14 Facts About U-Haul Cargo Vans (Read Before Renting)

Do you use the U-Haul cargo van often but have little knowledge about its capacity and operations?

This article lists 14 facts you need to know about U-Haul cargo vans.

What better way than knowing how a vehicle operates to get the best use out of it? Let’s begin!

Do U-Haul Cargo Vans Have a Hitch?

The U-Haul cargo van does not come with a hitch. The company does not allow them as they are not designed for such an operation.

If perhaps you need a vehicle for a small move but with a towing capacity, opt for the U-Haul pickup truck. The truck is capable of towing a trailer or another vehicle, the cargo vans simply cannot.

Do All U-Haul Cargo Vans Have Ramps?

U-Haul cargo vans do not have ramps as they are meant for only rental trucks and trailers. Ramps are defined as sloped or slightly inclined surfaces.

They can be used as an alternative to stairs for loading and unloading heavy equipment easily.

So, if you have heavy equipment to load in the cargo van, you just have to carry them with another person. 

However, U-Haul cargo vans come with nerf bars to provide easy entrance and exit. Nerf bars are simply tubular bars that are attached to the sides or back of a vehicle.

Do All U-Haul Cargo Vans Have Kid’s Seats?

U-Haul cargo vans have two front seats, which means they are not equipped for installing or having a kid seat.

Car seats are generally meant to be in the middle rear seats according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Admission. Cargo vans do not have rear seats and so they do not come with a kid seat. 

However, U-Haul trucks have a three front seating capacity. They are not generally recommended for carrying children because they do not have back seats as well.

But, it is possible to install car seats in the front of a rental truck. U-Haul claims customers are solely responsible for providing car seats and if they do, it must be according to federal and state laws.

Do All U-Haul Cargo Vans Have Tie-Downs?

U-Haul cargo vans, unlike the rental trucks, have additional tie-downs as part of their design. Tie-downs are fixed anchoring systems that secure a load.

They prevent the heavy cargo from slipping or topping over. This protects the load and avoids any accidents in the cargo area.

Do All U-Haul Cargo Vans Have Cruise Control?

This is another luxury attached to U-Haul cargo vans. They come with a cruise control system. It is not so for their trucks, although few of their pickup trucks have them.

A cruise control system is a part of the driver assistance feature that is designed to maintain a fixed speed set by the driver. It doesn’t need the accelerator input, and it makes long journeys less strenuous.

To activate the U-Haul cruise control, simply press on the control panel located at the left hand of the steering. It is also best to only use cruise control on highway journeys. Activating them can be dangerous in a crowded driving space.

Do All U-Haul Cargo Vans Have Back Seats?

U-Haul cargo vans do not have back seats. They are only equipped with two front seats, and the rest of the van is for the load compartment.

For a full house, it is best to get another passenger vehicle to accommodate everyone because even the bigger rental trucks do not have back seats. They can carry the maximum of three people in the front with adequate safety restraints.

How Many People Fit In a U-Haul Cargo Van

The company’s 10-foot cargo van can only fit in two people because they are equipped with two seats. Converting a cargo van to a passenger van is not advisable as they don’t have the safety restraints.

People seated in the load compartment are more susceptible to injury.

Can U-Haul Cargo Vans Go Out of State

There is no specific rule that restricts cargo vans from going out of state because there is no great difference between cross-town moves and cross-country moves. The only difference is the long hours of moving.

However, when moving to another country, there might be different state regulations that differ from where you’re coming from. Some of these regulations include:

  • Cell phone laws
  • Illegality of radar detectors
  • Left turns regulations 
  • Weigh stations

U-Haul cargo vans cannot be driven to Mexico. The company outrightly restricts their trucks from going to Mexico because they do not have any location there and it is just not logical to drive their trucks there. How do you plan on returning it back? 

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Can U-Haul Cargo Vans Drive On Parkways?

More often than not, only U-Haul cargo vans and the 10-foot vans are allowed on parkways because they do not carry so much weight like trucks and they carry a lower risk of turning over.

However, there are still some locations where cargo vans are not allowed once they pass a certain weight. For instance, there’s a restriction at Garden State Parkway for any vehicle that weighs over 7,000 pounds. This includes cargo vans and passenger vans.

Can U-Haul Cargo Vans Tow?

U-Haul cargo vans do not come with hitches and so they cannot tow. They are not designed for towing.

If you need a smaller vehicle with a towing capacity, opt for the U-Haul pickup truck. They can tow trailers, personal vehicles and heavy equipment.

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Can a U-Haul Cargo Van Fit a King Mattress?

A regular king-size bed will not fit into the U-Haul cargo van as the dimensions are bigger than the cargo area.

A king-size mattress is about 76 inches wide, 80 inches long and 9-12 inches thick. U-Haul cargo vans are usually 55-inches high, 65-inches wide and 126-inches long.

This means that the cargo van can accommodate the height of the mattress, but not the width. Tilting the mattress might make it enter, but it may deform it.

Do U-Haul Vans Have Bluetooth?

U-Haul cargo vans are not equipped with Bluetooth.

The brand of the van used by U-Haul is the 2018 GMC Savana. The standard connectivity feature of the van is an auxiliary input on the two speaker AM/FM radio. 

Do U-Haul Vans Have Backup Cameras?

All U-Haul trucks and cargo vans have an additional backup camera as a safety feature.

Only the old version of the 10ft truck lacks them, but the company is making efforts to include them in the new models.

Do U-Haul Vans Have Commercial Plates?

U-Haul cargo vans can be registered to have passenger or commercial plates. This means it is rarely the case you will be pulled over for driving a cargo van.

Also, U-Haul vans can are not regarded as commercial vehicles but if you have to move to another country, they might be considered as one under their state rules.

For example, New York considers U-Haul cargo vans and trucks as commercial vehicles and they are prohibited from being used on NYC Parkways.

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