Ford Bronco & Keys: 12 Questions Answered

The Ford Bronco is a vehicle you should consider if you love family trips.

Great off-roading capabilities, comfortable seats and a large luggage space makes this car perfect for group expeditions.

Besides, its vintage design is elegant. In this article, we discuss common Ford Bronco key problems and their solutions.

Ford Bronco Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Keys

Ford Broncos have 3 buttons: Lock, Unlock and Panic.

  • The Lock button locks your Ford Bronco’s door.
  • Pressing the Unlock button will open your car’s door.
  • Drivers use the Panic button to activate emergency alarms to scare robbers away or find their Ford Bronco amidst other similar cars.

When you are far away from your car and notice someone trying to steal it, setting off your alarm system can drive them away. The loud noise from the car will draw the attention of passersby, which might force the thief to escape the scene.

The Panic button is also useful when you can’t locate your car in a crowded park. Turning on your emergency alert will help you identify your Ford Bronco.

How Much Does an Extra Ford Bronco Key Cost?

Ford Bronco keys cost between $45 and $330. That said, some factors may affect the price of a Ford Bronco key. These factors are:

  1. Where you bought the key: You can buy your extra Bronco key online, at a dealership, or from a locksmith. Buying your key from a locksmith or dealership is more expensive than getting your key at online retail stores like Amazon.
  2. The time you got the key: Buying a Ford Bronco replacement key at a dealership or from a locksmith after working hours may attract an extra fee. So, you are likely to spend more money purchasing an extra key in the evening than at noon.
  3. Model year: Ford increases their security features as they release new model years. That said, a replacement key for an earlier model year will probably be cheaper than an extra key for a later model year.
  4. Availability of key code: If you don’t know your key code before you cut a new key, you might have to pay more than the price of your key. Once you have some proof of ownership, the dealer will find your key code, but he’ll also charge you for the service.
  5. Type of key: Ford Broncos have three types of keys: Remote key fobs, transponder keys, and non-transponder keys. Remote key fobs often cost more money than non-transponder keys. Usually, transponder keys are the most expensive of the lot.

My Bronco Key is Not Detected

Except you have the new Ford Bronco, you won’t have this problem.

This is because older Broncos lacked a digital display to report inability to detect a key.  

What Batteries Do Ford Bronco Keys Use?

Most Ford Bronco keys use 3-volt CR-2045 and CR-2032. You can order these batteries online.

Check here for quality Ford Bronco keys on Amazon.

Can You Change Your Ford Bronco Key Battery Yourself?

It doesn’t take an expert to change a Ford Bronco key battery. You can do the replacement yourself.

Here’s a guide to help you out:

  • Turn to the back of your key fob to find the switch that releases your Ford Bronco ignition key.
  • Slide the switch to the right.
  • Pull out your ignition key.
  • Place the narrow end of your ignition key in the notch on the left side of your key fob to pull the pieces apart.
  • Insert the metal key between your key fob to separate the back of the key fob from its front.
  • Remove the back of the key fob. This will reveal your battery.
  • Replace the faulty battery with the new battery. Ensure that you place your battery in the key fob with the positive side facing down.
  • Now rearrange the pieces of the key fob.

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What to Do When Your Ford Bronco Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

Moving the steering wheel after turning off the engine will lock your steering wheel and keep your key stuck in the ignition.

To remove the stuck key, give your steering wheel a wiggle and try turning your key simultaneously.

Your steering wheel will unlock if you repeat this action. You should be able to remove your key when the steering wheel gets unlocked.

5 Popular Ford Bronco Key Fob Covers

  1. Zoratin Carbon Silicone Key Fob Cover
  2. USARemote Keyless Entry Key Fob Cover
  3. HeartMeet Smart Key Fob Cover
  4. RpKey Slicone Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Cover
  5. Peak Car Black Car Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Cover

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How to Find Key Code for Lost Bronco Keys

Ford installs your key code in your key. However, there are other ways to find your key code when you lose your keys. These ways are:

  1. Your owner’s manual: Ford stores your key code in your owner’s manual as the factory default code.
  2. On your Remote Anti-Theft (RAP) Module: Your Remote Anti-theft module is located on a label at the left side of your vehicle. Check the label for your factory default code. Your factory default code refers to your key code.
  3. Go to a dealership: A certified Ford dealer can provide you with your Ford Bronco key code if you have proof of ownership. The sale agreement you received when you bought your Ford Bronco qualifies as proof of ownership.

What to Do If My Ford Bronco Key Won’t Turn

There are several reasons why you may be unable to turn your Ford Bronco key:

  1. Your ignition key is faulty: If you can’t turn your key in the ignition, there might be a problem with your ignition key.
  2. Your vehicle’s steering wheel is locked: You won’t be able to turn your key in the ignition if your steering wheel is locked. Your steering wheel locks when you turn it after you have switched off your engine. Immediately your steering wheel gets locked, your key will be stuck in the ignition.
  3. Dead battery: You won’t be able to turn your key if the car’s battery is dead.
  4. Wrong transmission: Your key won’t turn if the car has an automatic transmission, and it is not in Park or Neutral.

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My Ford Bronco Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

Your Ford Bronco key won’t go easily into the ignition if dirt blocks the ignition.

Clear up the pile of dirt by inserting and pulling out your key continuously until the whole key fits into the ignition.

The key won’t enter the ignition if the key is bent or the ignition cylinder is bad.

Also, make sure you are trying to insert the right key.

What to Do If My Keys Are Locked in My Ford Bronco

Take the following steps to unlock your Ford Bronco without your keys:

  • Open the window seal of your Ford Bronco with a coat hanger.
  • Insert the hanger through the window to pop the door lock from within the vehicle.
  • Your alarm may go off to signify a break-in. Pick up your key and insert it into the ignition to turn off the alarm.

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How to Extend the Battery Life of My Ford Bronco Key Battery

Get a key fob cover to prolong the life of your key battery.

Key fob covers protect key fobs and their batteries from dirt and slow down rust, thus increasing your key battery’s life span.

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