Ford Fusion & Keys: 12 Questions Answered (aka Ford Mondeo)

The Ford Fusion is an impressive midsize vehicle.

Just like its name implies, several versions of the sedan operate in a combination of gasoline and electric hybrid. Besides, it fuses a luxury appearance with functional doors and seats.

Note: The Ford Fusion is called Ford Mondeo in several European countries.

This article highlights common Ford Fusion key problems and their solutions.

Ford Fusion Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

Ford Fusion key fobs have five buttons: Lock, Unlock, Remote Start, Trunk Release, and Panic.

Pressing the Lock button locks all the doors of your Ford Fusion.

Drivers use the Unlock button to unlock a locked Ford Fusion vehicle.

The Remote start button lets users start their engine without using the ignition key.

Press the Trunk Release button to open your trunk automatically.

The Panic Button sets off the emergency alert system to prevent theft and help drivers recognize their vehicle amidst similar cars.

If you notice someone suspicious near your car, chasing them away might be difficult if you are far away from your car.

As long as you are in the same location, you can press the panic button from wherever you are to scare thieves off.

When you park your car in a garage full of similar Ford Fusion cars, you may experience some trouble while locating your vehicle. However, with the panic button, you can easily set off the alarm system to identify your Ford Fusion.

How Much Does an Extra Ford Fusion Key Cost?

Ford Fusion replacement keys cost between $150 and $340. That said, some factors may affect the cost of your Ford Fusion key:

  1. When you buy your key: Locksmiths and dealers require drivers to pay an extra fee when they purchase a car key after working hours. So, it is more expensive to buy a Ford Fusion replacement key on a late evening than at noon.
  2. Where you buy your key: You can choose to buy your extra Ford Fusion key at a dealership, from a locksmith, or at an online retail store. The cost of a replacement key is higher at dealerships than at online stores.
  3. Availability of key code: If you don’t know your key code, you may ask your Ford dealer to find the code. Your Ford dealer will provide you with the code and charge you for the service before he cuts you a new key with the key code. On the other hand, if you already know your key code, you may only have to pay for the replacement key.

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My Ford Fusion Key is Not Detected

When your Ford Fusion displays the ‘No Key Detected’ message, it might indicate that your key battery is faulty. Check that the key is not faulty. It might be that you are using the wrong key.

If the key uses a transponder, something might be interfering with its signal. It might also be a weak key battery, which requires a replacement. 

After changing your key battery, lock and unlock your Ford Fusion to reset the security system. Then, insert your key into the ignition.

If your vehicle still shows the ‘No Key Detected’ message after this, there might be an issue with your ignition.

Ask a Ford dealer to inspect your car to determine the problem. If you have mechanical skills, you can also get a diagnostic tool to diagnose the problem yourself.

Which Batteries Do Ford Fusion Keys Use?

Ford Fusion keys use the 3-V CR-2045 and CR-2032 battery. The battery is common to most car keys and is available at most supermarkets and online stores such as Amazon.

Check out the cheapest price for Ford Fusion key batteries here on Amazon.

Can You Change Your Ford Fusion Key Battery Yourself?

Changing your Ford Fusion key battery does not require any particular skill. You can replace your key battery yourself.

Follow the steps below to exchange your dead Ford Fusion key battery with a new one:

  • Locate the switch that releases your Fusion’s ignition key at the back of your key fob.
  • Slide the switch to the right to remove the metal key.
  • Pull out the metal key.
  • Next, insert your key in the notch on the left side of your key fob to separate the pieces of the key fob.
  • Place the key in between your key fob to remove the back of your key fob. You have exposed your battery.
  • Remove the old battery and insert the new key battery. While inserting your new key battery, ensure that you place the battery in the key fob with the positive side down.
  • Replace the pieces to their original order.
  • After arranging your key fob, you may have to reprogram your key fob.

What to Do When Your Ford Fusion Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

ford fusion center console

Your Ford Fusion key may get stuck in the ignition if your steering wheel is locked. Moving your steering wheel after your vehicle’s engine is off may lock the steering wheel.

You may be unable to pull out your key easily from the ignition if your steering wheel is locked.

To fix this problem, put your vehicle in Park. Give your steering wheel a jiggle and try turning your ignition key at the same time. Repeat this action until your key moves freely in the ignition.

This will also unlock your steering wheel. Turn off the engine and remove your key immediately.

4 Popular Ford Fusion Key Fob Covers

Here are popular key fob covers for Ford Fusion key fobs:

  1. KEYRT Keyless Entry Remote Smart Key Fob Case
  2. Alegender Silver TPU Soft Key Fob Cover
  3. AlHOK Key Fob Cover
  4. 121Fruit Way Pink Soft TPU Key Fob Cover

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How to Find the Key Code for Lost Ford Fusion Keys

There are several ways to find your key code when you lose your Ford Fusion keys:

  1. Your Owner’s Manual: You can find your key code in your owner’s manual. Your Ford Fusion key code is the factory default code in the owner’s manual.
  2. Your Remote Anti-Theft (RAP) Module: Your RAP module is located on a label at the left end of your Ford Fusion vehicle. The RAP Module contains a list of items, one of which is your key code. Your key code is listed as the factory default code on the RAP module.
  3. Your Ford Dealer: If you have lost your owner’s manual, you can request your key code from a certified Ford dealer. The dealer will give you the code once you present proof of ownership. You can use the sale agreement you received when you bought your Ford Fusion as proof of ownership.

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What to Do If My Ford Fusion Key Won’t Turn

Are you finding it difficult to turn your Ford Fusion key in the ignition? Here are a few reasons why your Ford Fusion may not turn in the ignition:

Your Steering Wheel Is Locked

When your steering wheel is locked, your key will become stuck in the ignition. As a result, you may not be able to turn your Ford Fusion key in the ignition.

To release your stuck key, wiggle your steering wheel and turn your Ford Fusion key simultaneously. You will unlock your steering wheel if you repeat this action for a few minutes.

Once your steering is unlocked, your key will turn freely in the ignition.

Your Ignition Key Is Faulty

If you can’t move your key easily in the ignition, your Ford Fusion key may need a replacement.

The key might be bent, broken, worn, or even rusted. Check that your key is in good condition.

Dead Battery

A dead or very weak car battery can prevent your key from turning in the ignition. If that is the case, you will need to recharge or replace the battery.

Wrong Gear

In cars with automatic transmission, your key won’t turn if the gear is not in Park or Neutral.

So, check that you removed the transmission from Drive to Park or Neutral before shutting off the engine.

My Ford Fusion Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

As you take your vehicle on trips, dirt and dust fill up the ignition. When this happens, you may not be able to insert your key easily into the ignition.

Gently push your key in and out of the ignition continuously to clear up the dirt. You’ll be able to fit the whole key in when you have removed all the dirt in the ignition.

A bent or crooked key won’t go into the ignition as well. Also, a faulty ignition cylinder may cause the problem.

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What to Do if Keys are Locked in My Ford Fusion

Locking your keys outside of your Ford Fusion can be frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

If you use a modern transponder key, the car won’t lock if it senses the signal of the remote inside it. So this does not apply to recent model years.

If you can’t lay your hands on a spare key, call a locksmith.

If you can find a car door wedge and a wire hanger, use this guide to unlock your vehicle without your Ford Fusion keys:

  • Open your window seal with a car door wedge.
  • Insert the hook of the hanger through your window.
  • Press the unlock button on your door handle with the hook to open the door.
  • Your vehicle’s alarm may go off.
  • Start your car with the ignition key to deactivate the alarm.

Ford Fusion MyKey Explained

The Ford Fusion MyKey is a safety feature that lets users restrict the driving settings of the Ford Fusion.

Most drivers use this feature to control their teenager’s driving habits or ensure the safety of beginner drivers.

The MyKey feature offers settings like:

  1. Radio volume limit
  2. Maximum speed limit
  3. Seatbelt Alert

You can find instructions on how to create a MyKey in your Fusion’s owner’s manual.

How to Extend the Battery Life of My Ford Fusion Key Battery

To prolong your key battery life, get a key fob cover.

Key fob covers reduce the exposure of key fobs and their batteries to heat and dirt.

This can slow down rusting in Ford Fusion key batteries, thus increasing their lifespan.

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