Where Are Ford Expeditions Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Ford Expedition is a perfect blend between elegance and function.

This SUV offers stylish interiors, powerful engines, as well as spacious seats and high gas mileage.

If you have a large family and you love hauling them to fun destinations, the Expedition lives up to its name.

But where are these cars made? Let’s find out in this article.

Where Are Ford Expeditions Made?

Presently, Ford Expeditions are being produced at the Ford Kentucky plant in Louisville, USA. Until 2009, Ford used to manufacture the Expedition at its Wayne factory in Michigan, USA. But the company has now moved production of all units of the Expedition to Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Are Ford Expeditions for the US Market Produced in the USA?

Right from the onset, Ford Expeditions have always been built in the United States of America.

Originally, they were manufactured at the Wayne plant in Michigan, USA. But in 2009, Ford moved production of the Expedition to its Kentucky plant in Louisville, USA.

Are They assembled in the US?

Ford Expeditions are manufactured and assembled at the Ford Kentucky factory in Michigan, USA.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Ford Expedition Was Made?

The United States of America is the only country where the Expedition has been made.

So, if your car is a Ford Expedition, it was certainly produced in the US. You can rest assured that the Ford Expedition is well built.

In fact, recent models of the vehicles are one of the most reliable vehicles from the American car manufacturer.

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Where Is the Ford Expedition Designed?

The Ford Expedition was designed by the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. It is designed and manufactured in the U.S only.

Where Are Ford Expeditions Made for the Australian Market?

The Ford Expeditions is not sold in the Australian market.

Only the Ford Everest, the Escape, and the Ford Puma are the SUVs the American automaker offers in Australia.

Where Are Ford Expeditions Made for the Canadian Market?

The Canadian Market sources its Expeditions from Louisville, USA. In the past, they were manufactured at Ford’s assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, USA.

Where Are Ford Expeditions Made for the UK Market?

The Ford Expeditions is not on sale in the UK. Ford offers only the EcoSport, Kuga and Puma SUVs in the United Kingdom.

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Is Ford Planning to Move Its Production?

Presently, Ford has no plans to move production of the Expedition from the USA.

However, in 2009, the company shifted the production of the Ford Expedition from Wayne, Michigan to Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Is Ford Hiring or Firing in the US?

Ford is hiring new employees in the US.

Most of the new employees are temporary workers who were hired to stand in for permanent employees who are absent.

In addition, the company also hired a few permanent members into its various departments.

Likewise, Ford will release some of its employees in the USA. The company announced to the public in September 2020 that it intends to fire 1,400 workers before the end of the year.

Ford North America, through its president, Kumar Galhotra, said that only older employees who are almost due for retirement will be affected.

Already, the workers in question have already received early retirement offers.

According to Mr. Galhotra, the termination was implemented to cut production costs and reshuffle its staff to better position the company to deliver new products.

Ford intends to update its products with the times, and it requires a young and vibrant culture to achieve its goals.

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Is Ford an American Company?

Ford is an American Company. The company was founded in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Nevertheless, the Ford Motor Company is one of the few truly internationalized corporate bodies in the U.S.

Its operations span several continents and countries of the world.

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