Tesla Modes: 38 Unique Features (Explained in Easy Terms)

Tesla vehicles have unique features you can find only in their models. While these features enhance the driving experience of drivers, they also make getting a Tesla worth the price.

Some features may sound humorous and exaggerated, but their names are synonymous with their functions in a way.

Knowing their functions not only makes your driving experience better, but also prevents you from missing out on them.

In this article, we will explain 38 Tesla’s unique features in terms easy to understand. 

What Is Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode?

Though a dramatic name, the Bioweapon Defense Mode works in extreme weather to prevent pollutants from entering your Tesla.

When active, it pressurizes your cabin to prevent the occupants from the pollutants available in the air.

They include exhaust fumes, smoke, allergens, dust, and other dangerous particles.

What Is Tesla Boat Mode?

Do not assume the Boat Mode means you can float your Tesla in water. Instead, this feature allows you to drive your Tesla through a flooded road.

The mode is quite useful for people who live in places vulnerable to flooding. You are more likely to get home in your Tesla when driving through a flooded area, unlike gas cars.

What Is Tesla Boombox Mode?

The Boombox Mode is a Toybox app that allows the drivers to play music through their Tesla’s external speakers (Pedestrian Warning System). This feature allows the car owner to entertain a crowd.

Note that drivers can’t use this feature while in drive, neutral, and reverse. You can only use it when the car is in Park.

Also, Tesla owners get to customize sounds by inserting a specifically formatted USB drive.

What Is Tesla’s Beast Mode?

Tesla Beast mode makes it possible for your fast Tesla to get even faster. This mode allows your car to perform better overall, and with great power.

While Tesla accelerates faster while offering better traction when in Beast mode, note that performance will vary depending on the model.

What Is Tesla Burnout Mode?

While most electric cars can’t do burnouts, the Tesla Burnout Mode allows Tesla owners to do just that.

When active, drivers can do burnouts with their Teslas by keeping them stationary while spinning their wheels just like in gas cars.

The result of this is that the tires of your car heat up from friction and create a large amount of smoke. Note that not all Tesla models offer this mode.

What Is Tesla’s Baby Mode?

Babies and light sleepers have difficulty sleeping in noisy places. This is the reason Tesla made a feature to reduce the noise within your car.

Though Tesla has a Joe mode to reduce the volume of the chimes your car produces, there are complaints it is not enough for people with kids.

But with the Baby Mode, passengers can enjoy a quieter ride that is convenient enough for even sleeping kids.

Note that the baby mode is still in consideration. But, according to Elon Musk, the company is deliberating on rolling out the feature soon.

If you love moving with your pets, make sure you know how to use the Tesla Dog Mode and Pet Mode.

What Is Tesla Christmas Mode?

Tesla owners can enjoy the Christmas mood with the Christmas Mode in their Teslas.

With this mode, you can enjoy your favorite Christmas songs, accompanied by a dazzling coordinated light your Tesla offers.

You only need to put your Tesla in Christmas mode and step out to enjoy a lovely Christmas show. You can also configure a show to your taste using the XLight, a Tesla open-source software.

What Is Tesla Chill Mode?

Tesla cars are impressively powerful and fast. They are also popular for their quick acceleration.

While some drivers love this, others don’t. For an average driver, Tesla’s speed may be too much.

This is the reason Tesla has made the Chill Mode, so your car accelerates slowly from a full stop or moving stop.

It mainly reduces the amount of acceleration your car offers. With it, average drivers get to enjoy their ride without startling or bracing for the acceleration effect.

For more information, please read about the Tesla Chill Mode.

What Is Tesla Celebration Mode?

Tesla Celebration Mode allows your car to dance. When you activate the feature, your Tesla displays a dance routine that goes on for about 3-4 minutes.

This feature is available in the Tesla Model X.

Accompanying the dance is music and light. Also, the falcon doors of your Tesla open and close in synchronization with the sound of the music. 

What Is Tesla Dance Mode?

Tesla Dance Mode allows owners to make their Tesla dance. The show is similar to the show Celebration Mode and Christmas Mode offers.

When the mode is active, your Tesla dances to music accompanied by lights. Exit your Tesla to enjoy the fun.

What Is Tesla Drift Mode?

Tesla Drift mode allows you to drift in your Tesla.

When the drift mode is active, you can oversteer and lose traction while you maintain control driving.

Ensure you have experience drifting before activating and using this mode.

If you like drifting, you’ll likely love the Tesla Track Mode as well.

What Is Tesla’s Dyno Mode?

Tesla Dyno Mode mainly disables certain features in your car.

These features include safety features, such as traction control, stability control, and automatic emergency braking.

To use the Dyno Mode, drivers have to be careful or they might easily get into trouble.

So far, activating the Dyno Mode has led to many accidents and damages.

What Is Tesla Drag Strip Mode?

Tesla Drag Strip Mode preconditions the battery pack of your Tesla within an optimal temperature range for timed acceleration.

When active, your Tesla prepares for optimum performance, then launches itself with a powerful force.

While you can cancel the mode yourself, note that your Tesla deactivates the Drag Strip Mode after 3 hours when you forget to deactivate it.

What Is Tesla’s Dark Mode?

The Tesla Dark Mode features a better driving experience when driving during the night. The feature is available on your touchscreen to help drivers whose eyes are sensitive to brightness.

While some drivers employ it at night, others prefer this mode during the day. It all depends on individual preference.

However, when drivers activate the night mode, the light from the Tesla touchscreen reduces, but the screen maintains color for readability.

What Is Tesla’s Easy Entry Mode?

To use the Tesla Easy Entry Mode, drivers have to associate it with their driver profile.

This feature is mainly to allow easy entry and exit from your Tesla.

To do this, this mode automatically adjusts the steering wheel and driver’s seat to their usual place following the preset settings of the car. Also, it unbuckles the driver’s seat belt.

What Is Tesla Energy Saving Mode?

EVs lose energy when owners park them for a prolonged period. This is because of some background features like displays and others that run even when the car is in Park.

However, the energy save mode in Tesla help reduces the amount of power your car consumes.

It conserves energy, especially when you park your Tesla for a long period. Drivers get to save up to 5 miles when they activate the feature in their car.

It’s also important to know at what speed Teslas are most efficient.

What Is Tesla Exit Theater Mode?

The Theater mode in your Tesla is an in-car app that includes some streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and others.

Tesla owners get to stream videos online with the Theater Mode but exit the app with the Exit mode.

Note that to use the Theater mode and Exit Theater Mode, your Tesla has to be in Park.

What Is Tesla Emergency Mode?

The Emergency Mode places a call automatically during emergencies like an accident or others. It directs the call to emergency responders like the Public Safety Answering Points.

Note that for this option to work successfully in your Tesla, emergency services have to be available in your region.

What Is Tesla Ferry Mode?

Tesla does not offer Ferry Mode as an available button or menu in your Tesla.

Instead, it involves some settings owners can deactivate when taking their Teslas on a ferry. This setting mainly concerns turning off the headlight of the car.

One of the ways to achieve this is by clicking power off in the safety and security menu in your console.

What Is Tesla Guest Mode?

The Tesla Guest Mode mainly allows Tesla owners to share their cars with others.

You get to create a profile for others so they can drive your car for a temporary period. Also, you can add and remove guest profiles at any period from your car app.

What Is Tesla Guard Mode?

The Tesla Guard Mode refers to the Sentry mode of a Tesla.

It is an anti-theft system that protects your car by continuously monitoring its surrounding while unattended.

It employs light, sound, and cameras for the best anti-theft result.

What Is Tesla’s Game Mode?

The Tesla Game mode allows users to play games on the touchscreen of their Teslas using their steering wheels.

You can choose from different options, including advanced games.

Also, Tesla offers the games to users for free. It is a good way to burn some time while waiting for your car to charge or during other delays.

Though drivers can access this feature during a drive, we do not encourage it.

What Is Tesla Grasshopper Mode?

The information we have considering the Grasshopper mode so far is that it is off in all Tesla models.

But there are claims that its purpose is to light the main thrusters in your car, so it jumps over road debris. While this may be the purpose, we do not guarantee certainty.

What Is Tesla’s Halloween Mode?

Tesla doesn’t offer a Halloween Mode yet, but some owners took out their time to decorate their Teslas for previous Halloweens.

Tesla may, however, offer Halloween Mode in the future as some Tesla owners have a great interest in it.

What Is Tesla Jack Mode?

The Jack Mode protects your car from damage or bodily harm that can occur when jacking and lifting.

When active, it disables self-leveling by deactivating the air suspension system that levels the tires of your Tesla.

What Is Tesla James Bond Mode?

James Bond Mode transforms your Tesla into a Lotus Esprit S1 Submersible James Bond used in the movie The Spy Who Love Me.

When you activate this mode, you get to experience driving the Lotus Esprit S1, though not in reality.

What Is Tesla Keep Mode?

The Keep Mode works in conditions where it’s cold outside, but you need to exit your car for a short period while keeping the heat on.

It ensures your heat stays on after leaving till you come back to your car, so you can enjoy a warm ride without a break.

What Is Tesla Mario Kart Mode?

The Tesla Mario Kart Mode offers a fun rainbow road that is similar to the one in the Mario Kart game. But instead of the vertical stripes in the game, your car comes with horizontal stripes.

To activate, the Mario Kart Mode is within the auto-pilot of your latest Tesla firmware.

What Is Tesla Night Mode?

Tesla Night Mode minimizes the interior light of your Tesla for night driving.

It turns off the center screen and displays only necessary information on the speedometer display. The feature helps preserve the night feature, so drivers can comfortably drive when it’s dark.

What Is Tesla Neutral Mode?

Tesla Neutral Mode allows your car to move freely without pressing the brake pedal or engaging the drivetrain.

This feature is useful when you need to tow your Tesla without damaging it.

What Is Tesla Off-Road Mode?

Tesla Off-road Mode improves traction on rough surfaces.

It maximizes off-road performance by allowing the wheels to spin and offering a subtle torque delivery while balancing the front and rear motor torque.

Thus, if one side of your car should lose traction, the other side will still have it.

What Is Tesla Quiet Mode?

The Tesla Quiet Mode also refers to the Joe mode in your Tesla. The feature mainly lowers the security and alert chimes your car produces by 50% during a drive.

Passengers get to enjoy a more quiet ride, suitable for sleeping. Note that some Tesla owners have complained this feature is not efficient enough.

What Is Tesla Romance Mode?

The Tesla Romance mode offers a virtual fireplace accompanied by romantic music when your car is in Park.

You can find the Romance mode in the Toybox of your Tesla to use.

Need not worry about date nights. Your Tesla offers one of the best romantic moods you can have in a car.

What Is Tesla Screen Clean Mode?

With the Tesla Screen Clean Mode, owners get to clean their touchscreen without activating buttons or changing settings.

The display of your screen darkens when you activate this feature, so you can see the dust and smudges.

Enabling the Screen Clean mode not only aids you in cleaning your car but also makes it easy.

What Is Tesla Ticket Avoidance Mode?

Tesla owners get to avoid a ticket with Tesla Ticket Avoidance Mode.

When the mode is active, your Tesla detects when a law enforcement agent is about to issue a ticket. It will reject the ticket by activating the windshield wipers and washers of the car.

If the threat persists, your Tesla will drive around the block till it no longer detects any.

What Is Tesla Underwater Mode?

The Tesla Underwater Mode allows Teslas to wade through deep water in case of a great flood. Using this mode, there have been videos of Teslas that successively drive through high floodwater that other cars couldn’t.

However, note that drivers can only employ this mode for a short period.

What Is Tesla Vacation Mode?

Tesla Vacation Mode offers minimal drain if owners will not be using their vehicles for a specific period.

When owners activate the mode, Tesla reduces the amount of power it uses when in Park.

You can access the mode through your infotainment.

What Is Tesla Zombie Mode?

Let’s start by letting you know that Tesla Zombie Mode is not what it sounds like. It is not to protect your car from a zombie attack or any such.

Instead, it is only a feature Tesla owners can activate to keep their Tesla running if there is a power or internet failure.

It gives you extra power to keep you running until things get restored. Note that to activate, you need to get a Powerwall to store the energy the mode needs to run.


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