Where Are Ford EcoSport Made? (Solved & Explained)

Despite its smallish design, the EcoSport provides a comfortable cabin and spacious interior.

It’s ideal for solo drivers and small families. Read on to find out where this car is made.

Where Are Ford EcoSports Being Made?

The Ford EcoSport is being made in Romania, China, Brazil, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia. Save for Brazil, Ford did not expand production to these countries until it was making second-generation EcoSports. When Ford released the EcoSport in 2003, the Camaçari factory in Brazil was the only factory where the EcoSport was being produced.

Are Ford EcoSports for the US Market Produced in the US?

Ford EcoSports have never been built in the USA. Rather, EcoSports sold to the US are produced at the Ford Chennai plant in India.

Are they Assembled in the US?

Ford EcoSports are not assembled in the US. The Ford plant in Chennai, India assembles EcoSports for the US market.

How Can You Check Where a Specific EcoSport Was Produced?

One way to determine where your EcoSport was produced is by checking your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The VIN is located on your metal dashboard, and it contains basic information about your vehicle.

One of the pieces of information encoded in one of the 17 characters on your VIN is the country where your vehicle was made.

The character that represents your car’s country of manufacturer comes first on the Vehicle Identification Number.

This character may be a letter or number, depending on whether the vehicle was produced within the American continent.

In some cases, the location of the factory where your car was made may also be represented by a combination of letters or numbers.

When the characters below appear in the first position on your VIN, this is what they mean:

  • 9 means that your EcoSport was built in Brazil
  • L indicates that it was made in China
  • R means it was built in Vietnam
  • X indicates that the EcoSport was built in Russia
  • Combinations between MA-ME indicate that it was made in India; and
  • Combinations between ML-MR indicate that it was produced in Thailand

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Are Japanese Or European Built EcoSports Better?

While the EcoSport is built in 2 European countries, no Japanese factory makes EcoSports. For this reason, there are no available Japanese EcoSports to compare against the EcoSports built in Romania or Russia.

Nevertheless, you should know that the European-built 2018 EcoSport are of the highest quality.

Where Is the Ford EcoSport Designed?

The Ford EcoSport was designed at the Ford Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan, by Ehab Kaoud.

Where Are EcoSports Made for the Australian Market?

The Australian market sources EcoSports from Ford’s Chennai plant in India. The EcoSports made in India have a rear mounted spare tire, an option missing on other EcoSport versions.

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Where Are EcoSports Made for the Canadian Market?

Like the Australian market, EcoSports sold in Canada are produced at the Ford Chennai factory in India.

Where Are Ford EcoSports made for the UK Market?

Now, the UK market sells Ford EcoSports that are built at the Ford factory in Romania.

Years ago, they were also built in India, just like EcoSports for Australians.

But soon enough, Ford noticed that the rear spare tire in the vehicle was not the preference of Europeans. So, it started producing the EcoSport for the European market in Romania.

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Is Ford Planning to Move Its Production?

At this moment, we do not know of any plans to shift production of the EcoSport to other countries.

That said, you should know that Ford moved production of European EcoSports from Ford’s Chennai plant in India to Russia and Romania in 2018.

The company did this to ensure that European EcoSports meet the taste of Europeans.

In addition, Ford also expanded production from Brazil to China, Thailand and India in 2012.

Is Ford Hiring or Firing in the US?

Ford North America is doing a lot more firing than it is hiring this year. The company has only announced a handful of job vacancies in the last months.

Indeed.com, a popular job website, only released about 100 job vacancies in the whole of the USA. Falling demand has taken its toll on the company’s revenue, so it is understandable that Ford is taking fewer new hires.

Notwithstanding, Ford emphasizes quality in its products. To this effect, the company has employed temporary workers to replace their absentee permanent staff.

Ford suffered a 27% plunge in car sales in July 2018.

So, the company embarked on a restructuring project that took some cars out of production and revised others. To fund this project, Ford needs to cut costs. This is why it has to fire some of its employees.

About 1,400 employees will lose their jobs before December 2020 to raise funding for restructuring. Ford’s CEO, Jim Hackett, said the bulk of staff that would be relieved are older workers who are almost due for retirement.

Is Ford an American Company?

Ford was founded in Detroit, Michigan, USA. So, it is an American company.

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