What Gas Do U-Haul Rentals Take? (Solved)

U-Hauls have always been the bread and butter when it comes to long-distance moving. Not only are they almost everywhere, but their low prices are just as appealing.

But along with all those options when renting, you also need details about the vehicle or equipment itself. One question most people ask is what kind of gas do U-Haul rentals take?

Because the company has so many vehicle classes, this is a valid question. A big truck might use a different type of gas than a van.

With that said, in this article, we’ll find out what gas U-Haul rentals take. This will be for all the different types of vehicles used as rentals by U-Haul.

Let’s dive right in.

Where Can I See What Gas My U-Haul Takes?

Typically speaking, bigger U-Haul trucks and cargo vans will use unleaded gasoline. If you’re still not sure, you can look for a label on the fuel door or the fuel filler neck.

The label on the fuel door will have wording such as “Unleaded gasoline only” to let you know what type of fuel is right. In this case, regular unleaded gasoline should be fine.

Normally, you’ll find that most rental vehicles have a clear sign or label to tell you which type of fuel the vehicle takes. If you cannot find the label and are not sure, it is best to contact U-Haul.

The U-Haul customer support team will be able to tell you what type of gas to put in the vehicle. All you need to give them would be the type and make of vehicle and customer information.

Along with your rental, you get rental agreement paperwork that can also guide you on which gas your rental takes.

This information leaflet will also come in handy if you are in an emergency situation with a rental vehicle.

Does U-Haul Normally Use Gas Or Diesel?

U-Haul trucks and cargo vans typically use unleaded gas instead of diesel. Old moving trucks were known to use diesel fuel as it was way cheaper.

Modern trucks and cargo vans now use unleaded gas and this is what is used on most U-Haul vehicles. Most of the U-Haul fleet in various locations use unleaded gas for their vehicles.

Depending on the location you took the rental vehicle, you can opt to choose a diesel vehicle. This is subject to availability, and not all locations have these diesel vehicles.

Gasoline vehicles are mostly quieter than their diesel counterparts, and this is why the industry is moving in that direction. On the other hand, diesel is way cheaper than gas and can be appealing to customers.

Because the U-Haul fleet now uses gas primarily, they have minimized the risk of customers putting the wrong type of gas in the vehicle.

This is because back in the day, customers were known to get confused and end up putting the wrong type of gas in the rental. This led to a great loss for the U-Haul company.

Does U-Haul Take Regular Gas?

Most U-Haul vehicles will not have a problem using regular gas over premium gas. This is also a good benefit for customers as regular is way cheaper than premium gas.

Some SUVs should use premium gas, and you need to ask your U-haul guys when in doubt.

Regular gas is also the most commonly used type of gas. This takes away the risk of putting the wrong kind of gas in the vehicle.

U-Hauls used to use diesel-based vehicles in their fleet and this led to customers putting the wrong type of gas. This was costly for U-Haul and they ended up switching over to regular unleaded gas.

With that said, it is also important to note that you will not damage the car if you use premium gas instead of regular. Premium and Super are the same gas but with higher octane levels.

To save money on moving costs, most people opt to put in regular gas instead of premium. The savings add up, especially if you are using the vehicle for very long distances.

Does U-Haul Take 87 Gas?

U-Haul vehicles take regular unleaded gas, which is 87 octane. Anything over 87 octanes is regarded as premium gas.

It is important to note that it is okay to use premium gas in the vehicle even if it takes regular gas. Premium and Super are also okay for U-Hauls as they have a higher octane rating.

Putting premium gas in a regular gas vehicle will not damage the vehicle in any way and you need not worry. Premium gas is higher priced and, in most cases, U-Haul customers don’t use it.

87 Gas is rated as being around 3 times more convenient than diesel. On top of that, it is much cleaner for the environment.

Rates for short and long trips in a U-Haul differ in the prices of mileage. For example, local or in-town moves are charged at $0,99 per mile and $1,60 for long trips.

This is why 87 gas is preferred over premium gas and is used by most customers. The 87 gas will save you money both for short and long trips in U-Haul rentals.

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Does U-Haul Rentals Come With Gas Pre-Filled?

Just like a rental car, gas in a U-Haul comes prefilled, so you don’t have to worry when picking it up. However, you will need to worry about your personal vehicle’s gas so you can tow a U-Haul rental.

The included gas in the rental at pickup will need to be replaced when returning the vehicle. Just like a rental car, the gas in the U-Haul will need to be refilled before you return it.

If you fail to fill up the rental, a part or all of your deposit will be debited in order to replace the fuel. It is best to refer to the initial contract in order to find out the fuel policy of your rental.

U-Haul trucks get about 12 to 15 mpg and that increases in cost as the distance to your destination increases. This means that for a long trip, you’ll need to fill up every 200-400 miles or so.

This is also why most people choose to go for regular rather than the more expensive premium gas. It saves money for longer trips in a large rental truck.

This also means that if you rent a bigger truck or cargo van from U-Haul, you will have to pay more for fuel. This adds up if you choose the one-way option for long-distance trips.

One-way option for rentals means that you pick up the vehicle from one location and drop it off at a different location. This is popular among movers who are renting for long-distance trips that usually take more than a day.

The “in-town” package is for one-day jobs that require you to drop the vehicle off where you picked it up. This is for shorter trips and usually will not need an extra day for the moving job to get done.

With both of these options, you will get a prefilled vehicle and you’d have to return it filled. If the vehicle is not refilled, you will have to forego your deposit or pay another fee.

It is also important to note that if you do not fill the vehicle upon return, you will be charged more. This is because rental companies add taxes and other fees to the gas replacement fee.

With that said, it is best to fill up the tank yourself because you will most likely use the cheapest available option. This also decreases your moving costs and is convenient for you.

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What Number Can I Call to Ask U-Haul About Gas?

For gas-related issues with your rental, you can contact U-Haul at 1-800-GO-U-HAUL (1-800-468-4285). On their website, you can also get an email address and a “request a callback” function in order to get help.

All contact information and other information pertaining to your rental will be in the documents you get. This paperwork will come in handy if you need to look up information about your rental.

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