Where Are Ford Fiestas Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Ford Fiesta is a magnificent car for the young working class drivers.

The minicar offers an impressive fuel economy and a high-tech infotainment system, so you can have fun while you drive.

Where is this vehicle made? Let’s find out below.

Where are Ford Fiestas Being Made?

Presently, Germany is the only country where Ford Fiestas are being made. In the past, the Fiesta was also manufactured in India, Spain, Venezuela, South Africa, China, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

The maiden model of the Fiesta was produced in many of these countries. The facilities in question are Ford’s Valencia factory in Spain, its Dagenham factory in the UK, and its Cologne factory in Germany.

Over time, some of these factories were pulled out of the manufacturing process, and other factories joined the list.

By 1995, Ford had expanded production of the Fiesta to South Africa, Brazil and China.

Eventually, Ford moved production of the Fiesta out of most countries and made its Cologne plant the sole manufacturer of the vehicle.

Are Ford Fiestas for the US Market Produced in the US?

The US market does not sell Ford Fiestas any longer. In 2018, the company took the Fiesta out of the US because it wanted to replace it with larger vehicles.

Ford Fiestas have never been produced in the United States. Before 2018, the US market imported Fiestas from Ford’s Cologne factory in Germany.

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Are They Assembled in the US?

Ford does not assemble the Fiesta in the US. At the moment, the only factory where the Fiesta is manufactured is the Col0gne plant in Germany.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Fiesta Was Produced?

One way to discover the place where your vehicle was produced is to study your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Located on the metal dashboard of a vehicle, the VIN is a 17-digit code that contains basic information about your car. Some pieces of information encoded in the VIN are the place where a car was produced and its model year.

The first element on the VIN indicates the location of the Fiesta’s manufacturer. This character may be a number or letter, depending on whether the car was made in America.

While letters indicate that a car was produced outside America, numbers state that the country where the car was made is in America.

Sometimes, a combination of letters may represent the location of the factory where your car was produced.

The information below states what it means for your Fiesta when these characters come first on your VIN:

  • A means it was produced in South Africa
  • L means it was made in China
  • W means it was produced in Germany
  • R means that your Fiesta was manufactured in Taiwan
  • S means that the car was produced in the United Kingdom
  • V indicates that the car was made in Spain
  • X indicates that your Fiesta was made in Russia
  • 3 means that your Fiesta was made in Mexico
  • 9 means that it was made in Brazil
  • 8 means that it was manufactured in Venezuela
  • Combinations between MA–ME means your Fiesta was manufactured in India; and
  • Combinations between ML–MR indicates that your car was produced in Thailand

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Are Japanese or European Built Fiestas Better?

Ford Fiestas have never been manufactured in any Japanese factory. So, this question does not apply to Ford Fiestas.

Where Is the Ford Fiesta designed?

In the last two generations of the Ford Fiesta, the vehicle was designed at the Ford Motor Company in Cologne, Germany.

Where Are Ford Fiesta Made for the Australian Market?

The Ford Fiestas sold in the Australian market are produced at Cologne, Germany.

Where Are Ford Fiestas Made for the Canadian Market?

The Canadian market sells Ford Fiestas that are manufactured at Ford’s Cologne plant in Germany.

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Where Are Ford Fiestas Made for the UK Market?

Currently, the UK market sells Ford Fiestas that are produced in Germany. However, Ford Fiestas were once produced in the United Kingdom at Ford’s Dagenham plant in Greater London.

As a matter of fact, the Dagenham plant was one of the few factories where the introductory Ford Fiesta was built. Unfortunately, Ford closed down production of the Fiesta in 2002.

Is Ford Planning to Move Its Production?

Ford has not made any recent plans to grant any new factories the authorization to make Ford Fiestas. For now, the company intends to retain its Cologne factory in Germany as the sole manufacturer of the Fiesta.

Ford shuffled the production of the Fiestas across several countries in the past. The company started the production of the Fiesta with three countries, including Spain, Germany and the UK.

By 1996, it had expanded the number of countries that manufactured the Fiesta to seven, and Brazil, South Africa and China were included.

In 2002, Ford shut down production of the Fiesta in the UK and South Africa. India also joined the list of countries where the Fiesta was made in 2002.

Is Ford Hiring or Firing in the US?

Ford USA plans to employ temporary workers to replace some full-time employees who are unavoidably absent. The company will source these employees from United Auto Workers.

Is Ford an American Company?

Ford is an American company. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1903.

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