Where Are Chevrolet Sparks Made? (Solved & Explained)

One of the cheapest cars around, the Chevrolet Spark is a favorite for budget-conscious buyers.

It offers comfortable seating and good fuel efficiency, typical features of small cars.

Find out where Chevrolet Sparks are built in this article.

Where Are Sparks Being Made?

The Spark is one of the few Chevrolet models made solely overseas. Presently, the Spark is manufactured in Changwon, South Korea, by GM’s subsidiary GM Korea.

Are Sparks for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

Sparks sold on the US market all originate from the GM Changwon Plant in South Korea.

We both see some of the best and worst years of Chevy Spark on the road.

While this may be surprising, it’s important to note that the Spark was originally produced and sold in Korea by Daewoo Motors.

It was only after GM Korea took control of Daewoo Motors did it start exporting the Spark models to the United States. The first Chevrolet Spark arrived in the US in 2012.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

All Spark models are currently assembled at the GM Changwon Assembly in the Changwon region of South Korea.

After assembling the Sparks in South Korea, GM exports them to the United States for sale.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Chevrolet Spark Was Produced?

The release date of your Spark can tell a lot about where it was assembled.

For instance, all fourth-generation Sparks are built solely at Changwon, South Korea.

However, previous versions were made at different factories, including Talegaon in India, Bogota in Colombia, and Hanoi in Vietnam.

A better way to know your Spark’s manufacturing location is to check its VIN.

VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number, an alphanumeric code that contains details about your car, including where it was assembled.

The VIN is often located around the windshield area or driver side door.

You can input the VIN into a free VIN decoder to get information about a vehicle’s factory of assembly.

You can, however, decode the VIN yourself to know your Spark’s production location.

The first VIN character, called the World Manufacturer Identifier, tells you the vehicle’s country of origin.

For instance, the VIN on vehicles made in South Korea starts with ‘K’.

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Are Japanese or European Built Spark Better?

Chevrolet has never produced the Spark in Japan or Europe. Thus, we cannot make any comparison as suggested by the question.

Where Is the Spark Designed?

Being a product of GM South Korea, the Spark was designed in South Korea.

Taewan Kim oversaw the last major design effort for the Spark model in 2009.

Where Are Sparks Made for the Australia Market?

Spark models distributed on the Australia auto market originated from the Changwon factory in South Korea.

Holden, GM’s Australian subsidiary, re-badged the production Spark and sold it as the Holden Barina Spark to Australians. This was before Holden axed the model in 2018.

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Where Are Sparks Made for the Canada Market?

Chevrolet Sparks sold to Canadian buyers all come from the same Changwon factory in South Korea.

This is because Chevrolet doesn’t produce the Spark in Canada or any other North American country.

Where Are Sparks Made for the UK Market?

The GM Changwon factory in South Korea produces UK market Sparks. Presently, Chevrolet doesn’t manufacture vehicles in the UK.

Is Chevrolet Planning to Move Its Production?

Chevrolet has not announced moving production of the Spark models.

However, it has ended production of the Spark EV some years ago.

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Is Chevrolet Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

General Motors has laid off some workers at its US factories in 2020 because of reduced production caused by falling demand all over the world.

However, the American automaker has put out some job vacancies for its American facilities.

Is Chevrolet an American Company?

Chevrolet is an American company producing cars since 1913.

It is owned by General Motors, alongside models like Cadillac, Buick, and GMC.

It is also one of the highest employers of automotive labor in the USA, seeing it produces many vehicles in the country.

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