Why Does My Corolla Beep? (Explained & Solved)

The Toyota Corolla is the world’s highest selling car.

For this reason, it’s always had a lot of tech features and support which are linked to the various beep noises and chimes.

However, if you’re worried or unsure as to why your Corolla keeps beeping, this article is a sure guide for you as we will be answering different questions on beeping sounds in these models.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Turn It Off?

This could happen for certain reasons. Sometimes, it is likely that before you turned off the engine, you opened the door.

Maybe you left the headlights on and you need to put it off to avoid running down your car battery. Once these necessary things are done, the beep sound will go off. It is usually nothing to worry about.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Open the Door?

This happens when you press the lock button while your car door is left open. It serves as a warning that you didn’t lock your door well. It will usually go off when this is done.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Close the Door?

If you have a very recent Corolla model, it might be that your car has an away auto lock function. This means that your key fob remote is left in your car.

You surely do not want to lock your key fob in. It could also mean that your engine is not turned off, or that a door is not properly locked in. Funny enough, it could simply be that you walked away too fast.

If you want to disable the beep sound whenever you open or close the door, the steps are in the owner’s manual. But it is much safer to get it done with an auto electrician or a dealer, as they have the appropriate tools.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Drive It?

If your car beeps in motion, it is usually a sign that something needs to be fixed. However, the most common reasons will be explained below, as there are quite a number of them.

Unfastened Seatbelt

There would be a beeping sound if your seatbelt or that of your passenger isn’t tucked in. The sound will go off once this is done.

Low Tire Pressure

Some Toyota Corolla models have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that signals the driver when the pressure is low. It gives a beeping noise and, more often than not; it is also indicated on the dashboard.

Dead Key Fob Battery

A key fob is that little remote used to unlock your car. It has a little battery in it.

Over time, when the battery starts to run low, it will give a beep. An easy way to solve this is simply to buy and replace such a battery.

Worn Out Door Latches

Over time, the door latches could go bad, as the connection between the door and the car frame could wear out.

This might cause the car to emit a beep sound to alert you to repair it. It is a relatively easy repair you could do by yourself or contact a dealer to help you with it.

Faulty Electrical Wires

A beeping sound could arise from a disconnection between some wires in the car. To fix this, you actually need an electrician to diagnose the problem and resolve the issue.

Nonetheless, if you want to disable the beep, you can usually reset the system by pressing and holding the button for that feature.

For instance, you can reset a signal beep by holding the signal stalk button for a few seconds.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Lock It?

This mainly happens in a situation when you’re trying to lock the keys in.

If you happen to forgetfully hit the lock button while your keys are still in there, the car will emit a sound.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Turn the Key?

Before a car is fully ignited, there is an “ON” position. This stage illuminates all the dash lights.

This helps you check all the necessary lights, sensors, and fuel pumps. The beep will stop once the engine starts.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Put Air in the Tires?

Your vehicle probably has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that helps you detect under-inflation and over-inflation.

It helps to check the pressure on your tires to be sure you have proper inflation in them. The system makes a sound if it detects anomalies in the tire pressure so you can correct it.

Why Does My Corolla Beep When I Put It in Reverse?

When in reverse gear, the beep will come on to remind you  that you’re actually in reverse, so be careful.

Nonetheless, this beep could be disabled by pressing the odometer button, indicating the reverse beep. Then turn it off.

We also have an article about why a car won’t go in reverse when it can go forward.

Why Do My Corolla Beep 2 times?

This could happen for certain reasons. It could be associated with your speed, alerting you of your speed limits. It could also be whenever you’re moving from one lane to another.

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Other Reasons Why Your Corolla May Beep

Here are other factors that can make your Corolla beep:


If your engine is overheated, your car will send a warning alarm. You need to stop the car immediately and probably call the mechanic.


This is called a Blind Spot Monitoring System. It alerts a driver if a person is in their blind spot or if there’s an oncoming vehicle while you’re in reverse. A beeping sound is expected alongside a warning light in your mirror.

Airbags Issues

A car is expected to have its airbags. If its airbag warning lamp has blown. You will most definitely hear a beep.

Low Fuel and Low Fluids

Once you’re short on fuel, your car will alert you. If your car fluids (i.e. windshield washers) are empty, you get it too. 

Low Temperature and Icy Roads

Some car models have beeping sounds when the temperature is relatively low & if there’s a possibility of ice on the road. It’s just a signal to be careful.

Dash Cameras

On startup on some Corolla models, if you have a dash camera, you will get a sound.

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How Do You Turn on the Beeping Sounds?

If your Corolla isn’t making any beeping sound, especially when you ignite the engine or lock it, it could be that the beeps have been turned off. The steps listed below are relatively easy if you want to turn the beep sound on:

  • Sit in your vehicle. Do not shut the doors while you sit.
  • Put the key in its ignition
  • Turn the key to just the “ON” position
  • Leave it for a few seconds
  • Then press any key of the Fob release
  • Keep pressing
  • At this point, it should have come on
  • Step out and test your vehicle

How Do I Turn Off the Corolla Beeping Sounds?

To turn off your beeping sounds is almost the same way as turning it on, but we would list it all the same:

  • Sit inside your vehicle and leave your doors open
  • Put the key in its ignition
  • Remove it again
  • Put the key back in 
  • Turn it to just the “ON” position
  • Leave it for a few seconds (10-20 seconds)
  • Press any key on your fob Remote
  • Release it again
  • Then press it again
  • After this, your beeping sounds should go off

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Why Does My Corolla Alarm Keep Going Off?

This could happen for various reasons.

It could be that you have a low battery charge or a dead battery.

It could also be associated with a bad terminal or some faulty wires. While this could be done manually, you might need the help of an electrician if it gets too technical.

How Do You Turn Off Your Corolla Alarm?

If perchance, you mistakenly hit the panic button and you want to turn it off, try hitting it again, hold for some seconds to reset, and then release it.

What Triggers My Car Alarm?

This could happen if there’s a sudden intrusion into your vehicle. This will set the alarm on. It can also happen for power protection, when you disconnect the battery from the car.

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