Where Are Ford Broncos Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Ford Bronco has been praised for its excellent off-road credentials and easy handling in adverse conditions.

Previously, the vehicle appeared as 2-door SUVs. The new Bronco model will come in 2-door and 4-door designs.

Let’s find out where these vehicles are made.

Where are Ford Broncos Being Made?

The Ford is not being made in any factory at the moment. However, Ford plans to commence production of the Bronco in 2021 at its Michigan Assembly Plant in the USA.  The Michigan plant is not the only factory where Ford Broncos have been manufactured.

Several other factories, like the Broad Meadows Plant in Campbellfield, Australia; and the Valencia plant in Carabobo, Venezuela also produced the Bronco for a while.

Nevertheless, Ford stopped building the Bronco at these plants in 1996. Since then, the company has not released any new Ford Bronco model.

Are Ford Broncos for the US Market Produced in the US?

Ford Broncos have always been built at Ford’s Michigan plant in the US. So, the US market sources Ford Broncos locally.

Since Ford announced it will revive the Bronco in 2021 at the Michigan plant, we expect that the US market won’t need to import Ford Broncos in the near future.

Are They Assembled in the US?

In 2021, Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant USA will be in charge of the production and assemblage of the Ford Bronco.

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How Can You Check Where a Ford Bronco Was Produced?

The Vehicle Identification Number on your Bronco’s dashboard can tell you where your car was made.

The primary info about your car, such as its model year, country of manufacturer and the brand name are all encoded in the VIN.

That said, the first character on a vehicle’s VIN represents the manufacturing plant where it was built.

Depending on whether the car was made on any of the American continents, the first character may be a letter or number. While letters refer to countries outside the American continents, numbers point to countries within America.

Since Ford Broncos have only been manufactured in American countries and Australia, the first character on your Bronco’s VIN will certainly be a number.

Here is what these characters mean when they come first on a Bronco VIN:

  • 1, 4, or 5 means that the Bronco was produced in the USA
  • 6 refers to Australia
  • 9 indicates it was manufactured in Brazil.

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Are Japanese or European Built Ford Broncos Better?

Unfortunately, Ford Broncos have never been built in Europe or Japan. So, this question does not apply to the Bronco.

Where Is the Ford Bronco Designed?

Previous generations of the Ford Broncos were designed at the Ford Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan, the United States of America. This was not the case for the 2021 Bronco model.

The designers of the new model, Paul Wraith and Robert Gelardi, created their masterpiece at the Ford Motor Company in the Great Detroit area, Michigan.

Where Are Ford Broncos Made for the Australian Market?

Ford Broncos were once manufactured at the Broad Meadows plant in Campbellfield, Australia. Nevertheless, Ford stopped building the Bronco at the factory in 1986.

Unfortunately, the company does not intend to produce Ford Bronco for the Australian market in 2021.

Where Are Ford Broncos Made for the Canadian Market?

Canada sourced Ford Broncos from the Michigan plant in Wayne, USA.

Where Are Ford Broncos Made for the UK Market?

Ford will not make Broncos for the UK market when it revives the model in 2021 because of the low demand for the model in the country.

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Is Ford Planning to Move Its Production?

So far, Ford has discussed no plans to shift production of the Bronco to new countries. In fact, the company intends to build the 2021 Bronco model for three countries: Canada, USA and Mexico.

According to a German Ford spokesman, the Bronco will not be imported into other countries because few people fancy the vehicle outside North America.

Is Ford Hiring or Firing in the US?

Ford North America has dismissed some employees and also hired many others. Most of the new workers the company hired are temporary.

The workers in question will only stand in for absentee Ford employees.

Ford has announced that it will fire about 1,400 employees because they no longer fit into the company’s vision.

Ford’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Hackett said the mass retrenchment will help the company cut costs and re-strategize its products and services.

He also assured the public that only high-income employees, who are almost due for retirement, will lose their jobs.

Is Ford an American Company?

Ford was founded in Detroit, USA. Nevertheless, the company now has factories in countries outside America.

Some of them are sole manufacturers of Ford models.

The Cologne plant in Germany is a good example of such factories. Even though it is located in Europe, the Cologne plant is the only factory where the Ford Fusion is manufactured.

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