Does U-Haul Refund Unused Miles & Days? (Explained)

Taking out a rental U-Haul truck or vehicle can be quite daunting if you don’t know the rules and policies around it. This is especially true if you’re in a hurry and want to get moving as quickly as you can.

U-Hauls have always been the go-to when renting out moving vehicles for large cargo sizes. The question is whether they are clear around their mileage and refund policies.

It is always best to know beforehand what you’re up to when you need to return the U-Haul vehicle after use. What if you only used the vehicle for a shorter period or you still have left-over gas in the tank?

This is where it gets confusing for most people who are quite new to U-Hauls and the rental process.

In this article, we are discussing whether U-Haul refunds unused miles and days. This should make it clearer for people who are confused about the U-Haul refund policy.

Here’s the short answer to whether U-Haul refunds unused miles and days:

U-Haul typically refund unused miles and days. As a customer, it’s important to calculate the number of days, miles, and fuel you require when renting trucks and trailers from U-Haul. If you have unused miles or fuel, the company can also reimburse you for returning the truck earlier than agreed.

Do You Have Other Options Than Paying Per Day?

U-Haul provides options for renting their equipment for more than 24 hours. This is subject to the equipment being available at the location where the rental is initiated.

U-Haul stresses the point that scheduling is really important when it comes to renting out their equipment. This is to avoid overbooking and also avoid time frames being mixed.

To keep their books in order and inventory up to date, they need time frames for returns and renting to be accurate. This is to avoid having to cancel new rental equipment for new customers.

To avoid this, they need you to make sure that you know exactly when and where you will return the equipment. Because they then need to update their system and make equipment available for new customers.

If you need to rent the equipment longer than originally signed up for, there are rates that they provide.

Rental Rates For Adding Extra Days

  • U-Haul trucks – $40 per day
  • U-Haul trailers – $20 per day
  • U-Haul towing devices – $20 per day

With these rates, you can then book more days upfront if you need more time with the equipment.

Does U-Haul Refund Unused Miles?

Normally, U-Haul will refund unused miles on rented equipment and vehicles. If you happen to have unused miles when returning the vehicle or equipment, U-Haul can reimburse or refund the unused days or miles.

Despite this policy, it is best to calculate how many miles you will need with the U-Haul. This is to avoid unnecessarily paying for unused miles.

Another way to keep costs down is to make sure the equipment you hired is still in the condition that you got it in. When returning the equipment or vehicle, they will be checked for damage.

If there is apparent damage to the vehicle or equipment, you will be held liable and need to pay. Avoiding damage to the vehicle saves you more money and keeps moving costs to a minimum.

How Many Miles Are Included With U-Haul?

You get a predetermined number of miles when renting with either the “In-town” or “one-way” package. U-Haul has 3 packages to choose from regarding the distance that you will need the equipment or vehicle for.

A local move is under 50 miles, a medium distance is in the 50 to 250-mile range and a long distance is classified as more than 250 miles.

The longer the distance you have for your trip, the more you’ll have to pay. Longer distances average about $1,100 for a 250-mile trip or more.

It is also a good idea to estimate how many days you will need the vehicle so that you make reservations upfront. This is to avoid having the truck on the days that it is booked by another person.

If the vehicle is booked on days that you will also need extra days, you will have to return it for another booking. U-Haul advises people to make an accurate original reservation for their convenience.

What Happens If You Drive Fewer Miles Than Anticipated?

Unfortunately, U-Haul does not refund the extra miles that were not used according to the original reservation. If you drive fewer miles, you can return the vehicle, but the unused extra miles on the vehicle will not be refunded.

This also makes it much more important to plan your trip appropriately. From the packages, you have the options of a local move, medium distance, and long-distance trip.

Choosing the best packages that reflect the number of miles needed is essential to saving on cost. The U-Haul can also advise you on how many miles your trip is likely to take and the best package to choose.

U-Haul assigns a number of days for trips according to the distance and miles needed. If you happen to use fewer miles, you can still return the vehicle to the appropriate destination.

One-way reservations are the most used, and this package does not come with a refund. This is because the package is suitable for one-day trips before having to be returned.

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Does U-Haul Refund Unused Days?

From the two most typical packages on U-Hauls, there will typically be refunds for unused days. There’s a one-way package and an in-town package, and each has its own way of returning the equipment.

In-town rentals are mostly shorter one-day trips that have only a set mileage and typically one day to be returned. This is best for people who are using the equipment at a distance shorter than 50 miles.

Then you get the long-distance trips with the one-way package that can give you multiple days to complete your move. The long-distance package is for trips that are 250 miles or more and have multiple days to return the equipment.

With both packages, you will be given an appointed drop-off location where you’ll return the equipment. If you happen to return the vehicle before the estimated time or day, you cannot be refunded.

For long-distance trips with the one-way package, you will be given a different drop-off location. This is for those that will drive long distances and cannot return the vehicle to the original pick-up point.

U-Haul has a lot of locations, so it is easier for people to return the vehicle to a different location. It would be inconvenient if you had to return the vehicle to the original location, which could be lots of miles away.

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What Happens If You Return a U-Haul Truck Earlier?

They will often do discounts and refunds when returning the vehicle earlier than the minimum allocated days. You can still return the vehicle even if the number of days has not run out.

With that said, U-Haul will allow you to add extra days should you need the vehicle for a longer period. It allows you more time and convenience in case you did not estimate the trip correctly.

If you’re done with the vehicle way earlier than expected, it is advised to return it, anyway. This is to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle while in your possession.

It also serves as a good rule of thumb to return as soon as you’re done with it. This can minimize the risk of damage and keep your cost down.

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What Is the Cheapest Way to Hire U-Haul?

The cheapest way to hire a U-Haul is to forego miscellaneous fees and insurance packages that are offered. A typical U-Haul rental can set you back just under $60 for a basic local move.

The average local move will cost around $128 and long-distance moves will cost around $1,050. It is important to note that the costs will vary according to the distance and number of days the rental will be needed.

Local moves will be significantly cheaper than long-distance moves. The more equipment you need will also affect the cost.

One of the best ways to hire a U-Haul is to give them a call and get a quote on start and end locations for your trip.

There is also a rate estimation calculator on the website. This allows you to get an estimate of how much your trip will cost you.

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