application of a clear bra, a thin layer of paint protection film to protect your car paint.

Some drivers have tried raising the car to beat this problem, but it ends up causing more harm than good. Raising the car’s height affects the brake performance and speed.

2. Transmission Issues

Most of the Maserati models have a nagging issue: transmission failure.

You will experience difficulty in shifting the gears, and if you notice grinding and crunching sounds, this is a sign of a transmission problem.

Drivers who own Maserati with the automatic transmission system also complained about slow acceleration while in motion.

3. Brake Problems

A springy brake feel is one of the most prominent issues of the Maserati Ghiblis model. If there is a critical component of a vehicle that the users must not ignore, it is the brake.

When air gains access into the brake lines, it leads to spongy brakes. Many drivers of this model have complained that it consumes more brake fluid.

Changing the brake fluid for an expensive car will be a problem, and you need to pay attention to the signs of the brake problems. Lack of brake fluid can make your brakes soft.

4. Clutch Problems

One major issue that affects the Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli models is their clutches.

Once this issue arises, you need to replace the whole clutch assembly, and the replacement costs are not cheap.

Drivers who have reached the 13,000-mile mark have complained about clutch problems.

5. Electrical System Failure, Faulty Headlights

The Maserati Levante is a powerful automobile with a deficient electrical system.

The vehicle’s electrical system fails to generate sufficient power for the car, and once this happens, you will spend more money on repairs.

Other problems are defective headlights, loss of power steering, brake reset and sudden switching of the check engine light.

The company had to recall some of the Levante models because of their uneven headlights, which are considered safety risks to other drivers.

Drivers also complained that their vehicles attempt to engage the emergency brake at low speeds, making it jerk and stop while you are in motion.

6. Potential Engine Stall

As the latest luxury sports car of the Maserati brand, the MC 20 is not perfect. Many of this model’s drivers have issues with this car’s fuel delivery system.

There could be a case of a possible engine stall due to the defective fuel line sensor housing as a result of leakage. This issue could lead to fire whenever there is a spark.

This situation led to a significant recall from the auto manufacturer, and this problem affects the 2021 models.

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7. Melting Interior

Most drivers of the Maserati Quattroporte complained about the melting interior. This causes a deformation of the interior and leaves a tacky residue and bad smell.

Severe clutch issues also plague this model, and they usually receive a notification that there is a transmission failure and the car will not start.

Some drivers of this model also complained about weird noises and untimely deterioration of the tires.

8. High Maintenance Costs

As you know, Maserati is a sports car brand renowned for opulence and luxury.

They are expensive, and you need money to maintain them properly. Maintaining your Maserati vehicle will be stressful if you do not have a deep pocket.

The Maserati models are exclusively built for the rich and are not produced in mass, like famous brands such as Nissan and Toyota.

It would help if you also considered that their spare parts take time to reach you, as they are not easy to source.

Their spare parts and fixing them are not cheap, and it is essential to note this factor before you decide to own a Maserati.

Have you ever heard of the Maserati tax before? It is a general term used by several owners of Maserati vehicles. For instance, oil changes for other car brands such as Ford, Toyota, and Nissan may cost less than 70 dollars.

You may spend between $500-$700 to change the engine oil of your Maserati car. This does not include other repair expenses that may arise in the future.

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General Pros and Cons of Maserati Vehicles

Generally, the Maserati cars are FAST at the 0-60 test.

Here are some pros and cons of Maserati cars:


  • Beautiful design
  • Fantastic engine sound
  • Exclusivity on a par with Ferrari
  • Excellent performance
  • Fun to drive
  • Luxurious interiors
  • Reliable on the road
  • Spacious inside with pretty good trunk space


  • Excessive and rapid depreciation,
  • More expensive than Mercedes or BMW (but much less than Ferrari or a Bentley),
  • Below average gas mileage, service can be a little expensive (but that’s true for all cars of this class)
  • You could be a target for vandals and car thieves
  • Scarcity of professional mechanic for repairs

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What Do the Reviews Say?

Maserati sounds like the maker of expensive, luxurious, and stylish vehicles because it is. The famous Italian automaker has a storied history with ties to Ferrari, but it’s currently owned by Stellantis.

Its unique brand of dramatic designs and intoxicating performance still proliferates throughout its small lineup. This includes mid-sizers such as the swoopy Ghibli sedan and trendy Levante crossover as entry-level models that wear the company’s trademark trident badge.

The extravagant GranTurismo sports car and sumptuous Quattroporte sedan cater to the wealthiest clientele.



Resale Prices of Maserati Cars

Here are the resale prices of some Maserati cars:

Model Approx. Mileage Price
Maserati Ghibli 12,000 $54,817
Maserati Levante 12,000 $84,214
Maserati Quattroporte 17,000 $85,990


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