Where Are Toyota Tundras Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Toyota Tundra is Toyota’s first ever full-size pickup truck.

Because of its solid construction and phenomenal engine power, the Tundra is ideal for a wide range of uses. It is at home on the pavement and even in the desert.

Where are these beastly vehicles made? Let’s find out.

Where Is the Toyota Tundra Being Made?

Presently, the factory manufacturing the Tundra is located in San Antonio, Texas. However, the Princeton plant in Indiana, USA, used to build the truck. But in 2008, Toyota shifted production of the Tundra from its Princeton manufacturing plant to its San Antonio facility.

Are Toyota Tundras for the US Market Produced in the US?

All Toyota Tundras that are sold in the United States of America are manufactured locally. In fact, the only factory that produces the Tundra is located in San Antonio, Texas.

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Are They Assembled in the U.S.?

Toyota Tundras are assembled in the USA. The San Antonio plant in Texas manufactures and assembles the truck.

How Can You Check Where Your Tundra Was Produced?

You can tell where your Tundra was produced by checking your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The VIN is a combination of 17 characters, each of which point to specific pieces of information about the Toyota Tundra. You can find your VIN on the metal dashboard of your Tundra.

The first character on the VIN refers to the country where your vehicle was produced. This character may be a letter or number, depending on where the country is located.

When a vehicle is built on the American continent, it is represented by a number. In the case where it is not built in America, you will find a letter as the first character on your VIN.

Since the Tundra has always been built in the USA, the numbers 4 or 5 will be the first digit on your VIN.

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Are Japanese Or European Built Tundras Better?

Toyota Tundras are not built in Japan or Europe. The United States of America is the only country that produces the vehicle.

Since the Tundra has garnered a reputation of superb handling and excellent gas mileage, we can assure you that it is well built.

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Where Is the Tundra Designed?

The latest Tundra design, the second generation, was created at the Calty Design Research Studio in California, USA by Craig Kember.

For the first generation of Tundras, Japanese designers Hideo Kondo and Yusuku Fukushima developed the design in Japan.

Where Is the Toyota Tundra Made for the Australian Market?

The fleet of Toyota Tundras sold in Australia are imported from the United States of America.

Toyota Australia does not offer the Tundra officially, but the vehicle is heavily imported by private businesses and individuals.

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Where Is the Toyota Tundra Made for the Canadian Market?

The Toyota factory in San Antonio, Texas, USA, makes all the Toyota Tundras the Canadian Market sells.

Where Is the Toyota Tundra Made for the UK Market?

All the Toyota Tundras sold in the UK market are manufactured in the United States of America. Note that the truck is not sold officially in the UK.

Is Toyota Planning to Move Its Production?

Presently, Toyota does not intend to move production of the Toyota Tundra from its San Antonio plant.

In the past, Toyota shifted the job of building the Tundra from its Princeton plant in Indiana to San Antonio. The move was made in 2009 to pave way for the production of the Highlander SUV at Princeton.

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Is Toyota Hiring Or Firing in the US?

Despite the negative effects of the slowing demand on Toyota’s US sales, the company still intends to employ new staff.

In fact, Toyota North America, Toyota’s US branch, has already put out job postings on job websites.

Notwithstanding this, Toyota, just like every other business, has felt the pangs of losses caused by lower customer appetite for its cars.

Nevertheless, Toyota has assured the public that it will not embark on mass retrenchment.

Rather, it will reduce the wages of 5,000 contractual factory workers. The company also intends to decrease the salary of full-time employees by two days’ worth of pay.

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Is Toyota an American Company?

Toyota is not an American company. It is a Japanese company with several branches in many continents of the world, including America.

In fact, Toyota’s American branches are some of its major branches. Several factories in America are solely responsible for the production of some Toyota models.

Some of these models are:

  • Toyota Tundra: San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Toyota Sienna: Princeton, Indiana, USA.
  • Toyota Tacoma: Baja California, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas.
  • Toyota Avalon: Georgetown, Kentucky, USA.
  • Toyota Sequoia: Princeton, Indiana, USA
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