Are Bumper Stickers Still Popular? (6 Things To Consider)

Bumper stickers are witty means of car decorations for most vehicle owners and based on a survey, over 60% of car owners love placing these stickers on their automobiles’ bumpers. 

Before we begin, you should know how much bumper stickers cost.

Here’s the Short Answer to Whether Bumper Stickers Are Still Popular:

Bumper stickers have been around for some time and are still quite popular today. While many people believe they should be phased out by now, more modern designs keep showing up daily.

However, they may not be around for too long because of strict bumper sticker rules people must follow and the mark they leave after removing them.

What Are Bumper Stickers?

Bumper stickers are usually made with PVC, measuring 10″ long and 2″ wide.

Most of these bumper stickers are a subtle way of sharing religious or political beliefs. 

These stickers contain business messages, images, or phrases they want to share with other road users. 

In this article, you will learn about what you should know about vinyl bumper stickers. 

What Are the Things To Consider When Using Bumper Stickers?

Before you paste bumper stickers on your vehicle, these are some of the things you should consider:

Message and Design

One of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a bumper sticker for your vehicle is the message and design. 

Ensure the message on the bumper sticker is precise and accurate, and the design is visually enticing. 

An appealing design will attract the attention of other road users.

It is crucial to ensure that the design aligns with the purpose of the bumper sticker message. 

Aim of the Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers are used for different purposes, and you need to consider why you want to paste the stickers on your vehicle. 

  • Are you using the bumper stickers for the expression of your political ideology?
  • Are you using them to promote a cause you believe in?
  • Are they meant to promote your business or a brand offering you incredible services?
  • Are you using these stickers to show that you are an athlete that has participated in a race?

It is essential to understand the purpose of the bumper sticker as that’ll help you choose a suitable message and design for your vehicle. 


One of the most critical factors you must consider is the placement of the bumper sticker. Before you even buy a bumper sticker, you must know the best places for bumper stickers on cars.

  • Will the bumper sticker be placed on the front or back bumper?
  • Will the message on the bumper sticker be visible to other road users? 

The placement of the bumper sticker can affect the visibility and success of the sticker. 

Local Laws and Regulations

Another factor you should consider when choosing bumper stickers is the local laws and regulations.

Local laws guide the use of certain items, and bumper stickers are no exception. 

In some locations, stickers with offensive messages are prohibited by law. 

Safety Concerns

Safety is an essential factor you should consider before choosing your bumper sticker. 

Bumper stickers can hinder the drivers’ view, making it hard to see hurdles and traffic. 

They must not hinder drivers from seeing the road clearly and driving safely. 

Potential Consequences

Your choice of bumper stickers can have severe consequences, and these could be positive and negative.

Bumper stickers are used to express political beliefs and ideologies, and they could make you and your family members a target for attacks.

Considering these factors mentioned above is essential before using a bumper sticker. 

How Do You Choose Bumper Stickers?

Choosing a bumper sticker can be tricky and complicated. When you want to select a bumper sticker, there are several varieties.

These are colors, shapes, sizes, and concepts. 

The choice of a bumper sticker is a means of expressing your personality. 

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What Should I Do When Designing Bumper Stickers?

These are some factors that you should consider when designing bumper stickers: 

Utilize an easy-to-read Font

It is crucial to use readable fonts for your bumper stickers. 

Some beautiful fonts look attractive but with unreadable text fonts.

If you want to design a bumper sticker, it is advisable to use readable fonts, font sizes, and smooth text presentation. 

Keep it Simple and Elegant

If you want to design a bumper sticker to advertise your business, keeping the design simple and classy is better.

If you want to capture the attention of drivers and other road users, the message should be simple and elegant. 

Bumper stickers with attractive designs are great for brands. 

Let Your Message Be Short and Concise

Having long text on bumper stickers is not a good marketing strategy if you want to use bumper stickers for business promotion. 

Shorter messages capture the hearts of other drivers while you are in motion. 

It is important to have simple and short messages.

Use High-Quality Graphics and Pictures

Premium graphics and pictures are required to design your customized bumper stickers.

Beautiful pictures grab the attention of other road users, while poor graphic designs will not entice other drivers on the road. 

Investing in quality graphics and photographs is best if you want potential customers to notice your brand and its offerings. 

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What Should I Avoid When Pasting My Bumper Stickers?

If you want to paste your bumper stickers on the vehicle, these are the things you should avoid. 

Paste the Sticker on the Back of the Vehicle.

The back section of the vehicle is an excellent place to paste your bumper stickers so cars behind your vehicle can see the message.

Applying a quality bumper sticker on the surface is advisable to promote your business efficiently. 

Avoid Using Stickers with Inferior Adhesive

Bumper stickers that last longer on bumpers are made with quality adhesive. 

Stickers are made of spray adhesives, vinyl, paper, and white vinyl.

That’s why you should know the easiest ways to remove vinyl bumper stickers. It might also help if you know the ways not to remove bumper stickers.

The weather conditions and other factors in your specific location can determine your choice of bumper stickers. 

Ignore Low-Quality Material

If your bumper stickers are for business promotion, using stickers made with superior materials is better.

Using stickers made with low-quality material will leave a bad taste in the minds of your potential customers. 

You have a higher chance of attracting better clients when you use bumper stickers made with premium materials. 

What Are the Steps to Apply Bumper Stickers on My Vehicle?

These are some steps that might help when applying bumper stickers.

Check the Temperature of the Surface

When you want to apply a bumper sticker, ensure the temperature is correct and should be between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Excessive heat will make the sticker highly flexible, making it hard to paste. 

On the other hand, if the surface is too cold, it will not stick properly. 

Clean the Surface and Keep it Clean of Dirt or Residue.

Ensure the surface you want to paste the bumper sticker is thoroughly cleaned. 

The presence of dust or dirt will cause an irremovable air bubble. Avoid rubbing alcohol on painted surfaces, as it can eliminate the vehicle’s wax.

Also, you should clean the surface with water without applying soap and a clean fabric to clean the surface.

However, if the sticker is pasted on the window, it is better to apply rubbing alcohol on the surface. This will eliminate any chemical that prevents the sticker from staying on the surface properly. 

  • Peel the sticker from its backing paper slowly and paste it on the surface
  • Avoid pasting on surfaces such as cardboard or paper, as this will make the paper scrape along with the sticker
  • Paste your car sticker on your preferred spot, and if you notice any air bubbles, smoothen it with a thumb or finger
  • Avoid using a credit card as it could scratch the car paint if not correctly done

Bumper stickers are still popular to date, and these are some tips you should keep in mind when you want to paste them on your vehicle’s bumper. 

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