Are Sedans Good For Road Trips? (Explained)

Compact vehicles attract lots of audiences largely because of their sport-like feel, good handling, and affordability.

For long road trips, however, most persons would have different opinions as to their overall performance. Of course, this is based on their individual experiences.

Let’s unveil how well or not a sedan will fare on a road trip.

Here’s the short answer to whether sedans are good for road trips:

Sedans have some advantages that make them excellent for road trips. The major advantages being their superb fuel economy and safety when compared to large SUVs. If you don’t have a crowd with you, sedans are an excellent choice for road trips.

How Comfortable Is a Sedan for Long-Distance Road Trips?

Speaking about the sitting area, sedans are quite comfortable.

The only downside comes with the number of people involved, since they usually cannot seat many passengers. They also have less cargo space.

More to that, many sedans do not come with as many passenger comforts. These include rear air-conditioning and rear entertainment systems.

For an average size family with children on a joy-filled road trip, cargo space would be essential.

Therefore, piling things up in the back seat after stuffing the trunk with luggage will make it uncomfortable. This is the downside of most sedans.

However, if you have a family of four, the ride should be a pretty comfortable one. Unless, of course, you are taking lots of luggage.

There are also sedans with so much space in their cabins. One would assume car manufacturers are doing all they can to make sedans as versatile as SUVs or even more.

How Much Stuff Can You Pack in the Trunk of a Sedan?

It’s tough to give a figure since we’re talking about sedans and not a particular car in question. Different sedans have different trunk dimensions.

However, it has been shown that three suitcases or two large bags sit comfortably in a sedan’s trunk.

Although sedan trunks look small, what really matters when packing is the type of luggage you’re fitting in.

A bulky, huge or abnormally shaped object may not sit well in the trunk of a sedan. However, while packing boxes and well-organized items, you’d be surprised at how much stuff it can hold.

If you prefer keeping most of your luggage hidden from sight, you only have to get them well ordered. Your trunk will swallow them up.

This isn’t always possible with an SUV since their trunks are really just compartments behind the seats.

Can You Drive Cross-Country in a Sedan?

The answer is an emphatic yes. Cross-country as an adjective is said to be across fields or countryside as against highway tracks.

A major advantage for obtaining a vehicle is none other than versatility. What could describe versatility more than being able to drive your car on any terrain?

The terrains suitable for sedans are not only limited to highways but also to bumpy and obstacle filled roads.

Some sedans are more cross-country tolerant than others. However, brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz offer quite tough sedans.

Many sedans can definitely find their way through uneven grounds. It is often safer plowing a sedan through such territories because of the safety of their closed trunks. You could secure most items, be it expensive or inexpensive.

This is one advantage that sedans have over not just SUVs but hatchbacks, too.

However, their typically low ground clearance means they might not perform well in the snow compared to their SUV counterparts.

Anyway, do not hold back from a cross-country trip just because you do not own an SUV. Go for it.

How Reliable Is a Sedan Over Long Distances?

We could say sedans are very much reliable over long distances. However, reliability is more dependent on your car’s condition and maintenance than its class.

Inspecting your oil, tires, and making sure there is no leakage would keep you on the road for long distances. The tire inspection would be to confirm that your tires are properly inflated.

You should do this before and after you embark on any road trip.

Regular inspections can make your trips smoothly and problem free. They can also help you find and fix any damages you may have unknowingly inflicted on your car.

Also, though sedans are more fuel efficient than SUVs, it’s never a good idea to run with an empty tank.

Allowing it to go close to empty would harm your engine and reduce its reliability for the next trip. Thus, ensure you top up your fuel before it goes dangerously low.

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How Long Can a Sedan Drive With No Breaks?

Technically speaking, your vehicle does not need to rest simply for the sake of continuing the long road trip.

Unless, of course, there are other reasons you’d want to stop, like resting and eating before continuing your trip.

Other than that, any car in great condition should have no problem with a continuous journey.

Also, a car in motion is great for the engines, notwithstanding the distance you’re covering. You’d only need to stop to refill your gas.

However, warmer temperatures may cause your engine to heat despite your radiator fan working. This may mean your sedan needs to take a break to cool down.

Note that some car models may be more susceptible to overheating than others. It may or may not also mean there’s a slight problem somewhere which the mechanic should look at.

Do Sedans Generally Offer Good Mileage Over Long Distances?

For good mileage, most people would definitely opt for the sedan.

Most sedans have 4-cylinder engines under their hoods.

This is more fuel efficient than the 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engines found in many SUVs and trucks. Thus, it keeps you away from gas stations over long distances.

Sedans’ lightweight design streamlined exterior gives them excellent fuel efficiency. One cannot overemphasize how environmentally friendly this makes sedans, as they minimize combustion effects over long distances.

Driving a vehicle which gives good mileage over a long distance helps maximize time. This is because after filling your tank before your trip, it gives you a longer time away from a gas station.

More than that, it gives your budget a gentle pat on the back that says “we can make it work.”

Hybrid sedan vehicles also provide more miles on the gallon because of their combination of an engine and an electric motor. Add fuel economy to a powerful battery and you’ve got a ‘car that never stops’.

Vehicles with long driving ranges and exceptional fuel economy are something to reckon with. So if this is what you’re looking out for, opt for a sedan when next you go car shopping.

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How Many People Can Comfortably Go on a Road Trip in a Sedan?

Sedans are 5-seater vehicles. However, luxury trips warrant that only four people occupy a sedan, which is two at the front and two behind.

It’s always a hassle for families with many kids to find enough interior space in a sedan. That’s why SUVs are preferred for cargo space since they seat up to six or even seven people comfortably.

Still, when you consider a mid-sized family, a sedan is very much a comfort zone.

Most sedans also provide enough headroom and space to stretch your legs.

What Are the Best Cars for Long Road Trips?

We have put a list below of cars suitable for long distance trips.

Honda Accord

A four-door sedan having a 5-seat capacity. It integrates innovative technology into its system coupled with front and rear passenger entertainment, which improves comfort.

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima offers a four-wheel drive, which makes it a good fit for family trips in whatever weather. It is also roomy, which makes for a comfortable interior.

If the Nissan Almera is what piques your interest, check out our article about the best and worst years for the Almera.

KIA Soul

This SUV prides itself with a good head and leg room. It has an edge among its counterparts with its maneuverability because of its tight turning radius.

Toyota Camry

This car has very good handling and drivability coupled with a high fuel economy. It also has comfortable seats and an easy-to-use climate control system.

Hyundai Sonata

A beauty to look at. The Hyundai Sonata is a family sedan that can sit five people and still give lots of head and leg room.

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Final Thoughts

Conclusively, there are a lot of things one would want in their vehicle during their long road trips. Thus, whether a sedan or an SUV is better for your trip would depend on your preferences.

Large families would want an SUV or a minivan.

If you’re a lone ranger, perhaps even a hatchback would do. This is especially since you can bend the rear seats to increase cargo space.

With all of that in mind, permit us to say that there are no great or not so great cars for road trips. Rather, we have unique vehicles with unique blends for every situation.

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