Ford Fusion & Light: 14 Questions Answered (Aka. Ford Mondeo)

The Ford Fusion is famous for its spacious seats and excellent handling.

If you want to buy a car without breaking the bank, you should consider buying a Fusion.

That said, you need to know how the lights on the Ford Fusion work to enjoy using the vehicle.

This article explores everything you should know about operating and maintaining the lighting system of your Ford Fusion.

Note, it’s called a Ford Mondeo in Europe.

ford fusion front

Which Light Bulb Sizes and Types Do Ford Fusions Use?

Every Ford Fusion model supports halogen lightbulbs for all their lights. However, the light bulb size for Ford Fusions varies across different years.

So, it might be a little difficult to replace your light bulb with the correct alternative when it goes out of use.

Here is a breakdown of appropriate light bulbs and sizes for Ford Fusion model years to help you:

Low Beam Headlights

The right bulb size for low beam headlights on all Ford Fusion model years (2006-2020) is H11.

High Beam Headlights

Ford Fusion used H7 lightbulbs for its high beam headlights from 2006 to 2018.

In 2019, Ford changed the size of high beam headlight bulbs to H9. The Ford Fusion 2020 model also uses H9 lightbulbs on its high beam headlights.


From 2006 to 2010, the Ford Fusion came with 1157R lightbulbs on the vehicle’s taillights.

By 2011, the company used different light bulb sizes for its inner and outer tail lights.

While internal tail lights used 917 lightbulbs, external tail lights worked with 2357R bulbs. This went on till 2016.

For the 2017 and 2018 model years, the Fusion switched back to using a single bulb size, the 7528 halogen lightbulb, for its taillights.

In 2019 and 2020, Ford Fusion returned to fixing different bulb sizes on external and internal taillights.

The brand used 2825 bulb sizes on its inner tail lights and 2357R on its outer tail lights.

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How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford Fusion

The Daytime Running Lights on Ford Fusions helps other road users notice your vehicle on the road.

However, some people believe this feature consumes a lot of fuel and reduces light bulbs’ longevity.

If you agree with this belief, you may prefer to switch off your DRLs.

Follow these steps to turn out the Daytime Running Lights on your Ford Fusion:

  1. Get a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Open the driver’s door and use the screwdriver’s flat tip to remove the access panel on the dashboard in front of the seat.
  3. Once you take off the access panel, you will find a small box linked to a power connector on the car’s firewall. Detach the power connector from the small box.
  4. You have turned off your daytime running lights.

Ford Fusion Light Indicator Symbols Explained

Ford Fusion dashboard

Light indicator symbols alert drivers about emergencies and faults in their vehicles.

Knowing what these symbols mean will help you determine whether you can fix the defect yourself or you need a repairer’s intervention.

It may also indicate that you have activated a feature in your car.

Here are some light indicator symbols on the Ford Fusion:

  • Stability Control: The stability control light indicates that your car has lost traction. Once your vehicle regains its grip, this light will go off.
  • Cruise Control: This light blinks whenever you activate your cruise control system.
  • Direction Indicator: The direction indicator light tells you that you have activated your turn signal.
  • High Beam: The high beam light appears when you switch your high beams on and goes off immediately you switch them off.
  • Battery Light: When the battery light flashes, it means that your battery is faulty. Once you see this light, switch off unnecessary electrical gadgets in your vehicle to save energy.

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How Do You Adjust the Light on a Ford Fusion?

Are your headlights too high or too low?

The guide below will show you how to adjust the headlights on your Ford Fusion.

  1. Park your Ford Fusion on smooth ground, with the front of the car facing a white or light-colored wall.
  2. Check the pressure of your tires and inflate any deflated tires.
  3. Open the hood of your Fusion.
  4. Search for the optic screw and keep turning it left or right until your headlight is well lit.
  5. You can close the hood once you are satisfied with the brightness and height of your headlights.

Do Ford Fusions Have Automatic Headlamps?

Ford Fusion started shipping with automatic headlamps in 2010.

However, some 201o models, like the 2010 SE trim level, lack automatic headlamps.

That said, all Fusion model years from 2011 to 2020 have automatic headlamps.

How Do I Turn Off the Lights on a Ford Fusion?

Here is how to turn off the lights on a Ford Fusion:

  1. Find your Fusion’s headlight dial under the air vent on the left side of your steering wheel.
  2. Turn the dial to the position labeled ‘1’ to switch off your headlights.

How Do I Turn Off the Ford Fusion Trunk Light?

You can turn off your Ford Fusion trunk light by closing the latch in your trunk.

If the light doesn’t turn off, you probably didn’t latch the trunk correctly or there is something wrong with the trunk light switch.

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How Does the Auto Light Sensitivity Work?

Your Ford Fusion’s auto light sensitivity is the reason why your automatic headlamps turn on when you are driving in the dark.

The auto light sensitivity can detect when you are driving in dark areas and trigger your automatic headlamps.

Unlike other car brands, you cannot adjust your Ford Fusion’s auto light sensitivity.

What Can Cause the Drive Light to Blink?

When your Ford Fusion drive light blinks, it means that the drive light has experienced a change in voltage.

Can I Use Headlight Covers on a Fusion?

You can use headlight covers on your Fusion.

Some headlight cover manufacturers like Lamin-x make designated headlight covers for Ford Fusions.

Before buying headlight covers for your Fusion, check that it is legal to use one in your state.

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The Dome/Interior Light Isn’t Working

There are several reasons why your Fusion’s dome light may stop working, including:

  1. Your dimmer switch is too low. Your interior light may stop working if you have rotated your dimmer switch dial to its lowest level. Your dimmer switch is located on the right side of your headlight switch. To activate your dimmer switch, rotate the dial upwards.
  2. Your dome light is faulty. If that is the case, you need to replace the bulb.
  3. The fuse that controls your dome light has a defect. Your Ford Fusion’s dome light may go out of use if the fuse is faulty. To fix this problem, locate the fuse box under the steering wheel. Consult your owner’s manual to determine which fuse is for your dome light and replace it.

Ford Fusion Light Sensors Explained

ford fusion power mirrors

The purpose of Ford light sensors is to turn on your automatic headlamp while driving in the dark.

The light sensors may not activate your automatic headlamps until it detects that it is too dark for you to see the road.

Unfortunately, Ford does not allow drivers to control light sensors manually on the Fusion.

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Do Ford Fusions Have LED Lights?

Ford Fusion began installing LED lights in its vehicles in 2013.

So only Fusions produced between 2013 and 2020 have LED lights.

The Lights Come On, But the Car won’t Start

If your lights are on when your Fusion has stopped working, it might be a sign that your battery is about to die.

In this case, the lights are operating on the low charge left in the battery.

Another reason why your car may not start even though your lights are working is a blown fuse.

Even though a blown a fuse often disconnects your Fusion’s accessories, it may not affect the vehicle’s lights.

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