Where Are Toyota Siennas Made? (Solved & Explained)

Named after the medieval city of Sienna, the Toyota Sienna is the perfect picture of elegance and comfort.

Just like most Toyota vehicles, this minivan features a powerful engine, a cavernous interior, and the best of automobile gadgetry.

No wonder the Sienna has been tagged the ‘Camry of minivans’, owing to its popularity.

Where is the Sienna made? Let’s find out in the article.

Where Are Toyota Siennas Being Made?

At the moment, the Toyota Sienna is being produced at the Toyota Princeton factory in Indiana, USA. However, this was not always the case. Toyota used to build the Sienna at the Georgetown plant in Kentucky, USA. It was only in 2003 that the company shifted the production of all Siennas to Indiana.

Are Siennas for the US Market Produced in the U.S.?

All Toyota Siennas sold in the United States of America are produced there. The USA is the only country where the Sienna is manufactured.

Are They Assembled in the U.S.?

Toyota Siennas sold in the U.S. market are also assembled in the USA. The Princeton plant in Indiana builds and assembles the Toyota Sienna.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Sienna Was Made?

If your vehicle is a Sienna, then it was definitely produced in the United States of America. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that it will be produced in other countries in the future.

In case that happens, there is a method you can apply to check where your vehicle was built.

This method involves studying the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  The VIN is a special 17-character code that is unique to each vehicle.

You can locate your VIN on your Sienna’s dashboard. The characters on the VIN represent vital information about a vehicle such as its model year and the country where it was produced.

The first digit on the VIN is the code that tells you where your car was made. This digit could be a letter or number.

A letter means that your car was manufactured in countries outside the American continent. Numbers point to countries within America.

For instance, while the letters ‘J’ and ‘W’ refer to Japan and Germany, the numbers ‘2’ and ‘3’ refer to Canada and Mexico.

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Are Japanese or European Built Siennas Better?

The Toyota Sienna is neither produced in Japan nor any European country. So, this question does not apply to the Sienna.

Rest assured that the Sienna is a reliable vehicle. Many users have commended the minivan on its remarkable cargo space, handling, and exterior and interior design.

Even though it may be a little expensive, the Sienna’s features definitely offer you more than your money’s worth.

Where Is the Sienna Designed?

The most recent major design of the Sienna was carried out at Calty Design Research Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2010.

Previous versions were designed in the USA and Japan. For instance, while the 1994 Sienna was designed in Japan, the 2000 model was designed in the USA.

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Where Are Siennas Made for the Australian Market?

The Australian market does not sell the Sienna. However, it is possible to import the vehicle and convert it to RHD.

Where Are Siennas Made for the Canadian Market?

Since the USA is the only country that produces the Sienna, the Canadian market definitely imports its Siennas from U.S. factories.

Where Are Siennas Made for the U.K. Market?

Toyota does not sell the Sienna in the UK market. However, you may be able to import the vehicle into the UK, but you will also have to convert it to RHD.

Is Toyota Planning to Move Its Production?

Toyota has no plans to move production of the Sienna from its Indiana plant. Rather, the company intends to focus manufacturing activities on the Sienna and eliminate the production of other models at the facility.

The first models (2004 and 2005) from the plant in Indiana were some of the worst years for Toyota Sienna.

In the past, Toyota shifted production of the Sienna from its Georgetown plant in Kentucky to Princeton, Indiana. The brand made the move in 2003.

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Is Toyota Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

Toyota will employ staff in the United States. The company has already posted job vacancies on job search websites. Besides, Toyota recently established a factory in Alabama with Mazda, and it needs factory workers. 

That said, the coronavirus has affected the company’s earnings and forced them to shut down their factories temporarily.

For instance, the carmaker experienced a 37% decrease in US sales in March 2020. Despite this, Toyota has announced that it will not fire anyone in the U.S, unlike its counterpart premium brands.

Rather, it intends to deduct some money from the wages of 5,000 temporary factory workers.

Full-time staff will also suffer a two-day pay cut in their salaries or get two days off. Some of the funds from the pay cut will cater to the company’s losses.

The company will donate the rest towards financing coronavirus supplies in the United States.

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Is Toyota an American Company?

Toyota is not an American company. The company was founded in Japan in 1937.

Today, Toyota has established factories and branches across all continents of the world. Some Toyota models are produced only in factories outside Japan.

Some of these models are:

  • Toyota Sienna-manufactured only in the USA.
  • Toyota Avalon-manufactured only in Australia and USA.
  • Toyota Tacoma-manufactured only in Texas and USA.
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