How Many Miles & Years Do Ford EcoSports Last? (Actual Numbers)

The Ford EcoSport may be a subcompact crossover SUV, but it provides ample space for passengers and luggage.

Because of its size, it is perfect for cruising in densely populated urban areas.

How long does the Ford EcoSport last?

Ford claims the Ford EcoSport can reach 100,000 miles before developing serious problems that will need expensive repairs. However, consumer reviews say that the vehicle attains its peak around 45,000 miles. Overall this means you can expect your Ford EcoSport to last upwards of seven years.

How Many Miles Can You Expect from a Ford EcoSport?

The Ford EcoSport can reach 100,000 miles before developing serious problems that will need expensive repairs.

That said, the model debuted in the U.S. in 2018, which makes it difficult to gauge its long-term performance.

Even in Europe, where the model has been in the market for over a decade, you will be hard-pressed to see a Ford EcoSport with 100,000 miles on the odometer.

How Soon Should You Expect Rust on Your EcoSport?

Expect rust on your EcoSport as soon as it hits 6000-7000 miles.

In fact, users have reported rust as early as four months after purchasing the EcoSport.

It seems that much of the rust problem is from industrial fallout. Common complaints about rust on the car occur around the wiper arms and all over the bodywork.

How Long Does Ford EcoSports Last Compare to Similar Cars?

From industry data and the report of drivers, the Ford EcoSport lasts relatively long compared to other subcompact SUVs.

Let’s check the following comparisons:

Ford EcoSport vs. Nissan Kicks

Although the Ford EcoSport and Nissan Kicks have the same mile warranty, they are not equally durable.

The Ford Escape should last 100,000 miles without major issues, according to the maker.

However, Consumer Reviews says that the vehicle attains its peak around 45,000 miles.

Nissan Kicks can last up to 94,000 miles, but with optimum maintenance, it can go even longer.

Ford EcoSport vs. Honda HR-V

Nonthaburi,Thailand – March 26th, 2015: Honda HR-V on display,showed in Thailand the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show on 26 March 2015

The Honda HR-V is another subcompact car that trumps the Ford EcoSport in durability.

Whereas the Honda HR-V can last an average of 68,000 miles, Ford EcoSport can only boast of 45,000 miles at best.

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Ford EcoSport vs. Subaru Crosstrek

With minimum durability of 140,000 miles, the Subaru Crosstrek lasts longer than the EcoSport.

Not only is the Ford EcoSport not as durable as the cars it was compared with, but it is also more expensive. If you intend to buy the EcoSport, you are better off buying a cheaper, pre-owned unit since there isn’t any marked difference between the old and new.

How Reliable is Ford EcoSport?

The Ford EcoSport will not be winning any prizes for reliability since it is quite average.

The 2020 J.D. Power Reliability rating gives the car a 3.5, a score that is barely above average.

On the plus side, the car is built to perform in all driving conditions. However, they often develop problems in essential parts like the engine and transmission.

These problems drive their reliability rate lower.

The low maintenance cost of EcoSports improves its reliability.

Annual maintenance on EcoSports costs around $191, hundreds of dollars below $462, the average repair cost for subcompact SUVs.

Best and Worst Models of Ford EcoSport

The 2018 EcoSport is the worst model year.

Even though it was not the year with the highest complaints, users encountered severe problems that can’t be ignored, which have included expensive repairs, inability to lock doors, and dismal fuel economy.

The 2020 Ford EcoSport is the best model year. It boasts excellent handling, and class-leading infotainment system, and a spacious luggage compartment.

However, it still drew a few complaints about uncomfortable seats, low speed, and an unreasonable fuel economy.

What About Recalls for these Models?

The Ford Escape has been recalled twice in the U.S. However, the company has been forced to recall the vehicle several times in other markets.

Ford recalled some 2018 models sold in the U.S. on account of brake and language issues. The brake fluid bears a wrong label, an error that may cause drivers to get the wrong product during a replacement.

Likewise, the owner’s manual in the car was published in European English. Ford offers to change the fluid label and provide a new manual in American English.

Ford India also issued recalls for some 2020 models with defects in the child lock. As the name implies, the child lock prevents a child from opening the door during a drive.

Unfortunately, the lock-in of these cars is dysfunctional and may put a child’s life at risk.

The Ford EcoSport Model Year List

The Ford Escape has been on sale in India, Europe, and other markets since 2003.

However, it was only introduced into the American market in 2018.

Here is a list of the model years for the USA:

  •  2018 Ford EcoSport
  • 2019 Ford EcoSport
  • 2020 Ford Ecosport

Are Ford EcoSports Expensive to Maintain?

No, they are not.

The average maintenance expenses for subcompact SUVs is $466.

But repair and maintenance on Ford EcoSports cost just $191 on the average.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

The brakes on your Ford EcoSport can last as long as 14,000 miles.

How Long Do EcoSport Batteries Last?

Once your batteries hit 25,000 miles, you might need a replacement.

How Long Do the Tires Last?

EcoSports often come with MRF tires, and they can last for 6 years.

How Long Do Transmissions Last?

Ford EcoSport users often complain that their transmissions don’t last longer than 13,000 miles before they experience problems.

How Long Do the Spark Plugs last?

Ford EcoSport spark plugs can last 30,000 miles.

What About Insurance Cost?

It costs around $130 a month to insure your Ford EcoSport.

Several factors, including your location, credit history, and driving records, can affect your insurance costs.

Tips to Prolong the Life of your EcoSport

Here are tips to prolong the life of a Ford EcoSport SUV:

  • Change the oil filter after every 10,000 miles.
  • Make to inflate your tire with the proper air pressure to optimize handling, fuel efficiency, and ride comfort.
  • Correct any problems as fast as you find out to prevent them from becoming more expensive repairs.
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