6 Popular Cars With Hidden Compartments (With Pictures)

Hidden compartments are slowly becoming a thing in new vehicles. Not that we can blame carmakers—hidden compartments are attractive, as they offer extra storage options.

Buyers love hidden compartments because they make it easy to hold things in easily accessible places.

What cars come with a hidden compartment? Read on to find out in our article.

1. Buick Enclave

Buick is one of the few manufacturers that are open about putting hidden compartments in their vehicles; most leave owners to find it.

Offering up to 3.75 cubic-feet of hidden storage compartments, the Buick Enclave is among the best in this game.

The largest of these hidden compartments is a rear underfloor cargo hold that measures 3.1 cubic-feet.

You can easily store extra cargo here, or even use it to keep a surprise gift for your kids.

For smaller items, you have the center console which comes with a removable false floor. There’s also a glove box useful for keeping items like phones, keys, tags, and many more.

Beyond hidden compartments, the Enclave SUV is a decent enough vehicle with a cargo-friendly cabin and comfortable driving.

You may, however, be discouraged by the Enclave’s premium pricing, which is comparable to better luxury models from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Warsaw, Poland-April 2018: New SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee model against the background of modern buildings in Warsaw

Combining off-road capability with superior comfort, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers all you want in an SUV.

The Grand Cherokee’s design means its home, both on the trail and the highway.

While Jeep hasn’t come out to announce hidden compartments on the Grand Cherokee, certain eagle-eyed owners have found some.

For example, one user found a hidden spot beneath the bin which is around the accessories power socket.

To locate this compartment, pull the bin up firmly, as it has tabs to lock it down.

Once you remove the bin, you’ll have access to the floor where you can store small items, like an iPad.

Note that the bin won’t seat properly again, as the bin’s bottom lies on the sub-floor.

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3. Volkswagen Passat

While the Passat isn’t exactly “boring,” it is far less attractive than many rivals.

Nonetheless, buyers will benefit from the Passat’s utilitarian focus, which sees it get a roomy cabin and some decent cargo-holding capacity.

The Passat has a few hidden compartments that make it an exciting proposal for those who need such features.

According to users, there’s a secret compartment located on the left side of the dashboard.

The front seats and back seats also have a center console that’s useful for holding objects. Another “hidden” spot in the Passat is the compartment in the rear center folding armrest.

If your Passat has the optional sunroof, you can use the sunglass holder on the ceiling behind the sunroof switch to keep things.

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4. Infiniti G35

Sporting large doses of cabin room and storage space, the Infiniti G35 is quite the practical sedan. It also has decent fuel economy, which is common with passenger cars.

Before it stopped production in 2008, the Infiniti G35 made the news for its secret compartment.

Apparently, the rear foldable armrest had a small chamber where passengers could hide small objects.

The New York Police Department actually issued a warning asking officers to watch out for criminals who might hide illegal objects in the compartment.

But Infiniti issued a statement, saying the compartment was meant for holding first-aid supplies.

If you consider a hidden compartment a must-have, we recommend the G35 sedan. Since it’s an old model, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune buying one.

Should you prefer a newer model, the Infiniti G37 may be right up your alley. The G37 replaced the G35, and according to some owners, it has a hidden compartment like its predecessor.

You can confirm this by checking the backseat area, especially the rear armrest, for hidden sections.

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5. Toyota Avalon

Full-size family sedans don’t come better than the Toyota Avalon. This model has a slew of safety features, frugal fuel consumption, a well-appointed cabin, and expansive cargo space.

Even better, the Avalon has hidden compartments, if customer reports are anything to go by.

One of them is a secret section which you can open by pressing the button under the trunk button. Owners say this compartment, while small, is suitable for holding small items.

Hidden compartments aside, the Avalon is an excellent sedan that promises comfort, fun driving dynamics, and high-tech infotainment.

Should you want something bigger than a secret compartment, the capacious trunk offers enough space to hold your stuff.

6. Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI remains the sportiest model in the Golf lineup.

That said, it offers plenty of value for owners, offering impressive acceleration, refined road manners, and decent practicality.

And, according to buyers, the GTI offers several out-of-sight sections for keeping your stuff.

Have some spare change or a document you want to keep concealed, the GTI has you covered.

Secret spots for holding things in the GTI model include the space beneath the cup holder, behind the dash vents, underneath the center console, underneath the backseat, and many more.

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Some users also report lifting the shift boot to hold extra cargo.

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