Where Are Chevrolet Tahoe Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Chevrolet Tahoe may be an imposing SUV, but it is a solid choice for anyone who desires a utilitarian people mover.

What the Tahoe lacks in fuel efficiency and affordability, it makes up for with its impressive towing capacity, storage space, and interior room.

Let’s find out where the Chevrolet Tahoe models are made.

Where Are Tahoes Made?

General Motors, which owns the Chevrolet brand, manufactures the Tahoe models at the GM Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas, USA. The Arlington Assembly is the only plant in the world manufacturing the Tahoe models. It also produces the Tahoe for the international market.

The GM Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin, also made the Chevrolet Tahoe until its closure in 2008.

Are Tahoes for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

The US Chevrolet Tahoe models all have their origins in the GM Arlington factory in Texas, USA.

The Janesville Assembly in Wisconsin also produced US Tahoes between 1992 to 2008 when GM closed it down.

The Tahoe has most of its parts produced within the United States, ranking 33rd on the 2020 Cars.com American-made Index.

The index rates how “American” a vehicle is based on the number of parts produced in the US.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

The last point of assembly for all US market Tahoes is the Arlington factory in Texas, USA.

The GM factory in Janesville, Wisconsin, has also assembled the Tahoe in the past.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific Tahoe Was Produced?

The easiest way to know a Tahoe’s origin is to check its production date.

Tahoe models were assembled both in the US and overseas during the first three generations (1992-2014).

However, GM started producing future models, starting from the 4th generation (2015-2019), solely in the United States — specifically Arlington, Texas.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can also help identify your Tahoe SUV’s country of origin.

The VIN starts with either a letter or number, called the World Manufacturer Identifier, that signifies the vehicle’s country of origin.

If your Tahoe was built in the US, it would have numbers 1, 4, or 5 as its initial VIN character. Conversely, if it was made in, say, Mexico, the VIN would have 2 as its initial VIN character.

Last, the Plant Code can also point to the origins of your vehicle.

The plant code is usually the 11th character in your VIN and tells what factory assembled the vehicle.

For instance, the plant code for the Arlington, Texas factory is ‘R’ while that of the defunct Janesville, Wisconsin assembly is ‘J’.

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Are Japanese or European Built Chevrolet Tahoe Better?

GM has never built the Tahoe in Europe or Japan. Based on this, we believe this question does not apply to the Tahoe models.

Where Is the Tahoe Designed?

The GM Research and Design facility at the Warren Tech Center in Michigan handles design involving Chevrolet models.

This is likely where the designing and testing process for the Tahoe takes place.

Where Are Tahoes Made for the Australia Market?

The Tahoe is unavailable for purchase on the Australia market because there’s no right-hand drive variant.

You do have the option of importing a Tahoe and paying for a right-hand drive conversion. Another alternative is to buy a modified RHD Tahoe in Australia.

Where Are Tahoes Made for the Canada Market?

The Arlington Assembly in the USA currently handles the production of the Tahoe SUVs for the Canada market.

Where Are Tahoes Made for the UK Market?

Just like in Australia, the Tahoe is absent from the UK market, as it has no available right-hand drive variant.

You can pay to import the Tahoe into the UK and convert it to a right-hand drive model.

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Is Chevrolet Planning to Move Its Production?

From what we know, GM is not moving production of the Tahoe from the Arlington Assembly Plant.

The automaker plans to expand the facility to increase Tahoe production.

Is Chevrolet Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

GM appears to have fired some workers at its US factories this year because of a downturn in the global demand for vehicles which affected production.

Even so, GM is still hiring at some of its facilities in the United States, including Lake Orion, Michigan, Bedford, Indiana, Pontiac, Michigan, and Warren, Michigan.

Is Chevrolet an American Company?

Chevrolet is an American automotive manufacturing company that has been in operation for over 100 years.

It is under the ownership of General Motors which acquired it in the early 1900s.

Chevrolet manufactures most of its vehicles in the US and is a big employer of American automotive workers.

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