Teslas”Valet Mode”? 10 Typical Questions (Explained)

Tesla offers a wide range of driving modes, one of which is the Valet Mode.

The Valet Mode places some restrictions on what other drivers can do with your Tesla.

In this article, we answer 10 questions about the Valet Mode to help you understand it better.

What Is Valet Mode?

In a Tesla, the Valet Mode is a feature that places restrictions on valets so they don’t drive the car recklessly or gain access to the owner’s personal information.

The feature became operational in 2015 via an over-the-air (OTA) software update.

What does “Valet Mode” mean on a Tesla?

The valet mode was created by Tesla to enhance the safety and privacy features of the valet key.

The valet mode from Tesla is an excellent feature that prevents valets from gaining access to the owner’s personal information.

It also prevents valets from driving dangerously on the highways.

The valet mode was introduced in 2015 as an over-the-air software update for Tesla users. It has an informational icon that calls your attention. 

You can touch Stop on the Driver profile drop-down menu to halt automatic adjustments that are in process based on a driver’s profile.

How exactly does the Valet mode work?

The Tesla valet mode was created by Tesla to regulate the available features to the driver, especially when the valet mode is toggled on.

Some features are disabled once the valet mode is activated. This prevents a valet from driving recklessly, which helps protect the car.

What are the limitations once the Valet mode is activated?

As soon as the Tesla valet mode is activated, the following limitations will be placed on the driver.

  • There will be automatic locking of the glove box and front trunk. These areas will not be accessible to the driver.
  • There will be a significant reduction in the maximum power and acceleration. The maximum speed limit will be 70 mph or 113 km/h to prevent reckless driving.
  • The HomeLink feature will not be available.
  • Home locations and saved work will be hidden from the navigation system.
  • The other driver profiles will be hidden.
  • As a driver, you will not be allowed to issue voice commands.
  • You will not be allowed to pair new devices and connect with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the vehicle.
  • All autopilot features will be restricted.
  • Acceleration is restricted to “Chill.”
  • Allow Mobile Access setting cannot be changed.
  • Smart Summon is disabled.
  • The Calendar is not available once it is activated.

Note: No one can alter the Sentry Mode options once the Sentry Mode is on.

Once the Valet mode is enabled, other features will not be accessible.

One of these features is the Ludicrous mode; this feature enables the driver to access the full acceleration power of the Tesla vehicle.

The Ludicrous mode is solely available for some performance models.

You cannot access the Smart Summon mode while the valet mode is activated.

The valet mode is carefully designed to protect your Tesla from abuse.

It helps you prevent a case where your car will be tampered with while you tell someone to take the wheels.

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How do you turn valet mode on and off?

Let us start with how to turn on Tesla valet mode.

You can switch on the Tesla valet mode through the car or the mobile app. You need to follow these steps to activate the valet mode of your Tesla.

  • Visit the display screen and choose your profile name
  • Select the Valet mode from the drop-down menu.

However, if you are toggling the valet mode on for the first time, you need to insert a four-digit PIN.

Ensure the PIN is simple to remember, as it will be required to disable the mode.

The screen should show valet mode activated once you toggle the option.

It is also an incredible feature that can be activated from the mobile app if it is in park mode.

This is for individuals who forgot to enable the valet mode before leaving the car.

You are required to browse through the Security tab and choose the Valet Mode.

On the other hand, you can follow these steps to turn off the valet mode.

  • Ensure the car is in park mode.
  • Choose your profile name.
  • Choose Valet Mode
  • Insert the four-digit PIN you created while toggling on the valet mode.
  • Go to Controls, and disable the mode.

The process is simple as ABC.

Do all Tesla models have valet mode?

The Valet mode is only available on the Model 3, S, X, and Y.

Although it was first introduced in 2015 on the Tesla Model S, you can enable and disable the valet mode in each of these four models.

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Is valet mode different on Tesla models compared to Audis, Jaguars, etc.?

As a fantastic feature of the Tesla vehicle, there is not much difference between the valet mode on Tesla and the ones on other auto brands.

For instance, Audi, Jaguar, Chevrolet, and BMW have valet mode features on their vehicles.

It is critical to know that Tesla is not the only automaker with such attributes.

The significant difference is that Tesla’s valet mode is unique and peculiar to the technology of Tesla.

If you are not a fan of Tesla, you can go for other car brands with the valet mode feature.

Valet mode is a unique feature that enables your vehicle to be driven by another person without gaining access to the luggage section.

When you activate the valet mode, it prevents access to crucial parts of your Tesla, such as the navigation address, phone numbers, and touchscreen operation.

What are the disadvantages of using the Valet Mode?

  • Some drivers find it complicated to start their vehicles in Valet mode.
  • Some drivers have issues with memorizing their PINs and passwords.
  • It is hard to please everyone. Valet mode is the ultimate method for most drivers, and some believe it is unnecessary.

What if I forget my PIN for my Model 3?

If you forget your valet PIN, you can reset it from inside Model 3 by inserting your Tesla account credentials.

Alternatively, you can use the mobile app to reset your PIN.

Can I use the mobile app to start and cancel Valet mode?

The valet mode can be activated and canceled on the Tesla mobile app, especially if the Model 3 is in park mode.

You do not require inserting a PIN when using the mobile app. The reason is that you already used your Tesla account credentials to log into the app.

How can I Cancel Valet Mode?

Once your Model 3 is in Park mode, touch the Valet Mode driver profile icon at the top of the Controls screen, and insert your 4-digit PIN.

All recently used driver profiles, all features, and climate control settings are restored when you cancel the valet mode.

On a final note, Tesla created the valet mode to protect physical property and ensure your private information’s safety.

This is to prevent a breach of security of your confidential information when another person drives your Tesla.

Once the valet mode is activated, it restricts some features for the driver: favorite destinations, Bluetooth, capping of maximum speed and acceleration rate, Wi-Fi, and automatic locking of your trunk and glove sections.

One beautiful thing about the valet mode is that it allows you to adjust the maximum speed limit using Tesla’s speed limit mode.

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