11 Common U-Haul Questions & Answers (Explained)

Everyone, at one point, has probably used a U-Haul rental truck to move their luggage.

But do you really understand how they operate, and what rules apply to them?

In this article, we have answered common questions regarding the use of U-Haul trucks and how they operate.

What Is a U-Haul Truck?

Originally, U-Haul was an American rental company. It was based in Arizona and started operation in 1945.

They had rental trucks, rental trailers, box supplies, tow hitches, company movers, and equipment for moving large amounts of cargo.

The company became so popular that their company name became a generic name for all rental trucks. This was not surprising because they have over 21,000 locations with cheaper prices and large customer options.

Does U-Haul Charge for Additional Drivers?

U-Haul does not charge for an additional driver. It allows one extra person to operate the truck provided such person is above 18 years and has a driver’s license.

Other rental companies sometimes add extra fees of $10-$15 for an additional driver with the required license. You could also hire a professional driver to reduce the stress of driving, as the trucks can be difficult to maneuver.

As stated by rentedtruckdriver.com, the cost to hire a truck driver ranges between 85 cents to 153 cents per mile.

Does U-Haul Allow One-way Rental?

U-Haul allows for a one-way rental. One-way rental simply means picking up the truck at one location and dropping it off at another location.

Thankfully, the large span of their rental sites makes it easier to pick up and drop off the trucks nearby. This ultimately saves you time and expenses when you plan a one-way rental.

If you plan to move from one town or across the country, U-Haul gives a cheaper option. They charge different rates based on several options. They include: 

  • Truck size
  • Miles
  • Point of pick up 
  • Drop off location 
  • Date of your move
  • Days needed to complete your move

If perhaps you happen to exceed the miles/kilometers, an extra rate will be charged. Also, if you exceed the number of days, you would have to pay for the extra day or days. But do not worry, U-Haul’s extra fees will not burn your pockets.

For in-town moves, which are the most common one-way rental, you are charged per mile. The rate will be determined based on a number of options. 

  • Miles 
  • The city or province
  • Day of the week

The rates are lower on Sunday down to Thursday and the rates also vary according to the size of the truck or trailer.

Does U-Haul Allow Dogs and Other Pets?

U-Haul doesn’t have an official policy restricting pets from entering the trucks. However, U-Haul trucks are not designed for carrying your furry friend, especially in the cargo area, because there’s no ventilation.

In fact, it violates the rental agreement to allow any pet in the back of a U-Haul truck. However, there are a few tips that can make your pets comfortable if you must move with a U-Haul truck. 

Keep Them in a Safe and Confined Place

Moving from one location to another makes everywhere messy and littered. It becomes more difficult when you have a pet because they can hide in unexpected places or cause an accident.

Thus, it is best to either confine them to a room or board them on the day of moving.

Use a Seat Restraint 

To make the journey safe and comfortable for your furry friend, it is best to buckle them up.

Most pet stores have seat adapters suitable for the size of your dog. For smaller animals, you can use a crate, cage or kennel for them. Allowing them to roam around the car is quite dangerous, as a deployed airbag can easily kill them.

Familiarize and Take Breaks

A long-distance journey can be exhausting for anyone, including your pets. To make the trip easier for them, familiarize them with short trips. It could be as simple as taking them along for an errand or to the park.

The more time spent in the car, the more they get used to and comfortable with it. It is also crucial to take short breaks during trips. Let them breathe a little.

Carry along their food, water and treats to distract them from the strenuous journey. Do not forget to hold their disposable bag to pick up their poop and discard them. 

Does U-Haul Have Age Restrictions?

U-Haul has age restrictions for renters. To rent a trailer, such a person must be at least 16 years of age, while to rent a truck, such a person must attain the age of 18.

There’s no need for a special license to rent a U-Haul. All you need is a valid driver’s license because they do not consider the trucks as commercial vehicles.

Do You Have to Reserve a U-Haul Ahead of Time?

There is no specific rule to reserving a U-Haul truck ahead of time, but to avoid heartbreaks and disappointment, it is advised to schedule ahead of time because they have large customer demands.

Make sure you have your reservations a few weeks before the moving day. If it is during the moving season (April-September), students and families scramble a lot to get settled before the school year begins, so pick an early reservation during this period.

This reservation gives you the luxury to choose your preferred date of moving, time, location, and size of the truck.

Does U-Haul Buy Back Unused Boxes?

U-Haul gladly refunds the full price of unused boxes by customers. If perhaps you bought too much while trying to pack, all you need to do is to find the nearest U-Haul location to return the boxes.

It is important to note that only boxes can be returned to the retail store alongside your receipts. Any other online purchase would have to be returned via mail.

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Does U-Haul Have Passenger Vans?

U-Haul offers passenger vans to customers. The van sits two adults comfortably and the cargo area carries about 3,880 lbs.

These passenger vans are more suited for in-town movements and short trips. There are major advantages to using the U-Haul passenger van. They include:

They Are Fuel Efficient

Passenger vans are typically more fuel efficient than trucks.

According to the company, the vans reach 18 miles per gallon and can hold 25 gallons of gasoline while the moving truck gets 12 miles per gallon and holds 33 gallons of gasoline.

Using a van ultimately cuts down on expenses and saves you some money.

It’s Easy to Maneuver

U-Haul passenger vans are easier to drive, unlike trucks. They are not as bulky as trucks and can easily find their way in congested traffic.

The sliding doors also make it easier to load and unload from the sidewalk. You also do not have to worry about height restrictions when crossing a bridge. If there’s a restriction, a truck might not be able to pass through, unlike the passenger vans.

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Does U-Haul Rent Boat Trailers?

U-Haul does not specifically lease out trailers for boats. However, it is possible to tow your boats using their trailers. What does this mean?

It means that the company does not offer towing services for boats as they cover vehicles, motorcycles, valuable items, etc. This means you might have to be equipped with your own boat trailer or towing equipment for their trucks.

However, there are some processes you have to pass through to use a U-Haul truck for towing boats. 

You Have to Speak to Them 

It is in your best interest to inform the U-Haul representative before using the trucks to tow a boat. They may or may not have a problem with it. It varies on the location and the circumstance surrounding it.

You May Need a Larger Truck

To tow a boat, you will probably need a bigger truck starting from a 10’ truck to a 20’ truck. The type of truck eventually depends on the size of the boat and the distance.

You May Need a U-Haul Insurance

It is also in your best interest to get insurance before towing. U-Haul grants insurance to customers depending on their needs and budgets.

This insurance doesn’t guarantee full protection of your boat, but it will likely cover any damage done to the rental truck.

Does U-Haul Rent Horse Trailers?

U-Haul does not offer to rent horse trailers, but their business affords the luxury of allowing private owners to rent other trailers, and this might include a horse trailer. It is, however, important to note that the service is not associated with U-Haul in any way.

Does U-Haul Keep Spare Keys?

U-Haul has and keeps spare keys. If you happen to misplace the keys, you will be charged $25 to remake the keys and another additional fee for replacement.

Therefore, try as much as you can to be careful while handling the keys. It is also best to contact them urgently once you realize you’ve lost the keys.

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