Where Are Toyota C-HRs Made? (Solved & Explained)

The abbreviation in Toyota C-HR stands for Compact High Riding. Just like its name implies, the Toyota C-HR is a small hybrid SUV with elegant styling and comfortable seating.

Read on to find out where this vehicle is made. Meanwhile, you can also find out the best and worst Toyota C-HR years.

Where Are Toyota C-HRs Being Made?

Currently, Toyota C-HRs are manufactured in four countries, including China, Japan, Turkey, and Thailand. At the onset, Toyota only produced the C-HR at the Sakarya factory, Turkey, and the Iwate factory in Japan. But in November 2017, Toyota expanded production of the C-HR model to its Chinese factories in Guangzhou and Tianjin; and its Thailand factory in Chachoengsao.

Are C-HRs for the US Market Produced in the US?

None of the Toyota factories in the USA produce the C-HR. Instead, the Toyota factory in Sakarya, Turkey, builds the Toyota C-HRs sold in the US market.

Are They Assembled in the US?

No factory in the United States of America assembles the Toyota C-HR. The fleet of C-HR SUVs sold in the U.S. is assembled in Turkey. Other factories that assemble the C-HR are located in China, Japan, and Thailand.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific C-HR Was Made?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your Toyota C-HR can tell you where your car was made. This code contains basic information about your car, and it is located on your metal dashboard.

The VIN contains 17 characters, with each character representing elementary details like the country where your car was manufactured.

The first character on the VIN encodes the location of the factory that built your vehicle. This digit may be a letter or number based on whether it was manufactured on the American continent.

While countries located within America are represented by numbers, those located outside America are signified by letters.

Since the C-HR is not manufactured in any American country, the first digit on your Vehicle Identification Number is definitely a letter. The letters below identify each country where the Toyota C-HR is produced:

  • J- stands for Japan
  • L- stands for China
  • Thailand can take any combination of letters between ML-MR
  • Turkey can be represented by any combination of letters between NL-NR.

Sometimes, the location of the factory that produced your car may take the position of the first and second characters on the VIN. Countries like Thailand and Turkey exemplify this situation.

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Are Japanese Or European Built C-HRs Better?

Both versions of the Toyota C-HRs are of excellent build. Websites like danamic.org have commended the Japanese built C-HR for the daring style of its shining metal exteriors and dense plastic interiors.

Even the smart console on the Japanese version of the C-HR is worthy of note. The console is user-friendly and sensitive to touch.

Likewise, the Turkish built C-HR has received applause in Europe. The Toyota C-HR is the second best-selling hybrid vehicle in Europe.

With such a huge number of sales, we can only conclude that the Turkish C-HR is just as well-built as its Japanese counterpart.

Where Is the CH-R Designed?

The major design of the C-HR was created in Japan by Kazuhiko Isawa, alongside other Japanese designers.

Where Are Toyota C-HRs Made for the Australian Market?

The Toyota C-HRs the Australian market sells are produced at the Sakarya manufacturing plant, Turkey.

Where Are Toyota C-HRs Made for the Canadian Market?

The Canadian market imports the C-HRs it sells from Turkey.

Where Are Toyota C-HRs Made for the UK Market?

Toyota’s Turkish factory in Sakarya, Turkey, builds the fleet of Toyota C-HRs sold in the UK market.

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Is Toyota Planning to Move Its Production?

Currently, Toyota has no plans to expand production of the C-HR. In the past, the company expanded production of the C-HR to new locations.

Originally, the C-HR was only manufactured in Japan and Turkey. But in 2017, Toyota began building the Toyota C-HR in China and Thailand.

Is Toyota Hiring or Firing in the US?

Toyota plans to hire new staff in the United States of America. The company released announcements of job vacancies on job websites in August. Many of the job openings are in sales and administrative positions.

Toyota intends to compensate for this revenue loss by reducing the wages of 5,000 temporary factory workers. In addition, the company will extract two day’s worth of pay from the salaries of its full-time staff.

Is Toyota an American Company?

Toyota is not an American company. The company is a Japanese company with branches all over the world, one of which is America.

Also, Toyota North America, the Toyota subsidiary in the US, is one of the company’s most powerful branches.

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