Removing Vinyl Bumper Stickers? 12 Easiest Ways (Solved)

Most bumper stickers are made with self-adhesive vinyl. It is pretty hard to remove the sticker as the adhesive often sticks to the vinyl.

However, bumper stickers are popular as they are signs to show our loyalty to our favorite sports team, school, political candidate, and business brands.

These stickers should be more durable, and removing the vinyl bumper stickers can be tricky. Nevertheless, these are the easiest ways to remove vinyl bumper stickers:

1. Apply WD-40 

WD-40 is a cheap lubricant that works better on bumper stickers.

  • Use safety glasses to protect your eyes
  • Spray the WD-40 solution over the edges of the bumper sticker, and
  • Leave for five minutes 


  • Use your fingers and a credit card to lift a corner and remove the bumper sticker
  • Spray a small WD-40 solution on the bumper sticker to loosen it up
  • The residue after the bumper sticker is removed with a soft cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol

It is better to apply a fresh coat of wax to the sticker bumper with a car-safe buffer pad for the restoration of the shine of your bumper. Also, explore some of the best methods for removing bumper stickers.

2. Use Heat


  • A blow dryer
  • Set it to the low heat setting, and
  • Aim the nozzle six inches from the bumper sticker
  • Apply the heat from a short distance to avoid causing damage to the paint
  • Blast away for at least one minute, and
  • Ensure the heat is applied evenly to each inch of the bumper sticker

This method will loosen the bumper sticker and enable you to lift a corner with a rubber spatula or a credit card.

Also, using a hairdryer is an effective way of removing baked-on bumper stickers.

When using a blow dryer,

  • Gently move it under the paper to remove the bumper sticker
  • You can remove the residue with a soft cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol
  • Apply the fresh car wax into the bumper with a buffer pad safe for your vehicle

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3. Apply Vinegar

White vinegar contains adhesive-removal solid properties. It is renowned for its cleaning attributes in most households.

  • Insert a clean paper towel in a small bowl of white vinegar and put the towel on the bumper for at least five minutes

This vinegar will loosen up and lift off your bumper. 

  • Use a credit card, rubber spatula, or your fingers to scrape the residue
  • Apply a fresh coat of wax on the cleaned spot with a buffer pad meant for vehicles

4. Apply Goo Gone

There are countless adhesive removers in the market, but using Goo Gone to remove your vinyl bumper stickers is advisable. It is a highly recommended cleaning agent for bumper stickers that are hard to remove.

It is an automotive spray gel specially created to remove vinyl bumper stickers without damage to the surface. 

It removes

  • Bird droppings
  • Gum
  • Tree sap
  • Spray paint
  • Asphalt, and
  • Brake dust 

Apply Goo Gone to the vinyl bumper sticker and its surroundings and leave for a few minutes. Ensure the solution stays on the sticker for a few minutes and clean the surface with water and soap.

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5. Use Boiling Water 

Using boiling water is another option that is friendly to the environment. 

  • Boil water and pour it on the sticker
  • After pouring the hot water on the surface,
  • Use a plastic scraper or credit card to peel off the bumper sticker from the car bumper

You may need to repeat this procedure severally, and it is one of the cheapest options if you cannot afford to buy an automotive spray gel. 

6. Apply Vegetable Oil

Surprisingly, vegetable oil is one of the most efficient methods to eliminate vinyl bumper stickers. It is made from plants and sold in most stores in the hood.

However, it is safe on any surface, irrespective of the paint type and clear coat. Vegetable oil will remove the adhesive residue from your car thoroughly without causing damage to your vehicle.

Even the WD-40 is not as great as the vegetable oil option because it tends to leave an oily residue that entices dirt and dust.

Once the surface is dusty, it will lead to scratches, the edge of the vegetable oil over other cleaning agents.

Here is an important notice for individuals allergic to vegetable oil; you may skip this procedure if you are sensitive to vegetable oil.

Also, find out whether cricut machines are good for bumper stickers.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

If you want a non-toxic and environment-friendly solvent to remove the stubborn vinyl bumper stickers on your vehicle, rubbing alcohol is an excellent option. 

It is a cheap alternative sold in most grocery stores. 

You can check for any medication with rubbing alcohol content and apply it to the vinyl bumper sticker. 

  • Apply rubbing alcohol or vodka and rub the residue to lift it off
  • Place a well-soaked cloth on the residue area for vinyl stickers and let it stay for some minutes to soften the residue
  • Use a cloth to clean the surface

8. Exposure to Sunlight

If you want to remove a stubborn vinyl bumper sticker, you can expose the sticker to extreme sunlight by parking your car facing the sun directly.

If the surface around the sticker is warm, it will ensure a smooth removal of the vinyl sticker on your bumper.

If you’re thinking of getting new bumper stickers instead of removing them, check some of the best places for bumper stickers on cars.

9. Apply Mineral Turpentine

Mineral turpentine is an excellent adhesive remover that is renowned for taking off the residue of bumper stickers.

You can clean residue by spraying mineral turpentine on the surface and allowing it to soak for five minutes for effective results.

This residue-removing agent is also great for cleaning jewelry and electronics.

10. Plastic Scrapper

The plastic scrapper is a better option than the razor blade. If you use detergent or any cleaning agent to remove your vinyl bumper sticker, ensure you use a plastic scrapper to eliminate the softened adhesive from the surface.

Using a plastic scrapper will preserve your car paint and surface. 

Using a razor blade will peel your car paint, and you may have to spend extra money repainting the surface. 

11. Nail Polish Remover

Soak a paper towel in the nail polish remover and wrap it around the vinyl bumper sticker.

Ensure it is soaked for 30 minutes and clean it off afterward. You should also know whether bumper stickers affect a car’s value.

12. Combo of Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

This method is perfect for sticky vinyl bumper stickers. Combining coconut oil and baking soda to make a paste ensures proper paper saturation, and the sticker will loosen up.

  • Place the mixture on the vinyl bumper sticker and its surrounding area and leave for an hour
  • Once the mixture is left to stay on the surface for an hour, scrub the surface and it will be thoroughly free from dirt

These are some of the easiest methods to remove stubborn vinyl bumper stickers from your vehicle.

There are several cleaning agents, but using environment-friendly options that will be safe for you and your household is better. 


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