5 Best & Worst GMC Canyon Years (We Checked)

When searching for a GMC Canyon, potential buyers may wonder which model years are the best options and which should be avoided. This article aims to provide clarity on the topic, showcasing both the top choices and those with issues.

The GMC Canyon has experienced various changes throughout the years, with some models proving to be more reliable and satisfying for owners.

The GMC Canyon is known to last long, in general, so it could well be a vehicle you’ll own for many years to come!

The Best Year for GMC Canyon

When discussing the best year for the GMC Canyon, it’s hard not to mention 2012.

This particular model year rose above others in terms of reliability, owner satisfaction, and overall performance. The 2012 GMC Canyon offers a pleasant blend of utility, practicality, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those in the market for a used midsize pickup truck.

The 2012 model year stands out because of its strong engine lineup, which includes a 2.9-liter four-cylinder, a 3.7-liter five-cylinder, and a powerful 5.3-liter V8.

These engines, paired with capable transmissions, provide ample power for daily driving and towing tasks. Additionally, the 2012 GMC Canyon features a comfortable, spacious interior and a wide range of trim levels to suit various needs and preferences.

Another important factor to consider is the reliability and owner satisfaction of the 2012 GMC Canyon.

Consumer Reports conducted thorough evaluations and gave this model high marks in these categories. Buyers who prioritize value and dependability should be drawn to this standout year for the GMC Canyon.

In terms of safety, the 2012 model year also measures up well. It comes equipped with standard safety features such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, and an array of airbags. Many drivers appreciate the peace of mind that these safety measures provide when navigating through different driving conditions.

To sum it up, the 2012 GMC Canyon is a top contender for the best year of this model range, offering a strong combination of performance, reliability, and safety features. As a result, it stands out as a solid option for anyone looking for a reliable, midsize pickup truck with a proven track record.

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Other Good Years

Aside from the best year, there are also several other good years for the GMC Canyon that are worth mentioning. H

ere is a bulleted list of additional good years and what makes each of them stand out:

  • 2017: The GMC Canyon received a few notable updates in 2017, including a refreshed exterior design and an optional turbodiesel engine that provided added power and fuel efficiency. Additionally, this model year introduced the All Terrain X trim, which offered enhanced off-road capabilities for adventurous drivers.
  • 2019: This model year brought some interior upgrades, such as an optional wireless charging pad and a high-definition rearview camera. Furthermore, the 2019 GMC Canyon maintained a reputation for strong performance and impressive towing capabilities, making it a popular choice among truck buyers.
  • 2022: This recent model could be a strong contender for those seeking a small and efficient pickup truck, as it offers a range of features and configurations to suit various needs. Its compact size makes it easier to maneuver in urban settings and tight spaces, while still providing ample power and durability for everyday tasks.

In conclusion, these GMC Canyon model years stand out for their reliability, performance, and feature offerings. Keep these years in mind when shopping for a used GMC Canyon, as they are likely to provide a satisfying ownership experience.

The Worst Year for GMC Canyon

The 2015 GMC Canyon stands out as the worst year for this popular truck, primarily due to the high number of complaints and high-costing problems.

Notably, the most significant issue with the 2015 model relates to its transmission department, where it faces challenges with properly shifting gears.

Another concern was its engine and drivetrain, which some owners experienced problems with.

In these cases, their engines would stall, lose power, or consume excessive oil, affecting overall performance. Despite these issues, many owners appreciated the 2015 Canyon for its design and comfort features.

However, it is important to note that not all 2015 GMC Canyons were plagued with these issues, as there were also satisfied owners who didn’t encounter these problems.

Moreover, some of the reported issues may have been resolved in subsequent years as the Canyon evolved and improved. Therefore, it’s always advisable to thoroughly research and test-drive any specific vehicle before making a final decision.

Common Problems to Look for in GMC Canyons

When shopping for a used GMC Canyon, it’s important to be aware of some common problems that may have been experienced by previous owners. The most notable issue seems to be with the 2017 GMC Canyon, which has the worst owner satisfaction rating according to Consumer Reports.

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Transmission problems have been reported in some of the GMC Canyon’s earlier models. These issues can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency, difficulties shifting gears, and even complete transmission failures in the worst cases.

Another concern with this model can be sensor-related issues.

In the 2018 GMC Canyon, some owners have reported problems with sensors becoming plugged and needing updates. Sensors within the vehicle, such as the O2 or oxygen sensor, could affect overall performance and require maintenance.

While the GMC Canyon generally has a solid reputation for reliability, it is still important to keep these commonly reported problems in mind when browsing the used market. By doing thorough research on specific model years and being aware of potential issues, you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next GMC Canyon.

Ways the GMC Caynon Stands Out

The GMC Canyon is a truck that offers a lot of helpful features.

Firstly, it can pull and carry a lot of weight. If you need to move a big pile of stuff, whether for work or fun, the Canyon can handle it. It’s strong, but not too big, which is great if you have a lot of things to haul around.

Secondly, it’s a comfortable ride. The inside of the truck is nice, with soft seats and easy-to-use controls. The truck isn’t noisy inside, and the ride is smooth, which means it’s comfortable even on longer trips.

Another nice thing about the Canyon is that there are different engines to choose from. If you want a truck that uses less gas, there’s an option for that. If you want a truck with a lot of power, there’s an option for that too. This means you can pick the kind of truck that’s best for you.

Despite being a truck, the Canyon isn’t too big. Some trucks are hard to park and drive around town because they’re so large, but the Canyon is a bit smaller, so it’s easier to handle. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of space in the back to carry what you need.

Lastly, the Canyon is good at driving off-road. This means if you like camping or exploring, this truck can handle rough paths and bumpy roads. Some models come with special features that make them even better at off-road driving.

In short, the GMC Canyon is a strong, comfortable truck that you can customize to your liking. It’s easy to handle, but can also go off-road, making it a good option for many people.

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