Do New Cars Come With Gas? (We Checked)

Almost always, a new car will come with a tank full of gas.

If, for some reason, the dealership you buy your vehicle from doesn’t offer a free tank of gas with purchase, you can ask for it.

And, if the dealership doesn’t offer gas or gas vouchers, you should inquire about other freebies such as oil changes and car washes.

With changes in the industry, and more options than ever to buy new vehicles, salesmen have changed the way they build a clientele and earn an excellent reputation too.

Here’s Why New Cars are Sold with a Full Tank of Gas

As a standard industry practice, practiced by many car dealerships around the world, new cars are sold with a full tank of gas, while used cars are usually sold with a half tank of gas. Manufacturers require dealerships to do so to maintain their contracts and associations.

Do you need to bring gas when picking up a new car?

It is standard industry practice for brand new cars to be sold with a full tank of gas. So, it is not necessary for you to bring gas to the dealership when buying a new car.

Even if the tank isn’t completely full when you get your keys, the dealership would have to include enough gas for you to get to the nearest gas station after purchase.

So, you won’t be stranded in the lot with a new car, but no fuel.

It’s also important to realize a tank of gas and gas vouchers are also something that can be negotiated during a sale.

Do new cars come with a full tank in the USA?

It’s not a legal requirement in the USA to sell new cars with a full tank of gas, but it is common business practice.

Some car manufacturers require or recommend their dealerships to offer this incentive to new car buyers.

Even dealerships associated with car manufacturers that don’t require this type of service often offer it to build a good relationship with customers. Some dealerships will offer free car washes and complimentary oil changes as well.

The price of fuel in certain parts of the United States might affect a dealership’s ability to offer fuel.

Do new cars come with a full tank in Australia?

Whether a new vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of gas in Australia is completely negotiable.

Some dealerships will fill a tank of gas completely or partially as standard business practice and others don’t.

Buying a vehicle, new or used, in Australia is very different than buying in the United States or the U.K.

Australia handles vehicle titles and tax differently, which can make the process difficult to understand for someone who has never done it before.

To be sure whether you need to stop at the petrol station in Australia as soon as you leave, or whether you can drive around for a bit, just ask the dealership what their procedure is.

If they plan to fill the tank, they’ll be happy to tell you so. If not, you can ask for a full tank of petrol upon completion of the sale as part of negotiations.

In addition to inquiring about your new vehicle’s gas tank, you should also have the salesman explain the car buying process in Australia, so you aren’t surprised by unexpected costs.

Do new cars come with a full tank in the U.K.?

Like in the United States and Australia, dealerships are not required to fill the tanks of new cars in the U.K., but if you ask about gas, you’re more likely to get a free tank than if you don’t.

Most new cars arrive at a dealership with at least some gasoline in the tank.

When considering a vehicle, the salesmen will go over how much gas is in the vehicle, and how much gas you can expect to be in the tank when you take ownership.

If you don’t like what you hear, you should make sure to speak up about it before negotiations for the sale are over.

Like in other countries, a full tank of gas can be negotiated during the sale.

If filling the tank is not negotiated before the sale is complete, a dealership will likely still fill the tank for you, but the cost will be reflected in your final invoice.

If the dealership offers to fill the tank with fuel, you should ask whether the cost of the fuel is complimentary, or if it will be added to your final invoice.

Some dealerships will offer to fill the tank and make it seem like they’re doing it as a favor to you, but that “free” tank of gas is likely reflected on your invoice.

Do new cars always come with a full tank of gas?

New cars are not always sold to customers with a full tank of gas. Filling the entire gas tank for new vehicles and at least halfway for used vehicles is a standard industry practice in the US for dealerships associated with major car manufacturers.

But, not all dealerships follow this practice, especially with rising costs of gasoline.

Plus, most car owners have at least three days to change their minds before the sale is complete.

Some dealerships might not feel comfortable completely filling a tank for a customer that might change their mind in a couple of days.

If getting a full tank of gas is essential for you to complete the sale, it’s a good idea to be upfront with the salesperson at the beginning of negotiations.

How much gas are car dealers required to fill in the tank?

There aren’t legal requirements for how much fuel a new vehicle should be sold with. There are industry practices that many dealerships follow, but it varies from dealership to dealership.

In addition to different dealerships offering more or less fuel than others, the practice varies by country as well.

Are new cars shipped with gas in them?

New cars are shipped by car manufacturers with gas in them. But, it isn’t as much gas as you’d probably think.

It’s necessary for cars to ship with some gas to make sure the vehicle is operational. Cars won’t run without gas, so a minimum fill-up is required to test the vehicle.

Most cars leave the manufacturer with five or fewer gallons in the tank.

During shipment, new cars are often carried on a large vehicle hauler.

These haulers have about a dozen vehicles in tow at a time. For safety reasons, the vehicles aren’t hauled with large amounts of gasoline in each vehicle.

Final Thoughts

For generations, car dealers have built their reputation and provided excellent customer service by filling up the tank in new vehicles before owners get their keys.

As cars get bigger gas tanks and more vehicles are built with electric or hybrid motors, some incentives have changed to adapt to changes in the industry.

The cost of fuel at the time of sale can also impact whether the dealership comps the gas on new vehicles or adds it to the final invoice.

But, the bottom line is, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If the dealership is happy to do it, you’ll get to cruise around in your new car for a few miles before filling up yourself.

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