Where Are Ford Flex Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Ford Flex is perfect for everyday use. This midsize SUV has a basic design, three rows of seats and a large luggage space.

If you emphasize on functionality rather than style in cars, then the Ford Flex is for you.

Let’s find out where this vehicle is made.

Where are Ford Flex Being Made?

Ford’s Oakville plant in Ontario, Canada built the Ford Flex while it was still in production. Ford no longer makes the Flex. The company stopped producing the model in 2019 because it never generated enough sales. Ford claims they only sold about 24,000 Ford Flex each year.

When yearly sales fell even further to 20,000 in 2018, the company decided it was time the model went out of production.

Are Ford Flex for the US Market Produced in the US?

Ford Flex SUVs have never been built in the USA. Ford’s Oakville plant in Ontario, Canada makes the Flex for the US market and the rest of the world.

Are They Assembled in the US?

Ford Flex is not assembled in the US. Rather, the Oakville plant in Ontario, Canada assembles the Flex.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Ford Flex Was Made?

Canada is the only country where the Ford Flex has been made. So, if your car is a Ford Flex, we are certain it was produced in Canada.

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Are Japanese Or European Built Ford Flex Better?

The Ford Flex is not built in Japan or any European country. So, there are no vehicles to compare against each other.

Nonetheless, you should know that the Ford Flex is well built. It has three rows of seats, which makes it large enough for the entire family.

The driver gets a rearview camera, so he can see cars behind him without having to look back.

The factory even installs special seatbelt airbags which guarantee more safety for the passengers than conventional airbags.

Where Is the Ford Flex Designed?

The Ford Flex was designed at the Ford Design Center in Michigan, USA by Peter Horbury.

Where Are Ford Flex Made for the Australian Market?

The Australian market does not sell the Ford Flex. Any Ford Flex in Australia was imported and converted to RHD.

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Where Are Ford Flex Made for the Canadian Market?

The fleet of Ford Flex is manufactured at the Oakville factory in Ontario, Canada.

Where Are Ford Flex Made for the UK Market?

The Ford Flex was not available in the UK market. You could only get the vehicle in the UK if you import and converted it to RHD.

Is Ford Planning to Move Its Production?

Ford does not plan to expand production of the Ford Flex. Rather, it has stopped making the Flex, and the company has shown no signs it intends to revive the model.

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Is Ford Hiring Or Firing in the US?

Ford will only hire a few people into its permanent staff in the USA this year. The company has announced several vacancies on popular job websites like indeed.com.

Moreover, the company plans to focus on employing about 1,300 temporary workers at its Dearborn plant in Michigan, USA.

The company will hire these workers to replace full-time Ford employees who have to stay at home.

About 1,400 Ford employees were laid off by Ford in September. The company claims the retrenchment is meant to cut costs and cut losses.

Is Ford an American Company?

Ford is an American company. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1903. Nevertheless, Ford has established branches and factories across the world, even as far as Asia and Africa.

Some factories outside America include facilities in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Venezuela, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, and South Africa. 

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