9 Cars With Sliding Rear Seats (With Pictures & Prices)

Sliding rear seats make room for a spacious second or third row depending on the direction users slide them. Passengers can sit comfortably and stretch their legs when needed.

However, while rear seats that slide are important for passengers’ comfort, not all cars come with them.

We have below our list of cars with sliding rear seats that may satisfy your need.

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1. Audi Q7

The 2023 Q7 is a three-row mid-size SUV that features a spacious cabin and seats up to 7 passengers with high technology. It also offers great styling and convenience packages that are worth the price.

The Q7 rear seats include a split tumble-folding 35/30/35 second row that slides, while the third row offers only a power-folding seat.

To use the sliding seats in the second row, passengers can pull the handle and slide the seat until it locks into position.

The seats can move forward or backward depending on the passengers’ convenience. These seats also offer the ability for owners to move them forward or backward individually or fold them using the designated button.

However, another thing to note is that sliding the second-row seat of the 2023 Audi Q7 affects the third-row space.

When passengers slide the second-row seat forward, it creates more space in the third row but increases that of the second row. Sliding it backward, however, proves otherwise.

The starting price for the 2023 Audi Q7 comes at the MSRP of $59,395.

However, this price increases more in the higher trim levels, ranging up to $75,095, depending on the preference. Note that prices may also vary, depending on the dealership.

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2. Skoda Kodiaq

The 2023 Kodiaq is a large and affordable SUV that includes up to 7 seats that large families will appreciate. It offers a safe and reassuring drive and a spacious interior. However, people who want this SUV might have to import theirs.

The rear seats of the 2023 Kodiaq can slide 18 cm forward or backward for more space.

Though the third row does not slide, passengers can get more legroom when sitting in it by sliding the second-row chairs forward. Sliding it backward, otherwise, offers more space in the second row.

Note that the space in the third row is tight and better left for children, especially on longer journeys. However, to use the sliding feature, there is a VarioFlex system the owners can employ to remove, fold, or move the second-row seat.

The 2023 Skoda Kodiaq has a base MSRP of $51,490 and $69,290 for the top trim. Bookings are now open for buyers who are interested in the model.

3. Peugeot 5008

The 2023 Peugeot 5008 is another mid-size SUV on our list. This vehicle features an attractive look and a luxurious cabin. The ride is comfortable and quiet as well.

The seats in the second row offer individual seats that owners can slide forward or backward independently, depending on their needs.

Just like the aforementioned cars, sliding the seats backward increases the legroom in the second row and otherwise increases it in the third row.

Note that only the second-row seats slide for comfort, especially for taller passengers that require more legroom.

To employ the sliding feature, passengers can unlock the seats using the lever on the seat sides. Pulling the handle at the front of the seat allows sliding the seat to the desired position.

After sliding, it is necessary to lock the chair in place by using the lever again. The seats can also recline and owners can adjust the position of the backrest by employing the lever at the top of each headrest.

The 2023 Peugeot 5008 has a starting MSRP of $41,070 and is as high as $66,770 for the higher trim levels, depending on your preference.

4. Volkswagen Touran

This compact multi-purpose vehicle is a practical family car with a spacious interior and enough storage areas. It offers the option to choose between the 5 seaters or seven-seaters depending on the owner’s needs.

The 2023 Touran is another car with individual seats in the second row that owners can slide independently.

The direction owners slide them will either increase or decrease the space in the second row for more or less in the third row/cargo space, depending on the seat option.

The base MSRP of the 2023 Touran varies depending on the country. In the USA, however, it has a base MSRP of $24,155. Note that this price may be higher depending on the trim level.

5. Volvo XC90

The 2023 XC90 is a mid-size SUV that seats up to seven passengers and offers an attractive and spacious interior. It offers significant safety features and fuel economy is good, among others.

The XC90 has three separate seats in the second row that slides forward or backward for passengers’ comfort.

These seats also recline for added comfort. To slide the seat, passengers can use the handle under the seats.

By lifting the handle, the seat can move forward or backward. Note to lock the seat into place using the handle.

These seats also include head restraints passengers can adjust to their height for the most comfort. The 2023 Volvo XC90 comes at a base MSRP of $56,000.

Where owners opt for the higher trim level, it comes at a base MSRP of up to $64,000.

6. Nissan Note

The 2023 Nissan Note offers a spacious cabin including supportive seats. It is an economical car to own with an interior that includes quality designs, and a smooth ride it offers.

The second rear-row seat of the Nissan Note slides 160 mm with a flexible control system.

To slide the seats, owners should first remove the headrest from their seats, then press the tiny button at the base of the headrest mount.

Then, they can raise the strap at the bottom of the seat cushion in front to move the rear seats forward or backward as needed. Moving it forward makes more room for the luggage, while backward makes more room for leg space.

The 2023 Nissan Note has a starting MSRP of around $26,000, which is quite cheap compared to the cars mentioned above on this list.

7. Ford Galaxy

The 2023 Ford Galaxy features three rows and seven seats. Despite offering great visibility and comfortable seats for passengers, including adults, Ford will end its production in 2023.

The 2023 Galaxy also features three individual sliding rear seats that can slide independently for passengers’ comfort.

This means that where there are passengers with different needs, each can adjust his/her seat position to his/her reference independently.

Owners can slide the seats using the lever under the front of the seat to move the chair forward or backward depending on where more legroom is required, whether in the second or third row.

The price for the 2023 Ford Galaxy is not available yet. However, Galaxyfordsmithville has reported the car has a starting price of $46,895.

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8. Land Rover Discovery Sport

This luxury SUV features quality interior materials and a spacious cabin. It offers off-road capability with its standard all-wheel drive, though it is not as sporty as some of its competitors.

The 2023 Discovery Sport offers sliding and reclining second-row seats. This row has three independent seats with the division of 40/20/40.

Each can slide individually depending on the user’s preference.

To manually slide the seats, users can press the switch on the top of the seatback to fold and slide forward. To restore the seat to its original position, he/she can as well slide it manually.

The 2023 Land Rover Discovery Sport has a base MSRP of $43,300 with a three-row seating available option for $1,200. However, prices can vary depending on the trim level buyers opt for.

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9. Ford S-Max

The 2023 S-Max is a fun car to drive, though it offers a cheap interior quality. It offers enough space in the front and second row, while the third row, however, has limited space.

The rear seats include three individual seats that owners can slide, fold, and recline for maximum comfort.

Users can pull the lever under the front of the seat to slide forward or backward depending on their preference.

Just like the cars on this list, sliding the S-Max forward increases the space in the third row, while sliding it back increases the leg room in the second row.

The Ford S-Max will stop production of the Ford S-Max in 2023 to encourage the adoption of EVs among car owners.

From research, there is no starting price for the 2023 model as yet. The previous S-Max model, however, has a starting price of ÂŁ36,054 according to Carwow, which is around $44,580.

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